NASCAR: The Future (Alternate Universe)

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Dec 26, 2019
Do not go gentle into that good night.

Does the title look familiar? That's because it's very similar to the (now on indefinite hold) Australian series. And a good chunk of the premise will be the same. However, it will be slightly different. Rather than having every race in the same run, races will come out in batches of four: one feature race with screenshots and detailed descriptions, and three more general descriptions. It's a good way to go through periods of time.

Driver's List: The season starts in 2020 so I don't think that's necessary.

Schedule: Will be the same as the 2020 schedule, although there will be changes over the years.

Other features: News posts will be much more frequent. The main news you need to know at this point is that, this series will effectively have me in charge of NASCAR. Changes are ahead.

First proper post should be Monday. I need to edit the track schedule to be the 2020 schedule; this isn't something I've ever done before. Combine that with the fact it's my best friend's birthday (as mentioned in 2023xNR0:relievedface: and I won't be able to do racing tomorrow. See you guys Monday!


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Dec 26, 2019
Preface: Kyle Larson will be awful because of the way 2020 is rated. Sorry.

The first feature race is Daytona!
Qualifying went to... well, guess.
Harvick took the lead while everyone else went three wide on turn 2.
Almirola got through for second.
After three laps, the order was Harvick-Hamlin-Johnson-diBenedetto.
That changes when Hamlin slid past Harvick at Turn 1, taking diBendetto with him.
Elsewhere, Kyle Larson begun to drop back, while Hamlin, Kurt Busch and diBendetto cleared out.
Blaney retired on lap 6 with clutch issues.
The next pass for the lead was Keselowski who took the lead the next lap. However, Hamlin cycled back on lap 10...
...only to immediately lose it to Truex Jr. Also note how well Ty Dillon is running. He had Dan Suarez behind him, brilliant run for those two
A flotilla of cars including the top 4 pitted on lap 11.
Harvick stayed out and led the lap.
Truex led out, with Hamlin second, Dillon third, Suarez fourth and Keselowski fifth. Harvick was jumped by Jimmie Johnson in the lane, but then cleared him on exit, and they merged in 7th and 8th. By this point, Keselowski was already ahead of Suarez.
Hamlin and Keselowski were already leading by lap 14.
The lapped car of Kyle Larson then threw a spanner into the works with Truex being held up behind. With this, Will Byron also played himself into the reckoning.
Hamlin returned to the lead on lap 17. Later that lap, Harvick took the lead.
When the white flag fell, it looked like Harvick, Hamlin or Byron with a outside chance for Truex. Byron then took second into turn 1, giving Harvick some space.
Truex and Johnson had the inside run into Turn 2 and grabbed podium spots but Hamlin had a big margin.

Now, the other three races:
* Qualifying:
* Race results (not much noteworthy happened): Denny Hamlin took his first win of the season.

Pennzoil 400:
* Qualifying:
* Gaughan suffered damage early on and lost five laps in the pits for repairs.
* Results: Aric Almirola finally broke his drought.

Ticket Guardian 500:
* Quali:
* Race Results: An unlikely first win for Tyler Reddick in his fourth Cup race!

The championship so far:
Well, you'd expect it to be tight. You wouldn't expect Reddick to be fourth.
Reddick has actually led more laps than anyone else!

See you at the next race!


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Dec 26, 2019
Well, welcome back! I've replace Larson with Kenseth for the rest of this season for reasons of parity. We start with the three general races, then head to the Food City 500 for our feature!

Auto Club:
* Qualifying: Harvick dominated with 3 JGR cars behind.
* Two of the effective six JGR run cars went bang almost immediately, Kyle Busch and Chris Bell in the garage at the quarter mark, as did Ricky Stenhouse.
* Cole Custer also lost a lap after mechanical dramas saw him pit.
* The caution was called after Garrett Smithley stopped on the backstraight with similar mechanical dramas.
* Following several cars struggling to get home, Joey Logano became 2020's 5th consecutive new winner.

STP 500 at Martinsville:
Qualifying: Harvick took pole over one of the impressive RCR cars in Dillon.
* The caution came out on lap 11 following a spin for laJoie. Almirola chose to pit at this point.
* It was also needed again on lap 19 when diBenedetto spun into the inside wall.
* The third caution came out when McDowell ran out of fuel on the backstraight on lap 29.
* Caution 4 came out when Suarez hammered the wall at Turn 1 on lap 36.
* Reddick slapped the back of Bell on the restart and both lost several laps.
* Truex Jr took a good win.

O'Reilly 500 at Atlanta:
* Hamlin took pole from Almirola, Keselowski and Byron.
* The caution was brought out after just two turns when LaJoie was bumped by the hurrying Chris Buescher (who missed Qualifying with an engine problem) and spun.
* Blaney picked up a puncture under caution and dropped from seventh to last.
* Stenhouse retired on lap 11 with an engine problem.
* Truex Jr took a comfortable win.

The feature race will be in a separate race tomorrow.


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Dec 26, 2019
Food City 500:

Keselowski took pole while Newman and McDowell had good runs.
Newman immediately got second.
The safety car was immediately needed on lap 3; Bell spun and was creamed by Custer.
View attachment NR2003 2020-09-09 06-13-52.mp4

That left the order as Keselowski-Newman-Buescher-Truex.
Custer retired while Bell lost two laps. Stenhouse also ended up off the lead lap after pitting.

Busch took second on lap 12. He's 18th in the championship, not a good year so far.

The safety car was required again on lap 16. Dillon was given a bump by JJ Yeley. While racing back to the line two incidents occurred. Firstly, Poole spun (clipped below). Second, Keselowski hit the back of Sorenson as he was lapping him. This spun Sorenson (but didn't damage Brad.)
View attachment NR2003 2020-09-09 06-21-12.mp4

Unfortunately, under the safety car...

Brad cleared out again on the restart. However, one lap later...

It was caused by a coming together as third placed Logano tried to lap both Stenhouse and Chastain.
Poole, Lajoie, Bowyer, Jones and Wallace all retired as a result.
Then, under the saftey car and from second...
This shuffled both Suarez and Houff into the top 8.
The yellows came out again on lap 31 following more misadventure when lapping. Ty Dillon made contact with Bell, spun and Hill, Gase, Almirola, Byron and Preece were all involved.
All of those bar Byron, plus Reed Sorenson, retired as a result.
Off the restart there was immediate trouble with the 77 of Chastain spinning into the inside wall. No caution was required though.
On lap 39 Elliott ran high and brushed the wall. However this didn't cost him second.
Lap 45 there was an accident involving leader Keselowski.
View attachment NR2003 2020-09-09 06-43-04.mp4
This promoted Elliott and Harvick to 1-2, and eliminated Nemechek, Truex, Smithley and Gase.

It also ended the race.

View attachment NR2003 2020-09-09 06-22-53.mp4


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Dec 26, 2019
The next four races! Talladega, the second race, is the Feature this time.

So before we get there, Toyota Owners 400:
* Qualifying: Keselowski took pole while Toyota struggled (hell, three were below JJ Yeley)
* The caution came on lap 28 after Custer tripped over Chastain trying to lap him, sending both cars hard into the wall.
* During this period, Wallace also retired from the top five with engine dramas.
* Clint Bowyer held off teammate HArvick for the win.

Talladega time!
Qualifying saw Keselowski's second consecutive pole, ahead of championship leader Harvick.
Everyone went three wide:
Almirola came out of all of this with second with Logano third.
The lead kept shuffling throughout the early parts of the race, with the likes of Bowman, Logano, Kenseth, and Reddick taking their turns.
Everyone bar LaJoie pitted on lap 10. Hamlin was first out from Logano and the RCR cars.
Despite having nearly a second, Hamlin got screwed trying to lap Ross Chastain and the top 8 compressed.
Harvick got half a second when Reed Sorenson blocked second and third inadvertently.
Garrett SMithley needed to be lapped on the final lap but he was able to get out of everyone's way.
Harvick wins at Talladega!

Gander RV 400:
* Harvick-Elliott-Keselowski qualifying. It's getting boring really
* The caution came out on lap 10 with Logano stopped on the apron of Turn 1.
* Brad Keselowski suffered a puncture under green and dropped two laps.
* Hamlin took the win. (Ignore the gaps, something went odd at the end of the race)

Digital Ally 400:
* Qualifying- Hamlin took the pole from Harvick, Logano and Elliott. Bell in 6th
* Reed Sorenson whacked the wall on lap 13 (no caution) and retired.
* Logano suffered damage and lost a lap fixing it in the pitstop.
* With two laps left, Gaughan suffered an engine problem and retired.
* Harvick took another win.

Championship Standings:
Uh oh
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Dec 26, 2019
Four more races today! I'm on exam block rn so I have been doing these races in my offtime from study. I'm officially on holidays after Tuesday so there will be a lot of these races coming up. We begin with the feature race Coke 600, then we have the next three. Sorry for the lack of images today, the Coke 600 track does funky things to my computer.

Coke 600:
Harvick took the lead from the start but the yellows were immediate. After contact between Hendrick teammates Byron and Elliott, Jones was spun.
Stenhouse pitted on the formation lap and dropped off the lead lap.
The race went green again on lap 6. Harvick stayed in the lead while Almirola ran up to second.
The yellows came again on lap 8 when Byron, Houff, Suarez and Yeley came together.
Almirola nearly grabbed the lead on the run to the yellow but Harvick led to the yellow from Almirola and MDB.
Everybody pitted under this safety car. During this sequence, Sorenson suffered an engine failure, while Truex, Buescher and Poole dropped a lap.
The race went green on lap 13. From the restart, Kurt Busch took third back from MDB.
Once again though, yellows came out two laps later. I *would* say who, but...
Smithley suffered a spectacular flip after this (i will attach at bottom). Following the incident, Houff, Gaughan, Ty DIllon, Chastain, Jones and Smithley all retired.
Kurt Busch took second on the run back to the line.
Everyone pitted... again (except Buescher and Truex who tried to get their laps back). Harvick led out of the lane again while Preece had a long stop and Austin Dillon took third.
The race went green once again on lap 20. Harvick was pinned to the inside by lapped cars and Austin Dillon slid by into the lead. However, he was immediately repassed. Just as Harvick passed the last of the lapped cars, the yellow came again for McDowell, Kese and Wallace.
This also tripped up several other cars following Keselowski spinning into the path of Brennan Poole. The eliminated cars were Custer, Lajoie, Newman, Poole, McDowell, Keselowski, Chase Elliott, Kenseth and Bell.
With just 19 cars left on the lead lap, this was a massive opportunity for RWR duo Yeley and Gase to bank significant points, as well as Nemechek to take his first Top 10 of the season.
The safety car pulled back in on lap 27 and the race went green. With about ten cars gone, this restart was much calmer.
On lap 32, Almirola took second from Dillon. However, he then got it back, with Kyle Busch going third too. The battle for second was those three and Denny Hamlin and Reddick, with Harvick about 2 seconds clear.
Harvick caught Hill and Blaney to lap them on lap 35.
The yellows came back out on lap 37 for Hill. This meant Harvick took the win from Kyle Busch and Hamlin.

Now, to the sim races...
Pocono 400:
* Qualifying: Harvick again, also Erik Jones crashed in Turn 3
* Yellows came out on lap 1 following an incident between Yeley and Suarez, who both retired as a result.
* Then they came back on lap 7 for a large incident in Turn 2. It was instigated by Nemechek spinning and it collected:
* Hamlin took the win in another attritional race.


FireKeepers Casino 400:
* Qualifying: Harvick. Again.
* Race: Harvick took out a really uneventful, but really tight, one. Note good runs for Bell and Ty Dillon!

Save Mart 350:
* Qualifying: Not Harvick. But guess who else?
* The safety car was required almost instantly when Suarez found the Turn 2 sand trap.
* Race: Kurt Busch and Jimmie on the podium. This one will be popular.

Championship update: Really it's down to these two innit

Finally, as promised...


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Dec 26, 2019
Four more races today, and the second (Daytona 400) is going to be the feature race.

Camping World 400 (Chicago):
* Qualifying: Not actually Harvick!
* Chastain retired on lap 10 with engine problems.
* Harvick won the race on strategy.

Now, for the feature race:
Qualifying: See this year
Harvick led the first lap but was passed on lap 2 by Almirola. Almirola had a good stint in the lead as second was chopped much more, until Logano squeezed past on lap 11 at Turn 2. Hamlin then took the lead on lap 13, with three to go. Then, everybody expect Reddick, Nemechek and Bell pitted. Of those who pitted, Hamlin ended up leading Bowyer with a big gap back to third placed Buescher. Bowyer squeezed by at Turn 1 on the penultimate lap but all three of the late stoppers jumped the leaders. This left Reddick in front by half a second but with Nemechek closing. It didn't take him long to catch up, only until the white flag.
Reddick couldn't hang on.
That's why it's the feature race folks

Anyway, the final two races:
Quaker State 400:
* Qualifying: Surprisingly, not Kevin Harvick.
* The caution was called on lap 6 for a rather large accident:
* The caution was also needed on lap 16 following a spin for reigning winner Nemechek.
* Kurt Busch took the win after a late unscheduled stop for Denny Hamlin.

Foxwoods Resort Casino 301:
* Qualifying: IS HARVICK'S CAREER OVER??????
* Gaughan didn't last three laps before his clutch failed.
* Reed Sorenson retired on lap 11 with a valve problem.
* Denny Dominates

Quite a few surprise results and underdog moments today! All of which leaves the championship looking like this:



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Dec 26, 2019
Small update: I'll change to three races per update for the next season. Just more manageable and more feature races. Speaking of which, today's is the first race, Pocono 2!

Qualifying was the usual top 3
From the start, Keselowski got to second while Byron pitted as the flag dropped and Kurt Busch went off after contact from his brother.
Sadly, when he rejoined, he removed half of the backmarkers.
This naturally caused a caution. Further forward, Poole, Bowman and Custer had their own coming together.
Bowman and Chastain retired because of their incidents.
Under caution, Hamlin led Harvick, Keselowski, diBenedetto, Logano, Kyle Busch, Bowyer, Almirola, Bell and Austin Dillon.
Jones pitted under the safety car on lap 4.
Sorenson also pitted but it wasn't of his own accord, it was his car's.
It was a cam failure and Sorenson retired.
Then.... G E I C O C H U G
After the carnage of that yellow, the race returned to green at the beginning of lap 6.
Harvick immediately took the lead.
Elsewhere the next lap, Logano took third.
Two laps later, it went to DiBenedetto.
Exactly one lap later, it was Kese's turn again.
The yellows then came out again for a crash involving Nemechek, Suarez, Kurt Busch again, Reddick, Yeley, McDowell and Smithley.
The casualty list for this was Nemechek and Smithley.
The race went green again for one more lap. Truex got to the inside in Turn 1 but didn't get by.
That left Harvick to win from Hamlin and Truex.
Ignore all the retirements, something weird happened but they did all finish except Nemechek and down.
Other races coming soon


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Dec 26, 2019
Go Bolwing at the Glen:
* Qualifying: Logano on his first pole of the year
* The caution was immediately required following an engine issue for Stenhouse that left him stationary on the start. Bowman also retired with engine issues under this safety car.
* Truex held off Busch for an important win in the fight for third while following an unscheduled pit stop for Harvick, Hamlin took the championship lead.

Consumer's Energy 400:
Qualifying: Guess who
* Truex dropped two laps with damage during the pit cycle
* Kurt Busch made him earn it but Harvick took back the championship lead with a win!

The bristol night race that has a name too long for me to type:
* Qualifying: I don't know which is weirder, Penske 1-2-3 or Hamlin 31st
* Smithley went out almost immediately with engine drama
* The yellow came on lap 5 for a Poole spin.
* The second caution was lap 13 after Hill nailed the wall. Ty Dillon retired under this with gearbox issues while Hamlin pitted.
* Custer retired on lap 22 with clutch drama
* Surprisingly, there was a 20 lap green run until lap 34 when Byron slid high and retired into the wall.
* The green period didn't last long as on lap 41, Jimmie Johnson was spun hard into the inside wall.
* The race then ended under yellow when Buescher and Suarez tripped over one another.
* Kevin Harvick took the victory.
Please ignore all the lap downs, the top 25 should be on the lead lap. More fun game timings.

With an average day for Harvick and a awful one for Denny, the championship now looks like this:
Fun fact: Kyle Busch would be outside the Chase with two to go right now due to Nemechek's win, if we were using the Chase.
I smell a Southern 500 in our near future...
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Dec 26, 2019
Wow Pocono had a high attrition rate
Just to clarify, because I don't think I did: Six of the retired cars (Lajoie, Byron, Custer, Preece, Kenseth and Poole) made the finish but pitted on the final lap. For some reason my game auto-retires people when that happens. Aside from that, there were an inordinate amount of mechanical failures, yes.


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Dec 26, 2019
Here's some Silly Season news- credit to @TheGreenCone for reminding my dumb brain to do it

Beard Motorsports replaced with RCR
While it was known that Beard Motorsports were leaving the sport following the retirement of owner-driver Brendan Gaughan, it's now known what team will replace their car- and it's a familiar one! Richard Childress Racing, following a great 2020 and a breakout win for Tyler Reddick, will expand to three cars in 2021 with the #31 number returning. It's not known who the driver will be but it's thought that two of Ty Dillon, Kaz Grala and Anthony Alfredo will get a seat, either the #31 or the affiliated #13.

Chastain to the #42
And secondly one of the worst kept paddock secrets was made official when Ross Chastain was confirmed for the #42 in 2021. As for his replacement, there are options; many of the Xfinity drivers, as well as Corey Lajoie and Ryan Preece (who are rumoured to be losing their rides) could take it.
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Dec 26, 2019
FOur more races today, Southern 500 feature and some more silly season!

Southern 500:
Qualifying saw Truex lead Reddick

From the start, Truex cleared Reddick.
On lap 7, though, Hamlin took the lead.
At the same time, Kenseth suffered an engine issue.
One lap later, Harvick, Truex and Reddick all went through Hamlin.
Then it was Truex's turn.
Lap 11, Harvick passed Truex for the lead.
On lap 19, Chastain was lapped by the leaders. Nobody was passed as a result though.
McDowell, Sorenson and Poole pitted on lap 21. Then, the next lap, the three leaders pitted, as did Kyle Busch and Reddick. The next pack stayed out, and pitted on the next lap. Harvick led out of the lane followed by Truex and Hamlin again. However, Hamlin's third didn't last long; Logano beat him out of the lane to take third, then he was passed by Chase Elliott too.
Elliott took third on lap 29. However, Logano repassed him two laps later due to traffic.
Truex gradually fell back and was passed by both Logano and Elliott on lap 36. As Harvick cruised to victory up front, Logano was passed by Elliott for second.

Onto the other races:
Big Machine Vodka 400:
* Qualifying saw Logano take his second pole of the year while McDowell took a surprising fifth.
* The caution was needed immediately after an, um, large accident at Turn 2:
Hamlin also retired.
* The caution was needed again on lap 8 after three green laps due to a spin for Bowyer.
* Kurt Busch retired from second on lap 10 due to clutch issues.
* Ryan Blaney took his first 2020 win while Chris Bell took his first career podium.

As an FYI, here's the playoff grid if we were doing playoffs:
4, 11, 19, 22, 1, 8, 9, 10, 12, 14, 38, 2, 48, 17, 24, 18.
The first car out would be Austin Dillon (:relievedface:

South Point 400:
* Qualifying saw Truex taking pole while Austin Dillon, Preece and Kenseth all took season best qualifying.
* Ryan Newman retired on lap 19 with engine dramas.
* Harvick passed Almirola on the last lap to take win #11.

Federated Auto Parts 400:
* Qualifying saw more season best performance (this time for Ty Dillon) and a new pole winner in Matt Dibenedetto.
* The first caution was on lap 5 following contact between Keselowski and Houff. Both were able to rejoin after lazily spinning.
* Reddick lost a lap in the pits under this safety car.
* Truex took a win while Hamlin finished 34th, giving Truex a shot at second in the title.

And that leaves the championship looking like this with eight races to go:


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Dec 26, 2019
And now for some more ***SILLY SEASON***

Buescher to the 48
The replacement for the champ has been decided! Chris Buescher, who while he hasn't had any notable solo drives this year is in the top 12 of points down to consistency, has signed a deal to take over the #48, which will be renumbered to #5. Buescher was only thought to be an outsider earlier in the year but having seen his season get better and better by virtue of consistency, he gets a shot at one of the big boys.

Cindric to the 17
It took Roush-Fenway racing just a day to confirm Buescher's replacement with Austin Cindric stepping up from the Xfinity series! Cindric has had a good season and currently is ahead of Ford stablemate Chase Briscoe in the standings. As such, this basically confirms Briscoe will have to wait one more year, with all other affiliated Ford seats thought to be full (the exception is the Go Fas Racing car, but it's thought they are not looking for a rookie).

Cassill to the 37
Landon Cassill, having gained more sponsor money, will return to NASCAR Cup in 2021 with JTG! He'll drive the #37, replacing the completely underwhelming Ryan Preece. The question is how will Cassill do?


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Dec 26, 2019
It's been a while. We'll have more silly season later today but races now. The feature race will be the Roval race which is first..

Bank of America Roval 400:
* Qualifying: Logano's hot form continues
Keselowski managed to run around the outside and take the lead in Turn 2.
Hamlin took third through the exit of the chicane on lap 1.
Then, Kurt Busch put an ambitious move on Logano.
This wasn't good.
View attachment NR2003 2020-09-21 06-55-30.mp4

Poole, Hill, Yeley and Custer all pitted.
As, however, did Keselowski... at the same time as the pace car.
Harvick went through in the road section for second. However, the yellows came back out for a backwards Ty Dillon.
Hamlin cleared out on the restart but the yellows returned again for a lazy incident involving Clint Bowyer. And by lazy I mean lazy roll.
Smithley had his own crash behind him.
Bowyer retired as a result.
The race never restarted, meaning that Hamlin won!

The rest of the races:
Drydene 400:
* Qualifying: Harvick took pole but Kyle Busch second!
* The caution came out on lap 19 for a spin for SMithley.
* The second caution came on lap 38 for a spin for Gase. Not a good day for RWR
* Will Byron took his first win (ignore the laps down, some confusing things happened)
1600637237296.png1600637354112.png 500:
* Qualifying: Kevin Harvick wins from Kevin Harvick and Kevin Harvick
* During stops, Matt diBendetto lost a lap with repairs
* With the usual lead switching, Matt Kenseth nearly got a shock win but Ryan Blaney took his second of the year.

Hollywood Casinos 400:
* Qualifying: Insert a ThatOneAsian reference here about Harvick
* Hamlin's crew pulled off a flawless pitstop, clearing him of Kese and Harvick and winning him the race.

All of which leaves the standings looking like this with four to go:



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Dec 26, 2019
Gragson to the #7
Noah Gragson, who is second in the Xfinity series as we speak, will step up to the main game in 2021 with TBR's #7. He replaces Reed Sorenson who's had a bad year this year.

Preece to the #77
Ryan Preece's new home has been found after his split with JTG. He moves to Spire Motorsports for 2021. If Spire can sort out their equipment woes, then this will make sense, but if they can't, he may be flushing his career down the toilet...

Which leaves one question left... who gets the #31 next year?


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Dec 26, 2019
Time for the conclusion to the 2020 season! I'll post 33-35 in one part, then do the featured race at Homestead.

First Data 500:
* Qualifying: Truex on pole, Hamlin 6th, Harvick buried... is this JGR's chance?
Also note Almirola was 35th
* Caution on lap 2 for a spin for Hill and Chastain. Keselowski, Custer, Buescher, A. Dillon, and Wallace pitted.
* Caution on lap 15 for a hard crash at Turn 1 for Erik Jones.
* Caution on lap 23 for a spin for Lajoie. Under this yellow, Hamlin pitted.
* Caution on lap 31 for a spin following contact between Poole and Smithley.
* Caution on lap 37 for a spin for PReece.
* Caution on lap 45 following Newman thumping the wall in a similar way to Jones.
* Jimmie Johnson took a popular win.

AAA Texas 500:
* Qualifying: Logano on pole, protagonists on second row.
* Lap 5: Puncture for Newman!
* Lap 27: Engine failure for Gase!
* Lap 29: Blaney stopped on track with engine failure.
* Lap 30: Caution! Poor navigation of traffic from Logano takes himself out of a comfortable lead and also ends Chastain's race.
* That gifts the win to Kurt Busch while Harvick stays in his starting spot and Hamlin is 30th following a late puncture.

Bluegreen Vacations 500:
* Qualifying: Kevin Harvick Kevin Harvick
* Lap 32: Crash on the final lap! Involving Elliott and ALmirola.
* Harvick wins the race and the championship!

Championship: This is awkward- it's already decided, thanks Nratings I love you!

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