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Mar 21, 2019
Anyone out there able to (pm if needed) point me in the direction of a clean copy of the original Asr08. ASRX won't work on my computer. Running boot camp off a 2017 MacBook pro on open GL. Hoping I don't need directX. Saw some old videos of 08 and wanted to check it out. Looks like it's glory days were precisely the span of my hiatus from sim racing.

I'm really looking for the best gen4 superspeedway mod/sim. *Superspeedway noses*, ai pack/line drafting, etc... If there's something better out there, I'm open to all ideas. I edit the track ini and car ratings of nr2003 but it only helps the ai so much. Can't find a way to get high lanes moving so it's a revolving door at the lead; exit to the high lane and shuffle back in low for another shot if you're lucky. Just gets predictable. I can tell which cars will place where based on where they start and how many laps. Different tracks help but only to an extent. Using a lot of bodega and Dayton in settings. also Maybe I've made the competition too close on ai equipment but I feel like that's just one factor. I want to defend the lead from all lanes out of necessity, not to get a line moving because I'm bored.

Any and all help appreciated.
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