Complete Request: Coca Cola PINTY'S

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Jan 5, 2017
How and where are planning to use this paint? I plan to use this for personal use, and I wish for this to be publicly available to all members.
Sim: NR2003
Mod: Pinty's mod
Car Model: Dodge
Requesting just the BASE? No
Driver Name: Jessica Gordon
Number: 5
Number Font or Link:
Number Color(s): black, white
Contig Set Pref: Pinty's

Base Info
NOTE: If this is to be a clone of a real car please post images below the filled out form, NOT Links, images please don't make the painter chase this down for you.

Primary: Red
Secondary: White
Wheel Color: black or red

Primary: Coca Cola
Secondary: Domino's Pizza (Modern Logo)
Associates: Polo Ralph Lauren
You may specify positions or leave it up the the painter, the latter is preferred.:)

Other details and Notes:
Tha Painter does not have to be faithful to the paint scheme, but if they want to change it up, they have permisson

Images Below

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