Colorado National Speedway Military Race (2017)

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Jun 5, 2017
My favourite CNS memory took place on May 27, 2017.

CNS posted on the FB, about a week earlier, that they were looking for military and veterans to race in the Memorial Day weekend 'Military' race and I replied and got selected.

Race day, we had start/restart practice in a light drizzle, driving little 4 banger 'hornets', provided by the track. No full laps, just green, then yellow after we made it through T2, 4 or 5 times.

When it came time to get ready for the race, I was surprised I wasn't nervous.. This was going to be my first real, live, actual race, but I was relaxed. Once in the car, it was like home..

I started 5th of 8 drivers and when the green dropped, I was on 3rd place's bumper into T1 "like 2 june bugs on a summer night".

On the exit of T2, a hole opened up with 1st & 3rd low and 2nd & 4th high. I stuck my nose between 3rd & 4th and we were 3 wide battling into T3. Everyone else slowed a bit more than I, so coming off T4, I stuck my nose between 1st & 2nd and by the time we got to the s/f line, we were 3 wide battling for the lead!

Heading into T1, 3 wide, I was NOT going to lift first, figuring 3 wide is fine with me and a split second before I thought I might have to lift to keep from washing up into the guy on the high side, they both disappear from my view as they lifted (bawk, bawk, bawk!).

The next time I saw another car was 5 laps later as I was coming off T2, seeing the tail of the field exiting T4.

2 laps later, I took the white flag and then the checkered! Post race interview with the local sports radio voice, thanking the fans, the track and all military and veterans, then off to the beer garden for a celebratory shot and can of Coors (they didn't have Guinness). Also had my 'special needs' friends take some pics of me and the trophy with the Hooters girls (Ooh Rah!).

My 'special needs' "crew" (couple of friends) took pics and video but tell me they can't figure out how to d/l them from the phone because it's not activated, but that it "Takes better pictures!" than the phone that's activated (thus why I refer to them as my 'special needs' friends since it doesn't matter how great the pics and videos are if they can't be seen).

But I took a couple of pics with my little flip phone and here they are.

CNS_ride.jpg CNS_inside.jpg CNS_win.jpg

The little Chrysler 'hornet', my ugly mug and the beautiful trophy.

It says "NASCAR Whelen All American Series, Veterans Military Race Division, Winner May 27, 2017" so I can say I've got a NASCAR win!! ;-?

After I win the lottery, I am so going to buy a race car. Sim racing is fun and good training but nothing matches the real thing, even if it's just a hornet on a 3/8 mile with dog faces, squids and flyboys as the competition! ;-)

Official photo -{DC5C8683-955D-48D1-98A7-1933B0FC9750}

What a hoot!
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Oct 1, 2016
Way to go Ziggy! Had no idea I was competing against an actual NASCAR race winner.:cool:


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Aug 25, 2016
But Jeb you've been competing against the actual "Ziggy"


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Jun 6, 2017
Ziggy full-bore on lap 1? No way! XD

Great story Zig, and major congrats on the win ... that's something special you have there! :cool:

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