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May 2, 2017
1987 Winston

  1. 1. Dale Earnhardt
  2. 2. Ross Rinne
  3. 3. Darrell Waltrip
  4. 4. Kyle Petty
  5. 5. Ricky Rudd
  6. 6. Bobby Hillin Jr.
  7. 7. Harry Gant
  8. 8. Buddy Baker
  9. 9. Richard Rinne
  10. 10. Tim Richmond
  11. 11. Cale Yarborough
  12. 12. Jim Sauter
  13. 13. Bill Elliott
  14. 14. Rusty Wallace
  15. 15. Terry Labonte
  16. 16. Geoff Bodine
The Winston is back at Charlotte Motor Speedway this year, 16 drivers who won a race in the previous season and the 9 races this season up to now took to the track to battle for $1,000,000.

Screenshot (163).png
Geoff Bodine leads the field to green

Screenshot (164).png
Dale Earnhardt took the lead on lap 2 and ran away from the field, holding onto it until lap 19

Screenshot (165).png
Ricky Rudd finally caught Earnhardt on lap 20, passing him for the lead and subsequently leading for about 5 laps

Screenshot (166).png
Lap 24, Rudd being chased down by Elliott

Screenshot (168).png
Lap 25, Elliott catches Rudd and passes him in turn 2

Screenshot (169).png
Earnhardt caught back up in the span of a few laps

Screenshot (171).png
Earnhardt passes Rudd and Elliott through the middle in turn 3 for the lead, while he would be challenged by an ever hungry Ross Rinne, he would ultimately win under yellow

Screenshot (173).png
On lap 38, Terry Labonte's Engine expired, causing the yellow that the race would end under

Screenshot (174).png

Screenshot (175).png

Screenshot (176).png

Screenshot (177).png
Dale Earnhardt is your winner in the 1987 The Winston


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May 2, 2017
1987 Season

Final Standings:

  1. 1. Bill Elliott 4382
  2. 2. Darrell Waltrip 4237
  3. 3. Terry Labonte 4163
  4. 4. Dale Earnhardt 3738
  5. 5. Ricky Rudd 3532
  6. 6. Kyle Petty 3527
  7. 7. Sterling Marlin 3417
  8. 8. Ken Schrader 3408
  9. 9. Rusty Wallace 3367
  10. 10. Neil Bonnett 3337
  11. 11. Richard Petty 3332
  12. 12. Geoff Bodine 3310
  13. 13. Harry Gant 3308
  14. 14. Bobby Allison 3249
  15. 15. Alan Kulwicki 3207
  16. 16. Ross Rinne 3120
  17. 17. Davey Allison 3047
  18. 18. Michael Waltrip 3026
  19. 19. Dave Marcis 3013
  20. 20. Bobby Hillin Jr. 3011
  21. 21. Benny Parsons 2968
  22. 22. Jimmy Means 2947
  23. 23. Phil Parsons 2911
  24. 24. Morgan Shepherd 2857
  25. 25. Richard Rinne 2836
  26. 26. Tommy Ellis 2758
  27. 27. Rick Wilson 2721
  28. 28. Steve Christman 2649
  29. 29. Buddy Baker 2529
  30. 30. Eddie Bierschwale 2462
  31. 31. Buddy Arrington 2455
  32. 32. J.D. McDuffie 2405
  33. 33. Tim Richmond 2359
  34. 34. Lake Speed 2262
  35. 35. Cale Yarborough 2168
  36. 36. Brett Bodine 2131
  37. 37. Gregg Sacks 2108
  38. 38. Rodney Combs 2019
  39. 39. Derrike Cope 2006
  40. 40. Slick Johnson 1971
  41. 41. Mike Potter 1681
  42. 42. D.K. Ulrich 771
  43. 43. Bobby Wawak 399
  44. 44. Jim Sauter 384
  45. 45. A.J. Foyt 225
  46. 46. Mark Martin 138
  47. 47. Ron Bouchard 134
  48. 48. Ken Bryant 76
  49. 49. Jody Ridley 52

Bill Elliott wins the championship in a close race even after going on a record setting 7 race win streak in the middle of the season, Richard Rinne finishes outside the top 10 in points for the first time since 1980. Buddy Arrington retires, he scored 4 career wins in a Dodge in 1982.

Manufacturer's Championship
1. Chevrolet: 15 wins
2. Ford: 12 wins
3. Pontiac: 2 wins

Oldsmobile once again goes winless, Buick goes winless for the first time since 1980

Pole Winners:
9 drivers led the field to green this season, Bill Elliott having the most with 15. The only other drivers that scored multiple poles were Terry Labonte (with 3 poles) and Dale Earnhardt (5). Some surprise pole winners were Sterling Marlin, Morgan Shepherd, and Rodney Combs.

Race Winners:
10 different drivers captured checkered flags this season. Bill Elliott had a career year with 10 wins, followed by Darrell Waltrip with 5. Terry Labonte, Dale Earnhardt, and Richard Rinne also won multiple races (3,4, and 2 respectively) Eddie Bierschwale wins his first career race and Cale Yarborough wins his first race since 1984
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May 2, 2017
1988 Busch Clash

  1. 1. Bobby Allison
  2. 2. Harry Gant
  3. 3. Bobby Hillin Jr.
  4. 4. Morgan Shepherd
  5. 5. Dale Earnhardt
  6. 6. Terry Labonte
  7. 7. Ricky Rudd
  8. 8. Ross Rinne
  9. 9. Rodney Combs
  10. 10. Darrell Waltrip
  11. 11. Geoff Bodine
  12. 12. Bill Elliott
  13. 13. Kyle Petty
  14. 14. Sterling Marlin
  15. 15. Richard Rinne
  16. 16. Jimmy Means
Screenshot (179).png
Geoff Bodine led the field to green for the 1988 Busch Clash at Daytona

Screenshot (180).png
Ross Rinne in his new Oldsmobile battles Bodine for the lead

Screenshot (181).png
Bobby Allison gets a push from his teammate Bobby Hillin to pass Rinne barely a lap later

Screenshot (182).png
On a weird note, while Buick and Oldsmobile have been having their share of struggles in my mock....whatever this is....this race was mostly led by Buicks and an Oldsmobile. Just something I noticed watching this race.

Screenshot (183).png
Dale Earnhardt takes the white flag, with a decent gap between him and Bobby Allison

Screenshot (184).png
On the backstretch, Gant and Hillin give Allison a push to the lead going into turn 3

Screenshot (185).png
AAAAAAAAANNNNNNNDDDDDD Bobby Allison is your winner of the 1988 Busch Clash


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May 2, 2017
1988 Daytona 500 (Race 1 of 29)
In the first Daytona 500 in years that was stopped by rain, Ross Rinne and Richard Rinne finished in first and second, respectively. By lap 154, storm clouds had started drizzling over the track. NASCAR officials called a caution on lap 155, and while the majority of the front runners at that point in the race cycled through the pits, Richard and Ross stayed out. This move paid off as the race was called on lap 159 due to rain.

Polesitter: Richard Rinne
Pole Time: 47.576
Cautions: 3 (12 laps)
Lead Changes: 81 (20 drivers)

Results: (I tried putting them in a table here but apparently the way I had it done up was too long to process, so if anyone could help that would be great. Until then, I'll be posting links to a spreadsheet on Google Drive)

1988 Daytona 500
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May 2, 2017
1988 Pontiac Excitement 400 (Race 2 of 29)

The last race on the old Richmond Fairgrounds track, Rusty Wallace dominates. Wallace started from 2nd leading 253 of 400 laps, winning by almost a second and a half over Bobby Hillin, who himself had an impressive run (starting 23rd and finishing 2nd). 9 cautions would slow the race down a bit, while the lead changed 8 times among 4 drivers.

The top 5 in points standings as of right now is:

1. Geoff Bodine - 330
2. Bobby Hillin Jr. - 325
3. Mark Martin - 293
4. Ken Schrader - 285
5. Ross Rinne - 282

And here are your race results:

On a side note, my laptop crapped out and this last week I was finally able to afford to replace it, so I can keep this going. I apologize for the long time between postings but technology hating me and being poor sucks lol


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May 2, 2017
1988 Goodwrench 500 (Race 3 of 29)

Rusty Wallace once again dominates the race, leading 274 of 492 laps at Rockingham. Trouble on the backstretch when Ricky Rudd got loose on the backstretch and slammed the edge of the pit wall led to the end of a third of the field's day. Defending champion Bill Elliott, who sat on the pole, would go out early with engine trouble.

Your top 5 in points are:

1. Rusty Wallace 434
2. Ken Schrader 431
3. Mark Martin 423
4. Brett Bodine 397
5. Bobby Hillin Jr. 395

And here are your race results:

9 cautions for 36 laps
37 lead changes between 6 drivers

Screenshot (1).png
Screenshot (2).png


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May 2, 2017
1988 Motorcraft Quality Parts 500 (Race 4 of 29)

Ricky Rudd brings home the first win of the season for Buick and the first win for King Racing in the #26 Quaker State Buick. Terry Labonte would sit on the pole to start the race but after repairs from an accident mid-race would finish 36th. Ross Rinne posts his first top 10 since winning at Daytona, Dale Earnhardt would lead the most laps but pit road mishaps dropped him to 7th.

Cautions: 4 for 17 laps
Lead Changes: 87 between 15 drivers

Screenshot (5).png
Screenshot (6).png

Your top 5 in points at the end of the 4th round of the season are:

1. Rusty Wallace 599
2. Mark Martin 566
3. Bobby Hillin Jr. 565
4. Geoff Bodine 554
5. Brett Bodine 552


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May 2, 2017
Some rumbling in the industry as rumors of Chrysler making a comeback after ending factory support for driver Buddy Arrington in 1983. A spy photo from the stands of Texas World Speedway show something with the profile of a Chrysler LeBaron with what looked to be ASA axles and hubs. Additional information states that it's based on a modified ASA chassis with a race prepped variant of the 360 V8. Everything is down to speculation at this point, further news reports will be added.

Screenshot (7).png
The only picture provided by the informant. No information provided on why the car has a number.


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May 2, 2017
1988 TranSouth 500 (Race 5 of 29)

Darlington Raceway hosts the 5th round of the 1988 season. Geoff Bodine would lead the field to green, making 35 laps before the first caution where 4 cars would for the most part end their days (Jimmy Means, Dale Jarrett, Harry Gant, and Brent Noffsinger). Brett Bodine would enter T1 a little too hot putting the #42 Peak Pontiac of Kyle Petty into the wall, no caution would come out that time though. On lap 170 the caution would come out again when Richard Rinne would get loose in T1, sliding down into Cale Yarborough who connected with Alan Kulwicki. Rinne would end up sliding down the track to get T-boned in the passenger side by Dale Earnhardt (who was unable to slow down in time) sending him rolling. Ross Rinne would drop out from a blown engine after running mid pack most of the day. Chad Little, A.J. Foyt, and Bill Elliott would all connect in T3 on lap 352 and wreck. Darrell Waltrip would go on to win his first race of the season, while rookie Ernie Irvan would finish 2nd, earning his first career top 5

Cautions: 6 for 24 laps
Lead Changes: 11 between 7 drivers
Screenshot (8).png
Screenshot (9).png

and some moments from the race

Screenshot (6).pngScreenshot (21).pngScreenshot (23).pngScreenshot (24).pngScreenshot (25).pngScreenshot (26).pngScreenshot (27).pngScreenshot (28).pngScreenshot (29).pngScreenshot (30).pngScreenshot (34).png

Following a post race examination Richard Rinne would be out for 6 races with broken ribs and a fractured elbow from the wreck. J.D. McDuffie has been announced as his fill in driver, with Richard slated to return at the Budweiser 400 at Riverside.

Your top 5 in points is as follows:
1. Rusty Wallace 774
2. Geoff Bodine 697
3. Bobby Hillin Jr. 674
4. Ken Schrader 667
5. Bobby Allison 659
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May 2, 2017
1988 Valleydale Meats 500 (Race 6 of 29)

The race was delayed by an hour because of rain, Bill Elliott would start on pole but dipped down pit road before the green flag dropped. Darrell Waltrip would assume the lead at the start of the race while Bill would come back out 2 laps down. Waltrip would lead for about 33 laps when the caution came out from Terry Labonte, Chad Little, and Bobby Allison all collided on the backstretch, after some shuffling on pit road Mark Martin would come out in the lead. Ross Rinne would make his way to the lead by lap 117, but on the next lap Ernie Irvan would spin Cale Yarborough bringing out another caution. In the race back to the yellow flag Bobby Allison would drift up into Darrell Waltrip in turn 3 spinning him. Alan Kulwicki led from the halfway point of the race to about lap 284, when Richard Petty would pass him for the lead. Dale Earnhardt would take advantage of lap traffic to pass Petty on lap 336, and would go on to win the race.

Pole: Bill Elliott (16.050)
Cautions: 12 for 60 laps
Lead Changes: 21 between 10 drivers
Screenshot (19).pngScreenshot (20).png

Screenshot (10).png
Ross Rinne would have his strongest race since Daytona. While he started 27th, he managed to make his way to the front, leading 29 laps. Unfortunately due to the nature of green flag pit stops when one is on the backstretch pit lane at Bristol he was relegated to a 14th place finish
Screenshot (11).png
J.D. McDuffie would start the day in 34th, getting involved in a wreck but managing to finish 27th in his first race filling in for Richard Rinne
Screenshot (12).pngScreenshot (13).pngScreenshot (14).png
Some shots of the early race wreck between Allison, Little, and Labonte. All three would continue the race and finish with the exception of Little, who collided with Sterling Marlin around the halfway point knocking them both out of contention.
Screenshot (16).png
Richard Petty would have his best race since the second Riverside race of the 1987 season, leading 52 laps and finishing second
Screenshot (17).pngScreenshot (18).png
Dale Earnhardt would take advantage of lap traffic to pass Petty, and go on lead the rest of the race and win.


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May 2, 2017
1988 First Union 400 (Race 7 of 29)

Bill Elliott continues his domination of the pole position with his fifth of the year, in what ended up being a fairly uninteresting race. Ross Rinne would qualify 8th while J.D. McDuffie would start 25th. The first caution of the race occurred on lap 49 when Bobby Hillin tried to make it 4 wide coming out of turn 2. The ensuing wreck would collect Derrike Cope, Lake Speed, and Gregg Sacks. Cope slid down the track and was slammed into by Dave Marcis, knocking them both out of the race. Chad Little, Ross Rinne, Harry Gant, Brad Noffsinger, and Neil Bonnett were also involved. While before the caution Bill Elliott was pulling away from 2nd place Alan Kulwicki before the caution, Dale Earnhardt was rarely more than 3 tenths of a second, finally passing him on lap 118. Earnhardt would lead 7 laps before Elliott passed him back for the lead. Green flag pit stops would ensue with Benny Pasons getting the lead until being passed by Elliott again when he went into the pits. Earnhardt would get by Elliott again, but only manage another 7 laps before being passed by Geoff Bodine. Bodine would lead for around 40 laps when he was passed by Elliott. Another caution would follow on lap 209 when the 22 of Moore would come down the track onto Richard Petty in turn 1. Petty would be mostly unaffected but Moore would slide up into the wall, continuing on after a quick stop for some damage repair. Neil Bonnett would finally drop out after a transmission failure where he lost 4th gear. A round of pit stops would occur on lap 368 under green flag conditions, but just when it was looking to be a stretch on fuel when a caution occurred with 15 to go. A.J. Foyt's engine would expire coating part of the track in oil, under the caution. Elliott would get a splash of fuel and go on to win the race.

Rinne would finish 32nd, 9 laps down. Disappointed by his own performance, when asked what he thought by a reporter, he simply said he was lookin forward to the next race. McDuffie would start 25th and finish 33rd, 10 laps down.

Race Results:
Polesitter: Bill Elliott (21.210)
Cautions: 5 for 25 laps
Lead changes: 11 between 4 drivers

Screenshot (31).pngScreenshot (32).png

Some scenes from the race:

Screenshot (21).png
Bill Elliott would sit on the pole for the fifth time this season
Screenshot (22).pngScreenshot (23).pngScreenshot (24).pngScreenshot (26).png
The wreck on lap 49

Screenshot (27).png
A random shot from the roof cam on Richard Petty's Pontiac
Screenshot (28).png
Geoff Bodine would lead 40 laps and finish 8th
Screenshot (29).png
I just thought this was a cool shot of the two Coors cars
Screenshot (30).png
Bill Elliott would win after a dominant performance, starting on pole and leading 345 of 400 laps.

Here is the top 5 in points standings after this race:
1. Rusty Wallace 1035
2. Geoff Bodine 914
3. Bobby Hillin 895
Bobby Allison 895
5. Terry Labonte 887


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May 2, 2017
Pannill Sweatshirts 500 (Race 8 of 29)

Ricky Rudd would set a couple of firsts in this race, his first pole of the season, the first pole of the season for Buick, and the first pole ever for King Racing. Ross Rinne started 4th, and immediately after qualifying it was announced that Champion had pulled sponsorship from the car for lack of performance. The car was kept from being completely bare by his sponsorship from Schlitz and Hurst Shifters. Dale Earnhardt crashed his car during practice and barely got his backup up to speed, qualifying 42nd. The first caution would happen on lap 11, when Harry Gant spun Buddy Baker on the front stretch, Ken Schrader would get caught up in the scuffle as well. Terry Labonte's brakes failed on pit road, knocking him into the back of Neil Bonnett, Bonnett would continue but Labonte was done for the day. Other misfortune on pit road, Rinne dropped from 6th to 35th after a tire got away from the carrier.
By lap 46, Dale Earnhardt would work his way up from dead last to 8th place. Rookie Brad Noffsinger would lead a few laps, being passed by Kyle Petty on lap 52. Petty would lead for around 9 laps, he himself was passed by Brett Bodine. The race was plagued by cautions, mostly from debris after the wreck on lap 86. Baker and Lake Speed slammed into each other going into turn 1, Morgan Shepherd and Ernie Irvan were also involved, both of them getting stuck on the grass at the bottom of the turn. J.D. McDuffie would suffer a DNF after the engine in the RRR Chevrolet began overheating.
Another DNF was Rick Wilson in the Morgan McClure Oldsmobile would suffer from an engine lockup, spinning him around and causing a caution on lap 126. Alan Kulwicki would lead at the end of the caution, spending a fair amount of time there. More trouble abound as on lap 138 as Gregg Sacks would lose control of his car due to a snapped tie rod coming off pit road, he would collide with a full speed Jimmy Means, both of their days were done
On lap 168, Davey Allison, who had spent much of his day in the top 10, would also suffer a blown engine. Not long after, Alan Kulwicki would blow a tire and slam into the turn 3 wall, his day also finished. Cale Yarborough would lose a wheel on lap 200, thankfully only taking himself out of the race. 29 laps later, Neil Bonnett's carburetor would flood and catch fire, he was able to get out the car quick enough to only suffer extremely minor burns (mostly to his hands). Richard Petty would continue a solid season spending some time out front, but was passed by Ricky Rudd by the halfway point of the race.
Dale Earnhardt would take the lead from Rudd, and for a time him and Darrell Waltrip would battle for the lead for a while.
By lap 330, lapped traffic would help Earnhardt amass a 6 second lead over now second place Kyle Petty. After some time, Phil Parsons would take the lead, followed closely by points leader Rusty Wallace. Wallace only managed 9 laps in the lead as he himself was passed by Bobby Hillin. On lap 416, Waltrip and Parsons would connect and slam into the wall coming out of turn 2, hard enough that both of their days were over as well. Earnhardt would lead the field back to green and proceed to stay there for most of the race's remainder. In fact, the caution on lap 460 caused by Sterling Marlin losing his engine on the frontstretch only served to keep this race from coming down complete strategy. Earnhardt would win the race, finishing 1-2 with Richard Petty for the second time this season.

Cautions: 26 for 132 laps
Lead Changes: 23 between 12 drivers

Screenshot (132).pngScreenshot (131).png

Screenshot (33).png
Rinne may have lost his main sponsor, but he had a strong race, finishing 4th and finishing 9th

Screenshot (34).png
Ricky Rudd would snag his first pole of the season and a top 5 finish
Screenshot (35).png
A shot of Gant turning Baker
Screenshot (36).png
Points leader Rusty Wallace (coming out of turn 2) came into this race with a 121 point lead, he managed to extend it by a point by the end of this race
Screenshot (37).png
Despite being involved in 2 crashes, rookie Ernie Irvan still posted a 10th place finish, Mark Martin finished 16th, and Dave Marcis finished 14th
Screenshot (38).png
A battle scarred Earnhardt takes the checkered flag

Top 5 Points Standings:
1. Rusty Wallace 1182
2. Bobby Hillin Jr. 1060
3. Dale Earnhardt 1054
4. Phil Parsons 1046
5. Richard Petty 1042
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May 2, 2017
1988 Winston 500 (Race 9 of 29)

Ross Rinne would put the half-sponsorless #65 Oldsmobile on pole for this race, his first pole since the 1986 Miller American 400 at Michigan. This feat comes in the second race since Champion pulled their sponsorship. J.D. McDuffie starts 35th in his third race subbing for Richard Rinne. The first big wreck would come barely into the second lap of the race when Davey Allison and Richard Petty come together exiting turn 2, the wreck would involve 8 cars in total. Petty would come out of the wreck fine but on lap 10 would get caught up in an accident caused by Dave Marcis drifting high into Rusty Wallace, who pushed up into Rick Wilson sending the #4 Kodak Oldsmobile into the wall, this wreck would involve 9 cars in total. A second wreck happened closer to pit road involving Kulwicki, Kyle Petty, and Steve Moore, this wreck totaled up 8 cars like the first one. The race would calm down from this point on with many top contenders now occupying the rear of the field or off the track due to damage. Mark Martin, Ricky Rudd, Phil Parsons, and Richard Petty would all take turns contesting for the lead over the race. Rudd's day would come to an end during a green flag pit stop late in the race when he collided with Rick Wilson and Brad Noffsinger. Phil Parsons would hold onto the lead and win his first career Winston Cup race.


3 Cautions for 12 Laps
56 Lead Changes between 10 drivers

Screenshot (215).pngScreenshot (216).png

Screenshot (39).png
Ross Rinne would start on the pole, and led 25 laps. Ultimately he couldn't stay in the draft long enough to catch Parsons at the end of the race.

Screenshot (40).pngScreenshot (41).pngScreenshot (42).png
A sequence of the lap 2 crash
Screenshot (43).png
Richard Petty continues a solid season, leading 21 laps and finishing 7th
Screenshot (44).png
A bird's eye view of the lap 10 crash
Screenshot (45).pngScreenshot (46).png
A few more lower level shots

Screenshot (48).png
Ricky Rudd (obscured by Petty here) would start off strong, leading 20 laps, but would crash coming into the pits later on relegating him to an 18th place finish

Screenshot (49).png
Phil Parsons would come away with his first career Winston Cup victory

Top 5 Points Standings
1. Rusty Wallace 1321
2. Phil Parsons 1231
3. Richard Petty 1193
4. Bobby Hillin Jr. 1178
5. Mark Martin 1152


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May 2, 2017
NEWS - May 1988

A further update on the supposed LeBaron NASCAR prototype. The car was spotted at the Chelsea Proving Grounds this week. Unfortunately the spy was caught on the fringes of the track before any pictures could be taken. The description given matches that of the prototype seen in Texas earlier this year, without the number on the side and top (as if they seem to be hiding that it's a prototype for a racecar). Some skepticism has arisen as if Chrysler has no true full size car (the LeBaron being based on the compact K platform) why would they pick the Chrysler LeBaron and not something more sporty, such as the Dodge Daytona. Also reported is the engine is said to be NASCAR-spec 358 cubic inches, adding to the speculation that this is indeed a prototype for the Winston Cup Series. Chrysler president Bob Lutz has issued a statement saying that Chrysler currently has no plans to enter NASCAR sanctioned competition, however they would be open should the sanctioning body approach them.

In other news, Ross Rinne may be close to signing a new sponsor in time for the Coca-Cola 600. Rumor is that Hurst Shifters has decided to step up their sponsorship from associate to full primary. This would be the first time that Hurst has sponsored a car in a NASCAR series, and would be a massive help to Rinne after Champion dropping him at the Martinsville a few weeks ago. In other news, Richard Rinne has been cleared to return to competition at Riverside in a few weeks. He was involved in a nasty crash at Darlington that cracked a few ribs and fractured his elbow. J.D. McDuffie has been filling in for him, finishing 27th, 33rd, and 42nd respectively in his last three starts. Pepsi has been rumored to already be frustrated by the performance of the #77 this season and it is said that they will be pulling sponsorship at the end of the season. There was a rumor at one point that they would pull out a race or two after Rinne's return to the car but may have changed their mind due to the backlash of Champion leaving the #65.

Tim Richmond has announced that he is looking for a car for the 1989 season, marking a return to Winston Cup competition after a one year absence. Hendrick would be a more obvious choice for him to return to but nothing is set in stone as of this moment.

Sad news today as Riverside will not return to the schedule for the 1989 season and foreseeable future. The landowners are in negotiations for a buyout by a land development company looking to demolish the track and build a strip mall. Further news will be given as developments occur.

Bobby Allison announced on Wednesday that 1988 will be his final year of Winston Cup competition. As of his announcement he will have been a driver in the series for 25 years, amassing 64 wins, 302 top 5s, and a best place points finish of 2nd.

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