Help using Sandbox for a street course and runoff/straight walls in turns

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Cold Pass Member
Apr 27, 2020
Hello, I am trying to build my first racetrack (a street course) and I am running into some issues. I am trying to incorporate run off areas into the track (similar to Long Beach Turn 1) and trying to have the walls straight when the course turns (similar to the outside walls of Long Beach Turn 10). I imported what I had into NR2003 and had lots of inconsistencies relating to wall behavior.

Here are my questions:
- Does Sandbox "ignore" any walls if they are on a layer that is on top of another straight/curve layer? Is there a workaround?
- What is the best way of implementing a straight wall within a turn?
- What is the best way of implementing street-course style runoff areas? Do I create a straight section and just put it next to the turn or do I have to implement it with something outside of Sandbox?


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