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Staff member
Jun 23, 2016
Please read before requesting your logo. Ensure it falls into the guidelines or it will be deleted. Before you can post a request, you must have at least 5 posts at a minimum.

I have been designing logos for Team, Designers and Fan Pages for many years in the NR2003 Community. I will supply you with the hi-res version of a .png file with a transparent background to make it easier for you to use on your website, or car designs.

When requesting a logo... Start a new thread for a new logo. Select the correct prefix need to your title. Please ensure to be as descriptive as possible, so I wouldn't have to guess on what it is that your looking for in your logo. Ensure to include any picture references if you have any. If you would like to use a particular font, please be sure to include a link to it... Not a reference to a logo. If you don't know the font please do not request it. I will not duplicate another logo. Please refrain from requesting a logo like..., it will be deleted.

Logos are tricky and can take up a lot of free time and with that... please make sure you have plans to use the logo before requesting one. I will NOT do any series / race logos as they aren't meant to be around very long. This is only for team / personal graphic logos.

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