How did you get into Nascar?

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Dec 1, 2018
Mansell was my favorite racing driver in the beginning 90's and became the F1 champion in 1992.

The 1986 Adelaide GP is one of only three sporting videos which permanently lives on my tablet. The other two being the last game of the 1989 football league where Liverpool lost against Arsenal 2-0, and the other being the 2005 Champion's League final.

Red 5 was unlucky in that he could have been Champion more often except for the Vice-GOAT and that criminal bloke from Brazil.


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Dec 1, 2020
They disapeared a year after I was born, but I still miss Pontiac. The 2003 Grand Prix is up there with the 05-06 Charger for me in terms of common-template era gen 4 bodies.
I think the 08 recession killed pontiac at least that is what i remember it was pretty big news here in canada when gm made the announcement

At least we have other manufactures now to help fill in the void pontiac left.


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Jan 10, 2018
I saw my first NASCAR race in August 1974 at Talladega - Won by the King, Richard Petty, How many fans now days can say they have been to a race won by Petty. I have been a Fan ever since.

Ok @Highbank How old do you feel Now? :)


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Jul 31, 2016
Don't laugh but.....Days of Thunder. I was 6 when that movie came out, and I had the matchbox of the 46 City Chevrolet car (still do). A buddy of mine had the 51 Mello Yello car and we would play all the time. As a kid, I din't have a great interest in the sport as a whole, so I kind of followed it off and on. In 2001 there was a big campaign advertising the Daytona 500. I watched most of the race but then went out with friends and missed the end. Well, you know what happened in that race. After that I began watching religiously. I'm not really certain why. A few weeks later I found NASCAR Racing 4 at a department store and bought it. Ever since then I've been playing and painting.
Ha! I got into NASCAR because I found the 51 Mello Yello 1/64 die-cast on the sidewalk when I was a kid. I had no clue it was based on a movie or there were real cars painted up like that. One day I was changing the channels and seen a race with Kyle Petty in the 42 Mello Yello car, I was excited to see my die-cast on TV (didnt care about the different number), I thought that was the coolest thing ever. Hearing them engines roar on TV and seeing all the cars with different sponsors and numbers and paints were awe inspiring for whatever reason. I fell in love with the cars first before learning about the drivers inside them. Obviously Kyle Petty was the first driver I ever rooted for, but it wasn't too long before I was also rooting for Earnhardt. I loved his paint, it just looked badass to me then. If it wasn't for that Days of Thunder, I would never have given NASCAR a second thought. I do wish I could re-live those days. I miss the excitement I had every Sunday waiting for the race to come on.


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Apr 23, 2017
Ha! I got into NASCAR because I found the 51 Mello Yello 1/64 die-cast on the sidewalk when I was a kid. I had no clue it was based on a movie or there were real cars painted up like that. One day I was changing the channels and seen a race with Kyle Petty in the 42 Mello Yello car, I was excited to see my die-cast on TV (didnt care about the different number), I thought that was the coolest thing ever. Hearing them engines roar on TV and seeing all the cars with different sponsors and numbers and paints were awe inspiring for whatever reason. I fell in love with the cars first before learning about the drivers inside them. Obviously Kyle Petty was the first driver I ever rooted for, but it wasn't too long before I was also rooting for Earnhardt. I loved his paint, it just looked badass to me then. If it wasn't for that Days of Thunder, I would never have given NASCAR a second thought. I do wish I could re-live those days. I miss the excitement I had every Sunday waiting for the race to come on.

Oh yes. Those Mello Yello cars creating NASCAR fans since the early 1990's. Lol.


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May 12, 2019
was flipping through channels when i was 9 in 2014 found a nascar race, and ive been hocked since


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Feb 19, 2018
Me and my mom were flipping channels one night and caught the last few laps of a race, the 2008 spring Richmond race. I'd had vague memories of NASCAR before that but never watched. realized Jr. was up front and I kinda knew that name, so I rooted for him. We all know what happens next, Kyle Busch drive hard in 3, loses the nose and push up wrecking Dale, me and my mom yell with frustration, It was that moment right there that hooked me, I had to watch next week. Darlington rolls around and Kyle takes the win, It was settled, Dale was my guy and Kyle was the enemy. *i was 10 cut me some slack lol* 12-13 years later and I still get giddy for race weekend, I love this sport.
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Blake Warren

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Jan 7, 2017
I don't have any clue as to what race it was or anything like that; but apparently my dad was flipping through the channels and here I am about 5 years old. Me being a child and loving cars already due to Gran Turismo on the PS1 and just Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars to play with; I told him to stop on the cars on the TV. I eventually started asking questions, mainly who drives what car, what is going on, etc. While my dad didn't fully know, he decided that he wanted to find out and have something for us to bond over. He then took the time (realize this is technology from 1999) and got on the internet, printed each and every driver bio on ESPN's website and then assembled it all into a binder. We would sit down and read through the binder together as I learned about various drivers. I deem my christening as a NASCAR fan on August 20, 1999 due to the date stamp weirdly on Terry Labonte's bio page, which ironically would be Ernie Irvan's career ending crash that same day; and eventually started playing like NASCAR 99 on the PS1 even as I was confused as to why some drivers weren't in the same car they were in my book (Hut Stricklin was in the 8, the 81 was sponsored by Square D, Ernie Irvan drove the Skittles car, etc.)

Over the years I just collected more. 1:64 diecasts, race programs, books, hero cards, autographs, select 1:24s for my case, hats, shirts, and lots of video games revolving around the sport. Favorite driver from 99-2002 was Jeff Gordon, Dale Earnhardt, Jr. from 2003-2017, and Ryan Blaney from 2018+


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Aug 27, 2020
How did you started watching the sport of Nascar?
Like, what year, how old maybe, who was your favorite driver growing up, and you can add whatever.

I started watching in 2009. My favorite number was 83. And Brian Vickers drove that number, so I picked Brian as my favorite. (Please don’t bully me, trust me, Being a Vickers fan is kinda miserable). Course then he started having help problems, and the. RBR shut down. Then I picked Kasey Kahne as my next favorite. Unfortunately, I didn’t watch a lot of Nascar 2009-2014 as much as I do today. Infact, I took a break during 2015. But I have watched it more since 2016. And started watching all 3 series today. In 2016 since I thought Brian was probably not gonna be back in a race car after Stewart comeback. So then I picked Chase Elliott as my next favorite driver.

In terms of favorites today (Not all of them are official, but some)

Cup: Elliott
Xfinity: Briscoe, J. Burton
Trucks: Moffitt, Ankrum Eckes, Majeski
The CEO of Ford Canada when my mom worked there, believed that working mothers should have an easier time. Every Ford office in Canada had a preschool built right next to it, so you could kinda’ say I was born into Nascar fandom (I mean, I was literally educated in a preschool with a Ford logo on it, and they gave out free Mark Martin hotwheels cars)

Fast forward to 2008, I was big into diecasts, I was maybe 4 or 5 at the time when my dad took the family to Montreal, and I saw a Jeff Gordon Dupont car in the window at some store (can’t remember the name). It wasn’t so much the car that intrigued me, more the flames and crazy colours (again, I was 4). It was at that point when we got back to Toronto, I begged my dad to take me to a Nascar race to see the real Jeff Gordon car. Just my luck, the Honda Indy at Toronto was running some sort of stock car showcase before free practice for the indycars, and while I didn’t see the Jeff Gordon 24, I did see the sights and sounds of roaring V8s (I think the cars were Pinty’s series, it’s foggy).

my interest faded after the car of tomorrow era, that was until a member in my discord server showed me that you could actually edit paints for NR2003. I had tons of prior photoshop knowledge, so it was absolute open season for paint schemes at that point. After painting for various series on discord, I decided to just make paints for fun in my spare time. And thus, culminates in my resparked interest in Nascar.


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Dec 1, 2020
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Apr 19, 2020
In my country car racing is not well known outside F1 and local drag race because almost all into motorcycle racing. First time I know Nascar is from Nascar Rumble when I have Playstation ( don't bully me). In highschool I am like other friend into MotoGP watched every race in television. Around 2014 I try watched car racing from defunct WTCC super GT wrc dtm f1 and Nascar. From then I into car racing. Funny thing I dont watched motorcycle at last 2 year.


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Aug 4, 2018
I was born into a stock car racing family. That was 64 years ago. I started attending races before I turned one. I was born in March of '56 and was at my home track, Mt. Clemens (Mich.) Race Track three nights a week, by the end of the season. Sprints and midgets on Monday nights, Hardtops on Thursday nights, and Modified 6's and 8's on Saturday nights. My dad graded the track for pretty much all my life until my dad took sick in 1970. If you grew up in that environment, you were a fan of NASCAR as soon as you knew it existed.

Everyone in my family raced at least once. I raced the most, and when I wasn't racing, I was either working on a friends car or working for the track. My mom raced second most, my dad third (them in the Mid 60's), the middle brother (I was the youngest boy of three), then my oldest brother and my younger sister each raced once. I even got married at the race track. in 1977. As far as we can tell my mom is the oldest living former regular driver at that track. She just turned 95.

My dad died one week after I turned 16, in 1972, the first year the track went asphalt. Not a good time for an aspiring race car driver to lose his support 'group'. My brothers were seven and nine years older than me, so they were on there own with their own families. But my dad and I made some good friends who kept an eye on me and helped when they could. One in particular, Rich Peltier. The track closed in 1985 and the cars I raced, 4 cyl. Modifieds didn't run anywhere else in Mich.

Race cars got me interested in hand lettering, aka sign painter, although I did mostly vehicle lettering. Trucks, boats, race cars, sno-mobiles, etc. A few customers ran in the ARCA Series, so after a few years of helping a friend at another adopted home race track, I started to go to ARCA races with a customer who lived about 1 1/2 miles from my house. Started working on the cars, going to more races, the next thing I know I going to all of them. Became the team spotter. When the owner cut way back to a very limited schedule in '95, I went to work for ARCA as an inspector/official, worked my way up to one of the flagmen, and under car inspector. That's when I started to do some part-time work for NASCAR. Sometimes a few of us would stay over til Sunday and work the Cup race.

Had a heart attack, at 45 years old, on the flagstand at a race in Springfield, Ill. in 2001. The same race that Dean Roper had a heart attack and died in his race car. Mine was about 45 minutes after we got racing again. That was the downfall. Besides the physical stuff, I sunk into Bi-polar depression and that was it for racing AND lettering. By 50 I was on permanent and full disability.

That's when I got into NR sims, I have all of them from NR-1 to NR2003. I started doing paints, logos, and numbers, for the community. That kept me busy when MasGrafx let me come aboard.

That's the long and short of it. Met a lot of people other could only dream of, starting with Benny Parsons who started his racing career at my home track. Saw him right from the beginning.

BTW, if anyone stiles has any files marked FW2 from MasGrafx, I would appreciate if you could e-mail them to me at FW2arca(at)gmail(dot)com. I had two hard drives, in two days, go boom awhile back. Lost about 90% of every NR2003 thing I had made.


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Jan 7, 2021
It was 2016. I was bored during the summer since the NHL was in its off-season. Before this, NASCAR had made me think of rap because of the NAS part and I disliked it. Then I tuned to NBCSN, and saw a crash Brad Keselowski had on NASCAR America and thought "hey this is interesting, maybe I can give NASCAR a chance" and then I started learning more and more about it. One time I was citing stuff to myself and one of my teachers heard it, and told me that she apparently knew Martin Truex Jr. and his sister, which she was friends with. That was the day that I started rooting on Truex, and I was also a Chase and Jimmie fan before this. Jimmie because he won the first cup race I ever watched (Homestead 2016) and Chase because he was rookie.
I watched many races in 2017. Very historic year for my NASCAR likings. First off, in March, the Thursday before Truex DOMINATED Vegas, I was gifted something. A Truex shirt and his own autograph, which he ordered for me HIMSELF. I was so thankful and to this day, though many hate him, I still love him. Then on June 11, 2017, ONE DAY before my birthday, my birthday gift from Dad arrived. We were going to see the race at Pocono that very day. I SCREAMED during introductions because Martin. Fun fact: NASCAR was actually the reason why I cried tears of joy for the first time ever. It was when Truex won the championship.
2018, I started to stop watching races, and missed Daytona. I do remember seeing Jones' first win. The true highlights were the three races I intentionally wanted to watch: Chicagoland, Watkins Glen and the Roval. I was thrilled for the finish at Chicago. The Roval was very insane and I ALMOST FAINTED. Now, Watkins Glen...... at the end, my heart was pounding with 2 to go seeing the SEXIEST CHASE CAR IVE EVER SEEN IN THE LEAD. I was rooting for Chase by far. When I heard that Truex was out, I WAS SO EXCITED. And when Chase crossed the line.......... first I screamed murder, so happy, then for the second time, tears. Tears of joy came down.
2019 was good, I only remember watching Daytona, Bristol in August and Miami. I was pissed when Kyle won the championship.
2020, I remember only watching 2 of them on TV: The two Daytona races.
I was shocked at the end of the 2020 Daytona 500. I was so scared, and thought Newman was dead, I was shuddering and almost cried in bed.
In August I watched the Coke 400. Was downed for Jimmie but THRILLED for Byron. 5 minutes after he crossed the line, I called my friend Shane. I told him Byron won and he thought he was dreaming.

Coming into 2021 here are my favorites:
1. tie between Martin, Briscoe and Chase
2. Byron
3. Suarez
4. Larson
5. Bubba

1. Allmendinger
2. Cindric
3. Hemric
4. Sieg
5. Allgaier

1. Zane Smith
2. Creed
3. Nemechek
4. Chandler
5. Moffitt
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Jan 1, 2021
i was working with a motorbike race team and my cousin was working at williams F1 and nigel mansell was on his way to indycar. in the uk getting live nascar just didnt happen.
then when i was over in the states just for a simple test session with suzuki a couple of guys were heading to daytona and asked if i wanted to go along.
i had never seen a stock car in full anger and the european attitude was they just go in circles and anyone can do that. well we arrived early morning at daytona and the place was empty just for a couple of black haulers and a few cars dotted around.
the place was quiet and a guy approached our car and gave us passes to get access. i was stunned by how big the place was and gobsmacked when i got inside and stood on the pitlane just looking up at the empty grandstands and wall.
then a man walking (who i failed to notice at the time) said 'safer on other side of the wall son'. he was dressed in jeans ,sports jacket, sunglasses and a hat. he smiled and carried on walking to the gap in the pitlane wall and disappeared.
about 20 or so minutes later a engine in the distance fired up, like it was struggling to tick over and misfiring. i said to my mate 'that sounds terrible' and he just laughed. then it appeared through the gap in the wall and out onto pitlane.
couple of men with stopwatches in hands appeared also as the car left on on to the track. it came back around like it was cruising, taking it easy then one of the men with the stopwatch said something into his mic and all hell broke loose.
The car suddenly shot off into turn one, the noise trebled and the ground beneath my feet started to shake and i held on to the wall for balanced. all across the place echoed of this engine getting louder and going faster.
then it appeared back out of turn 4, smoke coming off the right rear, the suspension squashed down and the driver bearly visible except for his hands sawing at the wheel and when he passed you could see his head leaning over into the window net.
each pass seemed to be faster and the men with stopwatches showed them to each other and grinned. and they laughed at me as i was standing there open mouthed stunned by what i was witnessing.
then the car came back, into the gap and disappeared from sight and it was time to leave.

later that day when i got back to the hotel the desk said a parcel had been left for me.
it was a pitcrew jacket and a box which had Gm dealers only on it 1 of 200. when i opened it up it was a model of the same car i had seen at daytona.
and on top of the car was a card with a signature on it.
and that signature was Dale Earnhardt.


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Feb 2, 2018
** Long Read Ahead **

Honestly... due to 'Days Of Thunder' (do laugh, I do still).

Growing up in the UK I was used to motorsport. Be it F1, BTCC etc. The weekly publication 'Autosport' magazine would show me a small glimpse into other racing worlds so I knew about Nascar.

So the way things worked over here... it would be Cinema release, rental about 8 months to a year later and then shown on normal TV about 2 years later. So by the time I saw DOT was about '92/'93 (IIRC). I still have the VHS with the recording off the TV, lol. The film was Cert. 15 here in the UK so being only 10ish my parents would always fast forward through the bedroom scene, lol.

But seeing Nascar on the large screen, big action, fast paced & colourful world was different to what I normally saw. I Loved It!

Then came 1994... Nascar Racing was released. Again, going by what I had in the UK... I had the original green box by Virgin, 4 disc floppy install. Not sure when the CD-Rom version came out (seeing it in store one day) but OMG.... it had a paint shop included. I would always try to paint the Texaco #28. I want to say looking back on things, the international release didn't have real schemes. Also buying the 'Track Pack' later on.

So over the years...

I had Nascar Racing 2 (with free T shirt, that I still have), when in FL in '95 took a trip to Daytona to do the tour before the '500 Experience' was built.

Was shocked to see Nascar Racing 3 in a store one day without knowing that it was coming out (which was '99). I might be wrong, but we never had '1999 Edition' or 'Racing Legends' here in the UK. Got the internet in 2000 (lol) but couldn't order the 'Trucks' expansion for NR3.

During these times we got cable, Sky Sports would show the 2000 Daytona 500 live (got that recorded) and EuroSport would show Nascar race highlights a week or two later.

So then 2001.... N4 was released, was able paint and race online. Follow N2k2... then N2k3 (didn't attend College that day to pick up my pre-order at the store as soon as the shutters went up/doors opened).

A channel called 'NASN' North American Sports Network was Pay Per View (which we ordered) was available in 2003 that showed live, full coverage of Cup races. Seeing Newman's semi flip & roll in the grass was a shock. That channel ran for X amount of years....

Then I've always been able to watch races either through uploads/torrents or live streams. I honestly can't remember when I started watching Nascar through live streams.... but I would be lost without it.
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