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Just curious as Assetto Corsa needs work for NASCAR. Is NH4 worth the sale price $37? Anyone running this yet that has raced online? FFB? Field of view? overall set ups for the cars? ETC....ETC...

I'm feeling things out, as the blogs are mostly haters elsewhere. Looking for an honest opinion, and objective overview, using adult words.
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Dec 3, 2016
I like it, but it is no racing simulator. It is a racing arcade game, so if you are looking for a NASCAR Assetto Corsa, it probably isn't the game for you.

Physics, for the most part, are very realistic. You can feel the tight or loose in the car as you corner.
Graphics are are amazing.
They are constantly adding schemes, which are very realistic (for a price, of coarse)
Challenges are cool, not as good as the older heat games but a nice feature. Also you can unlock schemes this way which is cool.
Tracks have very realistic and multiple racing lines

Crash physics are weird. Cars fishtail rather than spin.
I haven't tried career mode, but none of the other modes have the Allstar race, Daytona qualifiers or the Clash.
Speaking more to the above line, you cannot really create your own of these races because not only can you not choose specific cars to race, you can't even select the number of cars that will be in there. It is 40 cars, every single time.
You have to pay for more schemes.

I haven't messed with the cockpit view much so I can't give you much information on that. As for 'setups' the game basically just has one adjuster while you are in the 'garage' that moves from tight to lose. Though when you pit you can change all the usual pit stuff, like tire pressures, track bar, etc.

I only raced online once, it wasn't bad. As with the rest of this it was very 'arcade' rather than realistic, but it wasn't bad.


aka Fred Hosinphlopher, Dave K, dkgorace
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Thanks @mtblillie That really helps me out. I don't mind arcade or simcade for that matter. I run many sims, but also have a PS4 for messin around on rally racing and Gran Turismo Sport. I'll have to pick this NCH as not much NASCAR for Assetto Corsa works very well IMHO.

Maybe you might think about joining us in Zoom Racing with some vintage racing. 1966 Can Am, Trans Am, and possibly Touring Car Legends for next year. Get with @Highbank for more info.

Thanks again!

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