PaintShop Pro7 Compatible Templates (especially CWS2015)

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Feb 17, 2019
SO, I'm one of those guys who is still using PSP7.
I use it a lot, and for so many different purposes.
I used some versions of PSD (older) but not enough to become proficient, and can't afford it anyway, and refuse to install pirated versions, like the one I was offered by a friend.

So it looks like my options for NR2003 templates are narrowing, as not every PSD file can be opened in PSP.
My understanding is that it's mainly due to the maximum number of layers, and may also occasionally be due to some special effect/feature in the newer PSD file? (I think Smart Objects will cause that).
It's not always consistent. For example, I downloaded an SNG set and the 2019 Mustang was the only one I could open and work with, and was able to find a 2019 Camaro (at BER) that also works.
Those that work have the "_basic" in the file names.

My question is simple:
-Does anyone know where I can find ALL the latest templates in "_basic" versions?
-Do these exist for CWS2015?
-Can anyone modify the PSD to make them compatible with PSP (I'm assuming deleting layers work - I barely ever paint the driver suit).

Any suggestions and/or help will be greatly appreciated.
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