Dirt Track Setup Help

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Rick Turcic

Cold Pass Member
Feb 16, 2017
Have been racing NR2003 for 20years and have long since mastered develpment of asphalt track setups. However, the league I belong to is adding a dirt track series this winter and I don't have a clue how to develop decent dirt track seetups. Is someplace where I can download some dirt setups or a tutorial on how to start to devloping them? Thanks in advance.


Well-Known Member
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Sep 28, 2016
If the track is built correctly you should use the default setups. You want LOW tire pressure. Very low... Dirt is not asphalt and should not be treated the same. Dirt and grass materials used for the track surface and cushions generate NO HEAT, therefor you get no tire wear.. Here is a link for my dirt tracks. Look at the setups.

Wild Kustoms & Cars Dirt Tracks..
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