SOAR- Special Event: Next Level 100 Looking for your first win?

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Jul 19, 2016

SOAR Presents: The Next Level 100

For drivers who are still searching for that ever elusive first Nr2003 Online League win. Come race with us and take your shot at reaching the Next Level of your racing career.
Only drivers still seeking that first win are eligible to compete in this special event, however we welcome anyone to join our discord server to chat and offer up helpful tips, tricks, and advice.

Discord Link:

Event Date: Tuesday July 16th, 2024
Track: Rockingham (North Carolina 2024)
Length: 80 - laps for (100 miles)
Practice @ 7:30pm ET / 6:30 pm CT, with Qualifying & Race @ 8pmET / 7pm CT.
We will be running the Cup90 CTS mod. (We will set up a folder for your car files to go in)
Race will be Live streamed on Youtube:

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