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Phenomenal Experience In NASCAR 15 with AI compared to Heat 2 + Weird Heat Evolution Thing

Discussion in 'General Talk' started by jimjack336, Nov 24, 2017.

  1. jimjack336

    jimjack336 Hot Pass Member

    Mar 17, 2017
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    This was a long time ago before the summer started. I swear, in NASCAR 15, with 10 to go, Brad Keselowski went passed me and ACTUALLY WAS AGGRESSIVE. Brad caught up to the leader, which was Dale, and battled him. Brad would actually bump and run the outside in the turns and go low as the apron. I swear, it might have been a dream. But NASCAR 15 had this. Brad was very aggressive, like real live. In fact, he almost wrecked Jr. by bumping him. I might reenact this in NR2003. But you might see boring AI in NASCAR 15, but, this is the ONLY time I saw this in NASCAR 15. NASCAR Heat 2 never had this. NR2003 never had this. It''s just like I was racing with the real Brad Keselowski. But too bad I didn't record the action, because I would have had 5 fps while recording. I have a crappy GT 940M. Now, Brad was being aggressive. It's like he had to win or just quit NASCAR.

    Now the Heat Evolution or NASCAR 15 (I could not remember which game it was) thing. I was racing Heat Evolution (or NASCAR 15) and then suddenly, a word named "LITE" appeared in the middle of the screen which made my car loose. I swear, I am not drunk. I will reenact this also in NR2003. But, I was just racing, and LITE appeared, and I entered the turn, my car was loose. Maybe, it got realistic driving physics. This was very strange to me. Maybe it was an Easter Egg? It was the word "LITE" in the middle of the screen. I actually had to restart the race and the LITE was gone.

    Now, please explain this to me. Please don't ban me. Sorry this was late. I have to deal with live and I can't just write this the day after. But please, explain these. I will update the post with the videos.

    Last edited: Nov 24, 2017