W.I.P. The Man and his Big Dog Cup19

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The Big Dawg

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Jan 15, 2017
How and where are planning to use this paint? League/promo/special events
Sim: nr03
Mod: Cup19
Car Model: Camaro
Requesting just the BASE? Full car
Driver Name: Shane Lake
Number: 24
Number Font or Link: whatever works
Number Color(s): whatever works
Contig Set Pref: 2019

Base Info
NOTE: If this is to be a clone of a real car please post images below the filled out form, NOT Links, images please don't make the painter chase this down for you.

Primary: pic tells the tale
Wheel Color:

Primary: WWE 2k20
Secondary: off axis paints
Associates: napa/mtn dew/axalta
You may specify positions or leave it up the the painter, the latter is preferred.:)

Other details and Notes: With the official trailer release today and the cover leaked early... Time to jump in and keep the game streak alive

Images Below


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