Photos and Historical Paint Problems

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Dec 1, 2018
I am currently undertaking a 1983ish Australian Touring Car set and what's really annoying is that photos and video of the day tends to very much favour the front runners. There are some cars which I know ran from year to year but there are minor differences and then there are those cars which are named in competition lists but which photographic evidence is scant. Then there are those really weird tales where I can follow the story of a chassis; where it was sold by a big team to a little one.


This car starts out as a VB Commodore in Mar 1980; gets rebuilt with bigger flares into a VC Commodore by Oct 1980; and finally is onsold to Jim Keogh as a privateer VH Commodore mid way through 1983. It is the same car but when it comes to finding what it looked like on the sides and rear, the evidence is harder to find.

Does anyone else have tales of trying to complete a set but in the process found ever more impossible Herculean tasks to do?

Please do tell.

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