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Oct 25, 2016

Kiboy's Racing League wants to invite you to add onto our illustrious list of drivers! KRL is a non-profit driver league which is currently under the ownership of Ezeckiel Reyes. As a young talent, we aim to be the #1 best series starter for league competitions. Currently, we stand proud at 20 members and counting. We want to expand that number, and invite you to our premier online NR2003 league. If you want to make a name for yourself, come on down and race KRL, your place for ignition.

Interested in joining? Go ahead and invite yourself down onto our Discord and welcome yourself!

I'm planning to start up an online NR2003 league for everyone, as long as you meet your standards. We run two races every week, 7 PM EST or around 9 PM EST.

KRL Season 1 schedule:

Weekly Schedule:
- Practice, 20 minutes
- Qualifying, 2 laps, 5 minutes
- Happy Hour, 10 minutes.
- Race!

All of our scoring will be posted onto a Google drive.

Please feel free to contact me for any questions.
Thank you, and have a great day!

- Ezeckiel Reyes, CEO of KRL


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Jun 9, 2017
Hi, I run in this league. I know this post is like 2 months old, but I just want to elaborate on a couple of things for anyone who is seeing this, and is considering joining KRL.
- The lobby is port-forwarded. We do not use any hosting software
- The mod used in this league is cws2015, and we use primarily custom cars, but you can just use a premade car from a carset or anything like that so long as you send the carfile in the chat.
- We do not 2 races every week. The initial plan was doing a race every Thursday and Saturday, but so far its only been 1 race every Friday or Saturday.
- Drivers are able to speak to each other in VC during the race, but the official will have them locally muted so he can not hear this. To counter react this, we use the in-game chat to type to Kiboy, and turn each other down so we can hear him clearer (since he doesn't use the priority speaker capability of Discord for some reason.)
- Kiboy's primary focus is not KRL. He also hosts an iRacing league, iSCAR, which I would argue gives more attention to, given that he links his livestreams of iSCAR and the VODs in the KRL chat.
- Here's an important one, the community at KRL has very offensive humor. Do I mean this in a bad way? No, we just make offensive jokes and post offensive memes. If you do not find offensive humor funny, the community is probably not for you.

To clarify, I'm not saying any of this to damage or hurt KRL, I'm just giving people who may be looking to join from here a laid out view beyond the surface of KRL, so they know what they get into before they jump in. Honestly, I have a lot of fun at KRL sessions, both testing and race. We're more than willing to welcome any of you as long as you can adapt to our environment. We are currently 6/10 rounds into the season, so I'd recommend waiting for S2. However, we are still allowing new members of the league to participate in Season 1, so long as they get their carfiles in and make the races.

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