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Jan 5, 2017
Chicago, Illinois
Dear Chicago,

While your deep dish is very delicious, it is actually a very meaty cheezy quiche or possibly an open top pie; not a pizza. Please amend your terminology.


PS: Please tell the people of Indiana that the name Gary is silly for the name of a town. That sounds like some guy who's coming around to fix your furnace next Thursday.
Deep dish is the only way to do pizza. This is just a known fact. Same as that you always go to local pizzerias. I say this as someone who can't really have it for dietary reasons.

As for Gary, Indiana... you're correct, it actually is named after a person. A steel executive whose last name was Gary. There was a pretty solid steel industry there, but Gary is not exactly the best place to be in the Chicago metro area. The reasons why go into interstate politics, so I'll let that be.

Oh and I built a new computer. It's nice.
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