Highbank's 1988 Trans-Am Carset (ASA90)

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Aug 25, 2016

It's been on-again, off-again with this set...but to catch everyone up, basically, I had this thing done a couple of times, just lacked a few cars and both times I lost a HardDrive...It's demoralizing, to say the least, it takes a tremendous amount of work researching and gathering up/or making the decals and logos for these ancient cars, the photographic record started out very slim but now with the popularity of Vintage /Historic Racing the searches have become polluted with images of the cars that remain at Historics events...that's good and bad...

So Jopajoe does the 1988 Darin Brassfield Corvette request and it lit a fire under me to get back on this horse and finish a 1988 T/A set...

That brings me to this morning where I've been doing the cars yet again, I must admit it goes much quicker when you've done them before and the research material is still in my notebook (paper and pencil style)

When is a Corvette not a Corvette? When it's a Camaro of course!

So with that said, away we go....

UPDATE: ASA90 Mod (cts physics)
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