Complete NXS17 Mainback Contest

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Jul 31, 2016
My PC is going to be back in a few days, when I get it back, I have the perfect idea for a mainback... ;)


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May 1, 2018
Senegal / France
Ok here is my attempt :

Like you can see I don't use the logo remover cause my antivirus say it's a virus !!!
and my antivirus is also a virus I think. It was installed with my new computer but the license has expired, I want to install a free antivirus but can't cause he refuse to uninstall and you can't have two AV on the same time, I have no more license so normally the program must stop ... no he run always and just block access to the menu so I can't deactivate it for some minutes.
So I find somewhere the solution to make the same thing the remover do (I guess) and make an invisible logo ... I always have the stripes animations and see on yours screenshots you don't have them, hope it's not a DQ for me!.

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