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Oct 28, 2016
Looking to upgrade my video card this weekend. Any good recommended video cards I should look at? Right now Im running a geforce 1050 ti.


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Jan 1, 2021
i would hang on just a little bit longer.
reason for this is you will save a lot of money. ive been working with nvidia for a while now on microsofts flight simulator to get the optimum setup as it is very hungry on cpu and gpu power. even the 3090 struggles in built up airports at times.

if your looking for a good card to race nr2003 on and something that will be ok with shooters and alike get a 2080 super. the Ti version is still very expensive but once more 30x series cards become available plenty of the 2080 will be available at a discount.
one of my pc's has a msi 2080 super in it just for nr2003 and everything is 150fps+ and only gets down to 40 fps on heavy tracks passing the grandstands with 40 cars drawing in front but this no way affects the gameplay.
so wait a little, check you have a 650 watt psu and go for something like the 2080 super when the prices come down.

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