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J.R. Franklin

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Sep 16, 2016
Congratulations Jeremy! Thanks for your contributions to our beloved sim. With this designation you have now joined an elite group of honored, valued and greatly appreciated members here at Stunod! Well deserved. :clapping:
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Jeremy Murray

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Aug 6, 2016
Thanks for the kind words guys.

Really if it wasn’t for this place I probably would’ve been out of the community by now. I also wouldn’t be contributing the way I am now.

I’ve been using NR2003 since 2006. For the first ten years or so my focus was online racing and being an admin of leagues. Circumstances about 5 years ago ended that for me though.

Since then all I really use NR2003 for is offline purposes. I made a fictional series several years ago. And that’s what led to me making bases.

I needed a base that was going to be run in the 2018 season. But SDG had just closed so they weren’t going to do it. So I had tried making it and when I did I shared it here. The response to it got me to adding a few more bases and it went on from there.

Even though I have my own site, this place continues to push me. There’s a lot of kindness here and appreciation and that helps. It keeps me passionate about helping keep NR2003 going. It’s not always easy but it feels worth pushing on because I can see where it makes a difference.

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