NR2003 crashes when I click multiplayer with Hamachi on

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Feb 16, 2019
Okay, so there's this league I'm in, almost nobody can port forward so they use inferior Hamachi. I used it the year before with fair success. Now when I use it, the game crashes on launch, I would switch Hamachi off and it would work fine.

I reinstall NR2003 and Hamachi, use the new install, nothing, still crashes. Two weeks later the situation has gotten 10 times worse.

Hamachi on or off, NR2003 will now crash when multiplayer is booted. I had to uninstall it for it to work again.

I don't need to disable DEP because it was never a problem, I run on administrator, I disabled the firewall, and later turned it back on cause it meant absolutely nothing.

Somebody told me to use a old version of Hamachi, I fetch a 2012 version of it, problem is the servers will refuse to connect. And everytime I try to open a fresh install, it will make me log in. When I do that, Hamachi shows me their atrocious browser that tries to force open Adobe Acrobat 6 (yes, I'm using outdated Adobe products except Flash cause I don't care.) and locks the whole program up. Can't even close it with task manager due to it being for forbidden.

My specs shouldn't matter, but I run a Windows 8.1 laptop with pathetic 4 GB ram and a AMD Vision E2 processor. Basically a HP notebook.

Tl;Dr: Hamachi is crashing multiplayer when it shouldn't and I have no idea why.


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Dec 5, 2016
it honestly may be an issue with ram

keep in mind you're running a game that takes a good amount of memory and you're using a client that fetches servers for you while you play the game that takes a good amount of memory

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