Complete Denny Hamlin SHINGRIX (Phoenix 23')

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Mar 7, 2023
Sim: NR2003 ONLY
Mod: None
Car Model: NCS22 Toyota
Year the base was used: 2023
What Race was it used in: Phoenix Spring 2023
Primary: Red
Secondary: White
Wheel Color: Red
Other: Shade Of Dark And Light Red

What is your primary Painting Program so we know what to save the file as if not a single png layer......most important: Photopea / Kleki. (PNG File Please!)

Hello! I Know I Requested A Base Yesterday, But I Read The Rules And I Believe Once Your Done Requesting, You Can Do Another One. This Will Probably Be My Last One For A Pretty Long Time. Want To Give A Thanks To Garret For Making My Last Base!


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