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Mar 25, 2017
Indycars? Indycars.


I finally finished it! If this is new to you, I've been running this little league of mine since last year. I won't get into too much of the background here (you can find that in the readme if it piques your interest), apart from that the Premier Championship is the top-flight series of indy car racing in the world. It sanctions the Indianapolis 500, and normally (like when there's not a global pandemic) holds an evenly-balanced, diverse schedule of around 20 races that comprise of ovals, natural terrain road courses, and street circuits. For 2020, teams have four chassis to choose from: Dallara, Ligier, McLaren, and Swift. Likewise, there are four engine options: Chevrolet, Ford, Honda, and Porsche, with Menard souping up some old Mazda rotary turbos for the Indy 500.

This set is for NFF"s IR18 mod and features the following:
- 85 liveries of the teams and drivers that will take part in the 2020 season.
- Oval, left-port, and right-port versions of every livery.
- Standard (1024) and high (2048) versions of every livery.
- 510 car files in total. It should be fairly straightforward in the download to choose which resolution you want to put in your cars folder and, if you so wish, which wing/fuel configuration you prefer.
- All cars rated with my custom ratings
- All cars have pit crews. Quite lazy pit crews because I hate painting those, but pit crews nonetheless.
- Grand rosters for oval, left-port, and right-port models
- Race rosters from all 17 races on the schedule
- Readme that contains, among the standard stuff, background on the series and information on all the teams and drivers.

Sound good? Cool! You can find a copy here:

Thank y'all for all the interest along the way. I encourage comments, criticisms, critiques, questions, limmericks... the whole lot.

While I patiently wait for the aeroscreen mod to get cracking on my 2021 set, I got quite a bit more in the pipeline. So stay tuned :biggrin:

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