General Site Rules and Expectations for Members

  • You DO NOT need an account in order to download the content that we host....ONLY make an account if you plan to be an ACTIVE member.
  • We DO NOT Allow Multiple Accounts, those people found to have more than one linked to their IP address Will be Banned.
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Jul 23, 2016
In this forum you will find the site rules and regulations, expectations for old and new members. Please read these and abide by them is all that we ask. Saying you didn't know something will no longer fly.

Site Requirements
Posting anything anywhere on our site dealing with porn or using explicit language will get you banned and IP banned, and IP blacklisted on the IP checker that a lot of sites use. Just don't do it.

When one of us admins sends you a pm, it is in your best interest to reply back asap, we require you to have your age showing when we hover over your user name, once seen it's not there, we'll change your profile once. You go back and hide it again, you'll get banned. We want to see the age range of people who are on the site at any given time. Note, we have age ranges from 12 years old to 81 years old.

Shout Box
The shout box is for shout outs to other members, it is not a place to post videos, pictures, or outside Stunod Racing links in, nor having any conversations. Take your conservation to a forum.
Doing any of these things will get you banned from the shout box.
During race weekends we will tend to be a little slack on the conversation posts. Race related only.
Posting any form of profanity or hidden letter codes will get you a total site and IP ban, period then end.
No flaming or harassment will be tolerated.
No outside Stunod Racing web links, make a forum post.

Our site has an extensive list of forum topics, we cover almost all aspects of our hobby with forum topics. Try hard to post your forum messages in the correct forum, From time to time some of the older forum posts will get deleted in order to keep posting errors down. We have a very large server space, but it's a constant battle to keep it balanced. We don't want to get more space because it would entail us to spend another 70 dollars per month for that space. Given our gracious donors who help us with the site costs, we could not justify that extra cost.

Content Posts-Downloads
We use an "INDENTED" Download List, which means there is a main heading folder (Nothing should get posted in this folder), under this heading are several sub folders for the different mods and such, use the correct folder for your post. If you didn't paint or make your entire post content, then we require "CREDITS" for those items you did not make. We also require a "PICTURE" of your content. After making your post and you spot a mistake, "DO NOT DELETE IT", instead use the UPDATE button for that post to make your changes. When you delete your post, it doesn't get deleted off the server, admins have to do this, so save us a little work here.
"DO NOT STEAL OTHERS WORK", meaning taking something someone else made and posted, making a few slight changes and then posting it as your own work. If you like something someone else made and want to use it on your car, ask them (in writing) if you can use their work for your project. Merely giving that person credit after you took their work is not acceptable. Ask first! ANYONE caught taking others work and posting without permission will get banned, period.
You must have credits for the items you use on your scheme, unless you made every little thing on that scheme. I E,,,,, logos, numbers, name rail, template, render.

If you don't know how to make a content post, go to the General Site forum

Render requests, Full Paint scheme request, and Base scheme requests are to be done by the Stunod Racing staff only.
You are not allowed to make multiple request at the same time, remember, this service is done free of charge and on our own time. Be patient when making a request, sometimes it takes a while for these to be completed. We do frown upon paint or base requests that are very simple and should be easy enough for new painters to complete, if you don't try to do it you will never learn. We all started this way, I don't know anyone who jumped right in and made a complicated scheme right off the jump.
Paint scheme and Base scheme request have a form (Located at the top of each forum) you must use when making your request, if you don't use it, your request will be
pm any of the staff asking for any of these 3 requests to be done on the side.
If you have made multiple requests over time, you should think about maybe supporting this site if you haven't done so.
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