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Dec 26, 2019
Third race today is the feature.

New Hamshire Foxwoods 301:
* Qualifying: Elliott on pole, while Buescher is finally getting used to the Toyota
* Lap 1: Fuel system issues for Labbe!
* Lap 6: Erik Jones blows a gearbox!
* Lap 31: Elliott leads lights to flag

Michigan Consumers Energy 400:
* Qualifying: Truex on pole
* Lap 20: Another lights to flag winner

Bristol Night Race:
Qualifying saw Logano on pole with Hamlin, Stenhouse and Gray starring.
Byron took the lead from the start, while behind on lap 3...
This happened after the 66 cut a tire.
Hamlin grabbed the lead on the restart while Gase headed to the lane.
Just as Blaney got back past...
Byron grabbed the lead from the second restart.
The 88 punctured on lap 27 and was forced to retire.
The 22 popped an engine on lap 36.
Reddick had a similar failure five laps later.
Byron won!
A number of good performances
The remining team changes:
* Action Express #05 has just been a disaster and they have sold their team to Red Bull who return for the first time in over a decade.
* FAS Lane #32 returns to the grid. Joe Falk owns all of the team for now but it's thought that this team will enter into a partnership when the next generation car is introduced in 2026.
* Kaulig Racing finally step up from Xfinity.

Speaking of the 2026 car... THE 40 CAR SYSTEM IS OUT. There will be a larger grid, but also DNQ's for the first time since 2015.


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Dec 26, 2019
Darlington Southern 500:
Qualifying saw Ryan Blaney on pole.
Blaney led away early, but on lap 5, he was passed by Custer.
On lap 19, the parties battling for tenth tripped over each other.
Chastain slid back up and was slammed by Chris Bell.
Reddick and then Logano also hit the back of the wreck.
The next several cars- Bowman, Buescher, Elliott- avoided well, something that could not be said of Briscoe.
This all brought out the yellow flag, obviously, in additon to ending the race of Logano, Chastain, Bell and Briscoe. Interestingly, this led to Chris Buescher, Bubba Wallace and Kaz Grala all being in the top 10.
Everyone pitted under the yellow. diBenedetto jumped Truex by taking only two tires. However, not everyone fuelled up enough...
Cole Custer was not one of those.
Special note to the Intimmydator being on this screen for the first time in a long time

Indy 400:
* Qualifying: Everyone who needed a rebound, rebounded. MDB on pole and all 4 cars involved in that crash in the top 10.
* Lap 7: Blaney to the lead!
* Lap 15: Buescher blows an engine!
* Lap 16: Blaney holds off Bowman.

South Point 400:
* Qualifying: Burton and Buescher star while none of the top 3 in the championship are in the top 13 cars.
* Lap 10: Custer to the lead!
* Lap 27: Custer wins!

Championship: Unless Byron or Burton fly home, it looks like we'll have a four horse race. Also, thank goodness for Blaney for Penske's sake. Joey is having a Kyle Busch 2020 and Cindric is a first year driver.

Silly Season:
Ty Dillon to 'step away for now'
Ty Dillon has announced he will leave his RCR ride and move upstairs full time for 2025. With that said, he has not ruled out attempting the bigger races when that becomes a thing in 2026.
Erik Jones returns to the Toyota fold
Erik Jones has impressed with the mid tier Roush team and now he will move to Red Bull Racing for 2025.
Todd Gilliland lands another ride
After his current ride closed, Todd Gilliland will move to Kaulig Racing for 2025.
Toyota to move on Brandon Jones; Dollar arrives
Drew Dollar will drive the #54 KBM car next year. This means that Brandon Jones has been released by JGR. Sources are unsure as to whether he gets another Cup ride.


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Dec 26, 2019
Penrite 500:
Qualifying saw Joey finally on pole.
Logano cleared himself into Turn 4 and set sail.
Erik Jones settled into second and just stayed there.
Ty Majeski pitted on Lap 3. With that said, the proper stops began on lap 9 with Truex, Dillon and Gragson.
Everyone came in on lap 11. Truex got the undercut and slotted in between Jones and Elliott. Dillon also won, going to sixth.
Logano won with Jones getting second.

Roval 400:
* Qualifying: RCR doing good
* Lap 1: Yellow! Gilliland goes around!
* Lap 5: Yellow! Stenhouse goes around!
* Lap 8: Yellow! Gray gets into Gaulding and they spin.
* Lap 9: Engine failure for Nemechek under caution!
* Lap 11: Puncture for Smith under caution!
* Lap 11: Dillon wins... guess what?

* Qualifying: Chase's first cup pole!
* Lap 43: Fuel issues for Reddick
* Lap 45: Cindric to the lead!
* Lap 50: Cindric holds of Bell (who was basically second all day) for his first Cup win!
Championship: Chase has a bit of margin but not too much
Also 21 in 21st

Driver Transfers:
Creed to the 32
The refounded FAS Lane team will run Sheldon Creed in 2025. It's a one year deal that isn't expected to be renewed as Joe Falk has made it clear he wants to be in a partnership for 2026.
Noah Gragson to the 34
Noah's time as a Hendrick junior is done. He's going over to the seat currently occupied by Joey Gase for 2025.
Tanner Gray to the 95
Basically confirming an Xfinity driver will take the 96, Gray will take the retiring Denny Hamlin's seat at Denny's team.
Alex Labbe to the couch
Labbe isn't technically to the couch- he's going to race IMSA for Wright Motorsports. But basically his NASCAR career is over.
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Dec 26, 2019
Ratings news: Harrison Burton and Zane Smith will have an 80 next year while Suarez, Gray, Eckes and possibly Cindric (depending on how hsi remainder of year goes) will be buffed as well. Nerfs will be heading the way of Truex (as he winds down his career), Stenhouse (also for age reasons), and if he manages to finish behind Austin Dillon, Joey Logano.


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Dec 26, 2019
Talladega is Race 3... yep

Pocono 400:
* Qualifying: Penske and Haley do good, but Elliott on pole.
* Lap 1: Blaney has an engine failure!
* Lap 4: Logano to the lead!
* Lap 16: Logano wins his second consecutive race!

* Qualifying: All of the expected names in the top 15... and Lajoie
* Lap 28: Puncture for Majeski!
* Lap 30: Engine failure for Creed!
* Lap 40: Byron wins!
1605645751052.png1605645867935.png 500:
Qualifying saw a confusing pole sitter...
Bell punctured on the formation lap.
Blaney got the lead from the outside.
Nemechek took the lead on lap 4.
The next leader was Almirola on lap 7.
Then, Zane Smith teamed with his former ride to get to the front on lap 12.
The lapped car of Bell put Eckes to the front two laps later.
Cars started to pit at the end of this lap, including Eckes' draft partner Gaulding. Everyone else pitted the next lap.
This left the unusual front three of Eckes, Lajoie and Gaulding.
Bell pushed Byron to the lead as they took the white flag.
He had to hold off another surprise but he got it done. BYRON WINS TALLADEGA!
Some great performances here
Championship: It was a blowout after Race 2 but the gap has slightly been closed

Silly Season:
Brodie to the #6
He's done a good job in the very trash AAR team, and he now gets a chance at a bigger team given Erik Jones move to Red Bull.
Sam Mayer to the #37
Mayer, the second in Xfinity right now, has got a Cup ride. He'll also be the youngest in Cup next year, at 22.


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Dec 26, 2019
The third race being the feature is becoming a bit of a trend isn't it..

Road America:
* Qualifying: Cindric grabs the pole.
* Lap 10: After Cindric pits, Custer wins!

Kansas 400:
* Qualifying: DiBenedetto on pole, and he needs to win
* Lap 3: Brake issue for Reddick!
* Lap 14: Briscoe to the lead!
* Lap 27: Briscoe wins his first ever race!
View attachment 861411605730668372.png

Texas 500:
Qualifying saw basicallly the exact same stuff as Kansas.
DiBenedetto got away from the start.
The first real action was Logano grabbing second on lap 13.
With five to go... this happened
Everyone but Grala and Briscoe pitted next time by.
Nemechek blew an engine during this sequence.
Custer beat diBenedetto out. However, his new tyres did not work at all and halfway through the penultimate lap...
A crucial win for MDB with Elliott all the way down in 18th.
Going into the last few races, the championship is back in question/

Brandon Jones to the #74/44
A critical juncture for Jones' career, as with more rides in 2026, he should be able to stay in cup. He's been picked up by AAR to replace Brodie Kostecki.
Raphael Lessard to the #96
And here's his replacement. Canada keeps a driver.


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Dec 26, 2019
Who will win?

Phoenix 400:
* Qualifying: Bell on pole while the championship contenders are a bit buried
* Lap 1: Reddick to the lead!
* Lap 32: A controlled drive by Reddick.

Richmond Toyota Owners 400:
* Qualifying: Bubba Wallace takes the pole while the championship contenders found each other again.
* Lap 40: Impressive run from Wallace, and he wins!

Homestead 500:
* Qualifying: Almirola took pole with good performances from Grala and Labbe. It should be noted that MDB needs to finish 1st with Elliott 21st to win.
Both Hamlin and Briscoe had engine issues on the way to the green.
Almirola led early on. Behind, Reddick, then Truex, took second.
The race settled into a pattern- Almy, Truex, Hamlin, Byron, Bell, Chase.
Almirola wins the race but it isn't enough to prevent a second championship for CHASE ELLIOTT!!!
Next season will be ready hopefully by tomorrow.


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Dec 26, 2019

First, some credits for new schemes for this year:
#11: @justahamlinfan
#1, 8, 17 20 and 42: @D Dog Dan
#4 and 12: @bamaracing
#83: @Greengca
#44: @TheFlynnZone
#14, 18, 22, 32, 34, 37: @crewchief39
Thanks to all these guys for allowing me to use their schemes!

Daytona 500:
* Qualifying: A true draft master
* Lap 28: Yellow! The leaders get together lapping Lessard and in addition to the Canadia, Grala and Hill are out.
NOTE: Timmy Hill was running third at the time of the caution
* Lap 59: Yellow! Gray Gaulding spins and finds the wall hard in the tri-oval.
* Lap 77: Yellow! The midpack trips over when both Suarez and Nemechek go for the same line through traffic. Gray, Dollar, Gase, Burton and Nemechek are out.
* Lap 81: Gragson blows an engine!
* Lap 122: Yellow! Wallace spins on the exit of Turn 1.
* Lap 139: The polesitter Majeski is lapped.
* Lap 159: Bowman punctures!
* Lap 198: After eight laps of being separated by under 0.013 seconds, Almirola takes the lead!
* Lap 200: Almirola wins his first Daytona 500 at the age of 41!

Atlanta 500:
* Qualifying: I sense Reddick needed that after being in contention for a long time at Daytona
* Lap 1: Bell to the lead!
* Lap 17: diBenedetto to the lead!
* Lap 29: Yellow! Contact between Chastain and Wallace creates a pileup that takes out Dollar, Eckes, Gragson and Buescher.
* Lap 51: Chase to the lead!
* Lap 96: Yellow! Gaulding blows an engine. Chase off the lead lap as green flag pits are underway; Cindric to the lead.
* Lap 111: The Big One Yellow! DiBenedetto, Bell, E Jones, Grala, Hill, Suarez and Lessard all taken out. In addition, Mayer blows an engine.
* Lap 115: Blaney to the lead!
* Lap 169: Cindric to the lead!
* Lap 178: Yellow! Nemechek spins
* Lap 202: Byron regains the lead lap- priorly there were only 3 cars on it.
* Lap 203: Custer to the lead!
* Lap 221: Blaney to the lead!
* Lap 320: Burton blows an engine!
* Lap 322: Byron blows an engine!
* Lap 325: Blaney wins comfortably!

Pennzoil 400:
* Qualifying: The Engine Failure Gang only just miss out pole
* Lap 22: Yellow! Bowman has a engine failure and Mayer thumps the wall avoiding him.
* Lap 58: Blaney takes the lead as Custer puts on four tyres
* Lap 67: Bell takes the lead!
* Lap 92: Reddick takers the lead through pit strategy
* Lap 96: Bell back to the lead!
* Lap 123: Elliott takes the lead through pit strategy
* Lap 137: Bell back to the lead!
* Lap 163: Blaney takes the lead through pit strategy
* Lap 257: Byron to the lead!
* Lap 267: Byron wins!

Championship: The reigning champ already wins.


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Dec 26, 2019
* Qualifying: Justin Haley takes his very first pole.
* Lap 9: Custer to the lead!
* Lap 49: Burton to the lead!
* Lap 51: Custer to the lead!
* Lap 55: Byron to the lead!
* Lap 83: Dollar blows an engine!
* Lap 92: Yellow! Gilliland spins.
* Lap 98: Burton to the lead!
* Lap 103: Byron to the lead!
* Lap 104: Briscoe to the lead!
* Lap 106: Burton to the lead!
* Lap 112: Briscoe to the lead!
* Lap 140: Yellow! The backmarkers get into each other. Logano's bad day ends while Reddick, Bell, Gilliland and Majeski also retire.
* Lap 157: Yellow! Erik Jones spins.
* Lap 188: Yellow! Elliott has a hard hit at Turn 1.
* Lap 217: Gearbox failure for Custer.
* Lap 234: Chastain to the lead!
* Lap 253: Briscoe to the lead through pit strategy
* Lap 255: Dillon blows an engine!
* Lap 266: Chastain to the lead!
* Lap 267: Chastain wins!
Forgot to get the victory screen for this one

Talladega 500:
* Qualifying: Tanner Gray on pole.
* Lap 14: Tanner Gray blows a transaxle unit.
* Lap 74: Yellow! Austin Dillon spins.
* Lap 120: Puncture for Dollar!
* Lap 148: Engine failure for Lessard!
* Lap 156: Yellow! Gilliland spins.
* Lap 161: Radiator failure for Mayer.
* Lap 184: The Big One! Burton, Creed, Reddick, lajoie, Gase, BJones, Stenhouse, Hill, and Buescher are all taken out after Buescher and Burton get into each other.
* Lap 188: Bell wins!

Auto Club 400:
* Qualifying: TIMMYHILL
* Lap 1: Bell to the lead!
* Lap 5: MDB to the lead!
* Lap 23: Nemechek to the lead!
* Lap 40: Reddick to the lead through strategy
* Lap 75: Smith to the lead through strategy
* Lap 79: Yellow! Hill blows an engine.
* Lap 90: Almirola to the lead!
* Lap 100: Briscoe to the lead through strategy
* Lap 125: Smith to the lead through strategy
* Lap 128: Briscoe to the lead!
* Lap 140: Chastain to the lead!
* Lap 154: Logano to the lead through strategy
* Lap 164: Puncture for Gragson!
* Lap 178: Custer to the lead!
* Lap 180: Logano to the lead!
* Lap 200: Logano wins!



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Dec 26, 2019
* Qualifying: MDB on pole
* Lap 26: Engine failure for Elliott
* Lap 64: Truex to the lead on strategy!
* Lap 74: Lessard blows an engine!
* Lap 114: Cindric blows an engine!
* Lap 131: Transaxle issues for Majeski
* Lap 156; Yellow! Contact between Suarez and Briscoe causes both to go in hard at Turn 3.
* Lap 161: Logano to the lead!
* Lap 193: Bell to the lead on strategy
* Lap 247: Yellow! MDB spins out in Turn 2.
* Lap 251: Harrison Burton to the lead!
* Lap 260: Logano to the lead!
* Lap 267: Logano wins!

Infineon 350:
* Qualiyfying: Chris Bell on pole
* Lap 1: Oil leak for Bell
* Lap 13: Grala to the lead!
* Lap 18: Yellow! Byron pounds the wall at the second last turn, and Almirola spins off avoiding him,
* Lap 23: Puncture for Chastain!
* Lap 24: Yellow! Truex Jr ends up off the road and in the Turn 1 tyres.
* Lap 27: Yellow! Gray spun on the restart
* Lap 40: Yellow! Gragson in the sand trap
* Lap 44: punctures for both Lajoie and Bell!
* Lap 48: Puncture for EJones.
* Lap 52: Buescher blows an engine!
* Lap 75: Yellow! Timmy Hill goes around at the far end of the circuit.
* Lap 76: Brake issues for Custer!
* Lap 90: Grala wins his first ever race!

Dover 400:
* Qualiyfing: Custer on pole again, JGR just behind again...
* Lap 52: Oil leak for Lajoie
* Lap 104: Truex to the lead!
* Lap 111: Engine failure for BJones!
* Lap 152: Puncture for Lessard!
* Lap 170: YEllow! Buescher spins on the back straight and finds the wall, taking out Suarez
* Lap 175: Blaney to the lead!
* Lap 234: Yellow! Burton spins
* Lap 280: Almirola to the lead!
* Lap 344: Punctures for Almirola and Smith! Cindric now leads
* Lap 376: Reddick's engine loses a cylinder
* Lap 400: Cindric leads!


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Dec 26, 2019
* Qualifying: Custer on pole, Gaulding shockingly in 6th
* Lap 0: Preece blows an engine and DNS's.
* Lap 2: Bell to the lead!
* Lap 26: Truex blows an engine!
* Lap 37: Byron to the lead on strategy
* Lap 38: Gaulding punctures!
* Lap 40: Suspension failure for Gragson, and oil leak for Eckes.
* Lap 68: Yellow! Chase Briscoe spins.
* Lap 74: Blaney to the lead!
* Lap 146: Clutch failure for BJones!
* Lap 173: Cindric to the lead on strategy
* Lap 193: DiBenedetto to the lead!
* Lap 208: Cindric to the lead on strategy
* Lap 225: Yellow! Creed blows an engine and stops on the backstraight.
* Lap 230: DiBenedetto to the lead!
* Lap 267: Toyota pulls a 1-2 from a bad start

Coke 600:
* Qualifying: Blaney on pole. Let's hope he can bring it home
* Lap 14: Almirola to the lead!
* Lap 53: Briscoe to the lead!
* Lap 58: Yellow! Gragson loses his brakes and spins.
* Lap 65: Almirola to the lead!
* Lap 79: Briscoe to the lead!
* Lap 100: Yellow! Spin for Reddick.
* Lap 109: Yellow! Timmy Hill spins. Truex takes the lead.
* Lap 183: Gray blows an engine!
* Lap 206: Yellow! Erik Jones has a hard hit in Turn 1. Majeski and Creed both spin.
* Lap 211: Smith to the lead!
* Lap 244: Truex back to the lead on pit strategy.
* Lap 248: Lajoie blows an engine!
* Lap 286: Fuel leak for Bowman!
* Lap 317: Yellow! The backmarkers get together and wreck hard. Haley, Eckes, Gragson and Gaulding all are out.
* Lap 320: Suspension failure for Austin Dillon.
* Lap 326: Chastain to the lead!
* Lap 351: Yellow! Byron crashes in Turn 3.
* Lap 400: Chastain wins while BJones takes his first ever Top 10.

* Qualifying: Bell on pole
* Lap 23: Elliott to the lead!
* Lap 28: Yellow! Big wreck after Wallace spins violently. He takes out Creed, Eckes, Briscoe, Kostecki and Gray.
* Lap 41: Blaney to the lead!
* Lap 44: Puncture for Reddick
* Lap 50: Bell to the lead on pit strategy
* Lap 55: Blaney to the lead!
* Lap 75: Stenhouse blows an engien!
* Lap 86: Truex theoretically to the lead on pit strategy, but he immediately loses it to Blaney
* Lap 88: Lajoie blows an engine...... again.
* Lap 114: DiBenedetto to the lead!
* Lap 153: Truex to the lead on pit strategy!
* Lap 160: Truex wins!

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