Delta Winter Series (GN55_GNS)

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Oct 1, 2016
Had a blast tonight on the beach. There were lots of my Stunod friends out there, so it made it that much more fun. Thanks for coming out @DaleTona, hope you can make it again. Here's a rare shot of me running near the front (1st lap). That's @cudaman340 in the #79 Plymouth, @Trae00 in the #00 Dodge and a guy named @Highbank in the #51 Mercury. Congratulations to @ZiggyM who you can barely see in this pic, for coming from way back in the pack to take the win! Seems like I was chasing @garrett1127 all night, but he beat me out of 3rd place.


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Aug 25, 2016
Riverside, California USA
OK Stunodees, we need to represent over at Delta Sim Racing in the 2019 Delta Sim Cup. The series will run the Aero88 mod (cts) and will begin in early February, but it is never too soon to start getting your stuff ready...

More info will follow, I have said it alot as has Jebrown, garrett1127, and DaleTona...these guys are great to run with, we have a load of fun and it's a great entry level league for anyone who has concidered racing online. we can give you lots of help and you needn't worry about being the slowpoke on the track, I pretty much have that covered. I spinout, I find too many walls and fences, get lapped multiple times in any given race, but I have a ball and noone has ever made me feel bad at DSR, we laugh together...

I can't say enough about the fantastic experience I've had with these guys, loved every minute with them, I'm sure you will too.

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