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Aug 7, 2019
My Name Is Rocker105! and I'm new here! I've been wanting nr2003 for a while and I got it recently and as you can expect....it's amazingly fun! Not only am I racing against my family and friends but I can race against the likes of Dale Earnhardt, Terry Labonte, Jeff Gordon, Etc! it's Awesome and the only reason I got the game working was due to this website and the friendly people here so Thanks you guys! anywho Here are some facts about myself!

Favorite All-Time Driver: Steve Park
Favorite Current Driver: Corey Lajoie
Favorite NASCAR Season: 2002
Favorite Number: 85,91,99.(the list goes on)
Seasons I've Ran)in video games of course): 47
Favorite NASCAR Game: NASCAR THUNDER: 2002
Second Favorite NASCAR Game: NR2003
Best Season I've ran: 4th in Points
Worst Season I've ran: 43rd in points

NOW, time for non nascar related stuff about me.

Favorite Band: Sabaton
Favorite Genre of Music: Vaporwave
Vehicle(s) I own: 1996 Chevrolet Astro Van, 1989 Ford F-150 XLT Lariat

ANYWAYS, If anyone wants to talk go right ahead I'd love to chat!
anywho have a video of me crashing on NR2003.

View attachment Junkyard At The Glen (2).mp4

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