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Aug 25, 2016

My attempt at grabbing that "Racing at Midnight" badge seems to have gone unnoticed by Steam... :cryingface:

STILL, I had a fun time racing multiclass in the big Rolex 24 show, GT2 Class along with only 4 others but we kept it fun with faster class cars having issues in the Inner Loop on the backstretch, they'd pit and come back out and give us a race as they sped by, the GT1 cars were a ton quicker, I'd hoped to have been able to get up among them, but they were checked out on the first lap. The P1 and P2 classes just drove by us after they pitted. Only ran a 45-minute race from 11:30 pm until 12:15 am...

I don't race enough offline or online anymore...I always love it when I do...
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Feb 2, 2018
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