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Dec 14, 2018
So I'm reading over at NoGrip about a NR2003 GTP mod Hot Lapping thing they're doing...and I though "Hey maybe we could do something like that...of course it really caught my eye because they were using Riverside as their first track as a sort of trial effort test thing....

What they do is simple, agreed upon track, no monkey business (read CHEATING), use any model, your own paint or a default paint, and then you just crunch off some laps and when you get a good one you post an image of the car on the track with the fast lap time showing...make sense?

What i liked was that it really wasn't meant to be a contest as much as just a way to improve one's self...(sounds like something Tigg thunk up)

Now I'm not the best driver in the world (in sim racing that is, in real driving I actually am the best driver in the world, though my wife would dispute that fact) but I don't have the kind of ego that would keep me from posting a mediocre time...just sayin'

Anybody up for something like this?
Hey Highbank, I am the one who created that. I tried bringing it back over at SRMZ but the sudden disappearance of NoGrip took away the early interest, so now I am trying to get some casual racing on the same server (just so it's not offline hotlapping) since there's no offline GTP championship and the AI can be iffy.

I put together a tutorial for installing the mod if anyone needs help. It's here.

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Jan 15, 2017
Belfast Maine
Had an idea for a pure hot lap challenge. 397 is unloading a HUGE gt race pack (BMW, Porsche, McLaren, Audi, Aston Martin) and why not make it a 6 pack challenge. Add corvette to the mix. Run the road course at daytona in any or all. A little sim Roar to the 24
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Mar 23, 2018
Debary, Florida
Does if you want to run Daytona 24 in rFactor 2.. :biggrin: We hot lapped some version in the GT3 Camaro? I don't recall it being THAT bad? Seems like the back stretch was hanky perhaps? Tire barriers or something? Anyway...

* Actually I think it was AC we hot lapped.
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