Sim Racing Hot Lapping: Driver's Choice!

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Aug 25, 2016
Any Sim-Any Mod-Any Track

Please give us a some spectacular credits on what you run!
Also any specs on how you set up your Hot lap so we can match it and run one too!

Links would be nice for Mods, Tracks, and cars just to make it easier for folks to get in on it...

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The Professor
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Aug 16, 2016
I ran 2 different hot lap sessions for this,one on purpose, one by accident :p

First up is Louisville Motor Speedway
Mod: Default Papyrus Cup

This short track is pretty much driven like a complete circle, no rest for the ol' arms. I struggled with off power oversteer and quickly got worn down by holding the wheel left constantly with no breaks. I spun many a time during this session.

Here is a better look at my custom #75 Jayski Chevy

Next up is AutoClub 2017(The same track that is used for the MENCS hot lapping.
Same mod as before.

This was completely by accident, I meant to improve on my MENCS time, but after 20 minutes I realized I was using the wrong mod! :oops: But, valuable practice is still valuable, though I spent alot of time spinning due to off-power over steer(I really have trouble with that it seems)

Another look at my car.


The Professor
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Aug 16, 2016
That is NR4, it runs on Win10. And if you ask me it's harder to drive then NR2003.
From what I heard, Nr4 used a different tire model, and when nr2002/2003 came about, Goodyear gave them accurate tire data to make a better, more accurate one. The same reason iRacing's tire model sucks, is them trying to come up with a tire model from scratch instead of using real data straight from the manufactures themselves....... Oh God, all my talk about accurate data makes me sound like the JJ78 guy :p

Sometimes harder does not equal more realistic, I have learned.

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