NR2003 cars to blender?

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Oct 2, 2019

Can somebody tell me it is possible upload NR2003 cars into blender?
Because ive want convert them into XPS, What is XPS?
XPS stand for Xna posing studio, its was called Xnalara before and was used for Tomb Rider game models but later to develop any 3D models as long are saved to XPS or OBJ. XPS program XPS Addon to Blender

XPS can be used for making renders, or funny scnes, His work are funny :), if you had rigged 3D models can be posed in XPS
So ive think that gonna be some cool idea if port NR2003 cars and rigged Pit crew to create pitstop animations, porting tracks ive think can be possible but can take much time
and eating so much polygons, becacause XPS had some polygon limit if goes too high program start working very slow so be carefull about that.

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