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Eric Hostetler

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Aug 17, 2017

When you are looking for an image to use, and you find it, usually google image search, and you have it up on your screen wanting to use it on a car or such here is what you do. Go up to the top right corner of your keyboard. You will see a key called print screen. Hit it. Then open your image program and go to file/ new....Click ok on that. That will open an image sized to your monitor's resolution...Make sure the background is transparent. Then hit edit/paste. Voila, you have your image ready to be edited...Then use eraser or magic wand or other tools to get your image ready to be put on your car....What I usually do is then the image is ready, I save it to a file called Misc PSD art so I have it for other uses as well...Now you are ready to drag or cut and paste it onto your car or other project....

Hope this helps, and for all us graybeards, this is really intended for the new person who is just getting started...

Have fun!

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