Ricc's Radical Rotund Racing Rainbow iRacing Scheme showcase

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Rick Witt #68

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May 15, 2017
I figured even though iRacing is pretty much NR2003 at the core I would be better off shoving this stuff here. All of these are my schemes and if you have iRacing you can just find them on TP unless I state otherwise. Sometimes I make a scheme for just my own use.iRacingSim64DX11 2019-07-28 03-40-04-015.pngiRacingSim64DX11 2019-07-28 15-44-52-032.pngiRacingSim64DX11 2019-08-03 06-30-40-312.pngiRacingSim64DX11 2019-08-04 03-38-09-409.pngiRacingSim64DX11 2019-08-05 06-19-04-578.pngiRacingSim64DX11 2019-08-07 01-07-26-501.png

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