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Dec 26, 2019
Final round of ShannNats at Phillip Island. Let's see who wins the titles for TCR and S5000.

S5000 Race 1:
* McBride took pole over de Pasquale and Michels, while Calan Williams was a DNS with engine issues.
* Indy Dontje fired into the gravel on lap 5 at Southern Loop and retired.
* The second pileup in two weeks occured on lap 15 when Caruso lost control and spun across the pack at the same corner where Premat and Courtney had their accident ten years prior. This also took our Gersekowski in addition to title contenders Goddard and Muscat.
* McBride held to win over Michels and de Pasquale.
Top 3: 88 (McBride), 18 (Michels), 99 (de Pasquale)

TCR Race 1:
* Nathan Morcom and Chaz Mostert, the HMO teammates, took a 1-2 in qualifying with suprising Brendan Reeves took third.
* Andre Heimgartner spun on lap 22 and dropped to last after having to pit with a puncture.
* Mostert, having got the jump, led the rest of the race and took the win.
Top 3: 22 (Mostert), 11 (Morcom), 27 (Reeves)

S5000 Race 2:
* Barker took pole over Martin and Race 1 winner McBride.
* Martin was held in the pits, and 3 and 4 passed, but Barker took the win.
Top 3: 44 (Barker), 88 (McBride), 55 (Dontje)
With one race to go, here's the outlook:


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Dec 26, 2019
The council shall today decide the TCR and S5000's fate.

TCR race 2:
* Muscat took pole from McAdam and Cox. Robotham was 7th.
* Josh Anderson suffered a suspension failure on lap 24 and returned to the garage.
* McAdam, who'd got the start, went on to dominate the race.
Top 3: 97 (Mcadam), 31 (Muscat), 111 (Cox)

TCR Race 3:
* Swain took pole over Martin and Muscat. Robotham was 9th, and should easily take the championship from there.
* Martin retired on lap 17. At this time, McAdam was 25th, a result that would instantly hand the title to Robotham.
* And on lap 24, that was it. McAdam suffered a catastrophic engine failure, and pulled off the circuit to retire.
* The championship finished with a bang- on lap 36 contact in the midpack caused damage to Tander and Russell, and put Fife into the gravel trap, ending his race.
* With all the chaos, Robotham nagged a podium, but Sam Swain took the final win of the year.
Top 3: 5 (Swain), 34 (Moffat), 35 (Robotham)

S5000 Race 3:
Championship Reminder: 1588837016081.png
* Randle took pole from McElrea and Barker.
* Richard Muscat made contact in the first corner, breaking his suspension and ending his title challenge.
* The safety car came out on lap 34 after a spin for McBride.
* Unfortunately, Macrow spun on the restart.
* McElrea took his first ever win, and John Martin his second championship!
Top 3: 7 (McElrea), 44 (Barker), 18 (Michels)


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Dec 26, 2019
Final round for all these championships

* Wood took pole over Bates and Capo.
* On lap 16, the yellows came out for Shahin stopped on the exit of Turn 11.
* Matt Jolley also retired with two to go due to a gearbox issue.
* Hackett won the race.
Top 3: 63 (Hackett/Simspon), 12 (Bamber/Horan), 11 (Walls/Lonsdale)

* Maggs took pole from Marjoram and Walls.
* Maggs led the whole race and won.
Top 3: 96 (Maggs), 18 (Walls), 3 (Luff)

* Carroll took pole over Vanna and McAdam.
* Vanna won over Fraser and Carroll.
TOp 3: 49 (Vanna), 777 (Fraser), 38 (Carroll)

Not much action today...


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Dec 26, 2019
More action today pls

* Capo took the pole over Hackett and Will Bamber. Both factory Audis were outside the top 10, but all three Lambos were in. Stonks
* Hackett/Simpson took a comfortable win while the #100 fell back to 7th and the AMAC Racing team got a career best fifth.
Top 3: 63 (Hackett/Simpson), 12 (Bamber/Horan), 88 (Wood/Padayachee)
Championship Situation: The 12 and 2 are both mathematically in it, but they'd most likely need the 22 to crash out.

V8 Utes:
* Luff took pole over Cameron Crick and Craig Woods.
* Ueda didn't make the start with an engine issue.
* Luff suffered a suspension issue on lap 20 and dropped a lap.
* Woods won over Crick and McAdam
Top 3: 64 (Woods), 87 (Crick), 2 (mcAdam)
Championship Situation: Crick and Woods are the only two to be in the running now. They have three points between them. Hmmmm

* Fraser took pole over Hall and Vanna.
* Swain and Sargent both got held in the pits for repairs.
* Hall won the race.
Top 3: 28 (hall), 78 (McAdam), 38 (Carroll)
Championship Situation: McAdam has got the championship wrapped up. Carroll, Vanna and Fraser are in a battle for second.

* Le Brocq took pole over Randle and championship leader Fullwood. Meanwhile, Brown was sixth (the second person in the championship); Jones was eighth and Everingham 29th.
* Heimgartner punctured after contact on the first lap and was forced in.
* On lap 12, the championship seemed over after Brown punctured.
* Brodie Kostecki whacked the wall hard at Turn 3 on lap 56 and retired.
* Jack le Brocq stopped on track with an engine issue on lap 58, bringing out the safety car.
* Shane van Gisberegn crashed on the run back to green.
* Golding suffered steering damage after brushing the T1 tyres on lap 92 and dropped two laps.
* Boys won the race over Randle and Waters
Top 10:
1. 999 (Boys)
2. 5 (Randle) +6.3
3. 8 (Waters) +8.4
4. 9 (Reynolds) +8.7
5. 23 (Jacobson) +9.6
6. 99 (de Pasquale) +11.5
7. 2 (Hazlewood) +13.3
8. 15 (Everingham) +17.8
9. 22 (Mostert) +23.6
10. 6 (K. Kostecki) +26.9




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Dec 26, 2019
Final Supercars day today. Tomorrow, Tues. and Wed. we will have the Bathurst International. Then I'll be taking a week's break to get 2024 all sorted, and come back at some point next week with a even better season!
(hopefully, we might not have the VASC decided before the last race lol)

* Wood took pole over Ross and Raffaele. Meanwhile, Tander was 12th and Bamber was 9th.
* Ash Walsh suffered a suspension failure on lap 29 and retired.
* Love won the race, and Emery/Raffaele the championship.
Top 3: 911 (Love/Fresnaud), 59 (Ross/Storey), 22 (Emery/Raffaele)

* Chris Formosa took a suprise pole over Maggs and Peasey. Woods was 4th, Crick 12th.
* Crick retired on lap 24 after a turbo failure. This handed the championship to Craig Woods.
* Woods claimed it in style too, leading every lap bar two to win.
Top 3: 64 (Woods), 94 (Leuchter), 3 (Luff)

* Declan Fraser took pole over Carroll and Ribartits.
* Unfortunately, the green running lasted two corners after midpack contact between Heinrich and Stewart fired Stewart out into the wall.
* The rest of the race ran green and it was Nic Carroll who won his last ever Super2 race.
Top 3: 38 (Carroll), 777 (Fraser), 28 (hall)

* Anton took pole over Heimgartner and le Brocq.
* The safety car made an appearance on lap 32 after Alexander stalled on the exit of Turn 10. He was able to get going again though.
* Kurt Kostecki became the first retirement on lap 48 when his car didn't fire up after his second stop.
* Dylan O'Keeffe was nosed into the barrier at Turn 1 by Brown and had to pit with suspension damage. He rejoined the race two laps off the lead.
* A late safety car threw a twist into the tale, after, with ten to go, Heimgartner was unloaded by Jordan Boys and was caught stationary around a blind Turn 2. This rescued those on the alternate strategy who looked like they'd need to pit again.
* The leaders cosentina'd on the restart, allowing Chaz Mostert to pass them and hold the lead to the finish.
Top 10:
1. 22 (Mostert)
2. 2 (hazlewood) +5.2
3. 88 (B. Kostecki) +12.2
4. 12 (Fullwood) +12.5
5. 5 (Randle) +15.3
6. 55 (le Brocq) +15.5
7. 9 (Reynolds) +15.9
8. 97 (van Gisbergen) +19.8
9. 99 (de Pasquale) +19.9
10. 8 (Waters) +20.4

Championship Full Standings:
Chaz Mostert: "Very happy with that to sign off the year. Dunno what happened off the restart, Anton must have missed his jump and everyone else just stacked up."
Bryce Fullwood: "Well, we couldn't replicate Woodsy from earlier, but we still have the title and that's just amazing."
Andre Heimgartner: "Bit annoyed. I was on for the Top 10 before I was binned. That sort of driving isn't acceptable."
Jordan Boys: "I've heard what Andre said, and quite frankly, he turned in on me. That is unacceptable."
Tom Alexander: "Yeah, it was my mistake. I was trying to hit the radio button and just had finger trouble."
Dylan O'Keeffe: "Not how we wanted to finish the year. I've spoken to Will, he just made a mistake, we don't have any bad blood. Just unfortunate."
Kurt Kostecki: "Super unlucky today. It's a shame, it cost us a Top 10 in the championship but that's racing. We'll be back next year."

That's it for Supercars in 2023. I'm happy with the BoP right now, I'll use the same system for 2024. However, I'm going to increase the aggression a bit as there wasn't enough action in some races this year. This will be a universal change (except S5000, as they are open wheelers, and the 12 Hour, which already had enough retirements).

I'll begin to show a livery a day on here. This is the 2024 #16 MCM Camaro.
The other content I'll do to keep you informed is a short article every day or two. I already have plans to do a Behind the Scenes article, another Driver Profile (probably on either Top Rookie in Super2, or another noteworthy driver), and an article talking about targets for drivers for 2024.
These will all be on the same post, so check every day for the latest article and car.


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Dec 26, 2019
Sorry for me being an absolute moron, but I forgot to prepare the LMP3s for this round so they are off. This also condenses the Bathurst International (at least what I need to report) to two days.

S5000 Race 1:
* Out of the all time record field of 30 cars, Antonio Felix da Costa took pole over Seb Morris and Rene Rast. Despite the varying experience, the field (barring De Pasquale who crashed at the Dipper on his hot lap) were covered by six tenths of a second.
* The safety car was necessitated when Gersekowski, running fourth, lost drive on the exit of Griffin's Bend on lap 7.
* F1 driver Robert Schwartzman and Zane Goddard hit trouble when they made contact after Schwartzman tried a pass at the Elbow, bringing them both to the lane.
* When the proper pit cycle happened, Indy Dontje suffered damage to his front wing, dropping him two minutes behind the lead.
* The track became wet on lap 35, causing a dive to the lane.
* Morris's crew were the best and they got him out first, and on to win.
Top 3: 9 (Morris), 13 (da Costa), 35 (Rast)

TCR Short Race:
* In a short shared race, Andre Heimgartner took pole over Jordan Cox and Michael Caruso.
* Tiago Monteiro in a KCMG Honda took a wild ride through the gravel on the opening lap.
* Heimgartner, Oriola, Morcom and Clemente were all forced in early for repairs after either punctures or damage after contact.
* Barton Mawer became the first retirement after a whack at the Dipper.
* He was joined by Caruso/Lloyd on lap 15 after a clutch failure.
* Chris Pither, in the Anderson car, retired with engine troubles on lap 23.
* Morcom/Michelisz were the final retirement on lap 28 after Michelisz backed it in at the Cutting.
* Jordan Cox and Ashley Sutton in the #111 won the race.
Top 3: 111 (Cox/Sutton), 64 (Brook/Oriola), 308 (Golding/Comte)

S5000 Race 2:
* This time, Pietro Fittipaldi took the pole, ahead of Richard Muscat and Simon Pagenaud. Again, a car crashed in quali, with Scott McLaughlin, a very experienced driver at this track, having a massive loose at the grate, potentially caused by a flat tire.
* In greasy conditions (the rain having arrived again after the TCR race), McBride, Goddard and Calderon all had a visit to the Chase gravel within the first 10 laps.
* Gersekowski's bad luck continued, dropping to last after needing to change his front wing in his pit stop.
* Leader Pietro Fittipaldi's day ended on lap 25 after slapping the wall at the Dipper. While he could get back tot he pits, the damage wasn't repairable in the timeframe of the race.
* Pagenaud was taken out of the top 20 after having to pit to refuel on the final lap.
* After leader Richard Muscat took a gravel ride with two to go, the race boiled down to Blomqvist, Barker and Max Chilton. It was indeed Tom Blom who prevailed.
Top 3: 31 (Blomqvist), 44 (Barker), 3 (Chilton)

So, I'm an idiot and accidentally did two Bottle-O cars so I geuss they're sponsoring both the 5 and 6 for 2024. Here they are.


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Dec 26, 2019
2024 update: I have all cars added except TCR (as that's today's race) and Supercars. I have SST ratings done but not everything else.

TCR 500:
* Robotham/Leucther started on pole over Martin/Girolami and Brook/Azcona.
* Coronel was forced in at the end of the first lap with a puncture.
* Josh Anderson whacked the wall on lap 11 and dropped two laps.
* Zac Soutar was the first retirement on lap 15 after his engine failed.
* The Heimgartner/Everingham Focus joined them on lap 31 after it got stuck in second gear at the Dipper.
* Azcona got stuck in the Turn 1 gravel trap on lap 37, but managed to get out before a safety car was necessitated. He was forced into the pits, though.
* The safety car was required when Richie Stanaway, in the #31 of Muscat, got stuck in the gravel at the final turn.
* Jean-Karl Vernay, sharing a car with McAdam, whacked the wall at the Dipper and limped back to the pits.
* Teddy Clairet suffered a suspension issue on lap 63 and dropped three laps.
* On lap 89, Swain suffered an engine failure and retired.
* He was joined two laps by Will Brown who, on cold tires, spun into the wall at the Cutting.
* Comte/Golding's tough day ended on lap 104 when the suspension failed.
* After a close battle between titans of the TCR world, Nicky Catsburg and Norbi Michelisz, it was Nicky who came out on top and he and Josh Fife won the TCR Bathurst 500.

Top 10:
1. 8 (Fife/Catsburg)
2. 11 (Morcom/Michelisz) +4.8
3. 36 (Russell/Ceccon) +43.4
4. 7 (Caruso/Lloyd) +59.0
5. 66 (Haglof/Engstler) +1:17.8
6. 111 (Cox/Sutton) +1:39.2
7. 24 (Clemente/D'Alberto) +1:39.5
8. 35 (Robotham/Leuchter) +1:43.1
9. 86 (Monteiro/D'Oliveira) +1:48.7
10. 100 (Ehrlacher/Bjork) +1:49.7
The rest:


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Dec 26, 2019
Today's article is the Season Recap.

To begin, here's the 2023 Champions:
Supercars: Bryce Fullwood
Super2: Liam McAdam
Super3: Michael Palmer
Carrera Cup: Michael Almond
TCR: Jaylyn Robotham
S5000: John Martin
V8Utes: Craig Woods
LMP3 Cup: Aidan Read
SST: Cole Whitt
International Showdown: #5 Tickford (Randle/Blomqvist)
Sandown 500: #14 BJR (O'Keeffe/Harvey)
Bathurst 1000: #15 Kelly Racing (Everingham/McAdam)
Bathurst 12 Hour: #88 Triple Eight Race Engineering (Gotz/Van Gisbergen/Foster)
Bathurst International TCR 500: #8 BJR Mazda3 (Fife/Catsburg)

A review of the key events of the season:
January: The #88 AMG took the win after Marco Mapelli in the #63 Lambo crashed late on. The 'The Bend' AMG took Pro-Am, the #222 Audi took Silver and the #95 MARC took Invitational.
February: The Supercar season started with a suprise win at Adelaide for Jordan Boys, although normality resumed in the second race with Jack le Brocq taking it.
March: In the AGP, Jaylyn Robotham shocked the world of TCR by winning the TCR Asia Pacific Cup, while Reynolds, Fullwood, Van Gisbergen and Waters shared the Supercars races.
March: The foes, Waters and Mostert took the wins in Tasmania, allowing Waters to lead the championship.
April: The Kiwi wins were shared between le Brocq and Fullwood, while the SST's managed to have a track blocking pileup and RBHRT and DJR confirmed their Showdown drivers.
May: The SST's hit headlines again with Aussie E-Sports stars Adam Wilk and Cody Latkovski running (and impressing), while Brown and Hazlewood took wins and there was an impressive pileup in the Supercars.
May: The reforms to Super2 were announced. The cars in Super2 are now turbo V6's and will be represented by the Chevy Camaro, Ford Mustang EcoBoost, Toyota Supra V6, Nissan 400Z and Kia Stinger. Also, post-race interviews were introduced.
June: Winton saw Jake Kostecki run out of fuel, Fullwood take the championship lead and also share the races with Andre Heimgartner.
July: A WAU mechanic was caught slashing tyres at Townsville. Four personnel were given bans, including team principal Ryan Walkinshaw (1 race), team manager Jon Quinn (2 rounds) and #2 engineer Sam Barber (4 rounds). On track, Fullwood and Heimgartner won again.
July: The Triple Crown saw Anton and Will Brown return to form, and another stack-up crash. Not to mention the birth of bad blood between Fullwood and Broc Feeney after the latter put the former into the wall.
July: NASCAR was confirmed to be going to the Gold Coast this year.
August: The Supernight was won by Brodie Kostecki and Anton.
August: JC Racing were confirmed to enter the Supercars field.
August: Kurt Kostecki and Garry Jacobson took the points wins at the Showdown, while Patrick Pilet in the #6 and Randle/Blomqvist won the non-championship sprint race and feature race respectively.
September: Dylan O'Keeffe took his first career win at the Sandown 500
October: The Development Cup teams were confirmed for a combined Bathurst 1000.
October: Tyler Everingham and Liam McAdam won the Bathurst 1000 while Bryce Fullwood took a commanding championship lead.
October: Fullwood and Kurt Kostecki shared the Gold Coast 600 surfboards, while the Candyman, Kyle Busch took the NASCAR win.
November: A massive pileup in the S5000 series at QR.
November: The Penrite Erebus racers shared the wins at Sandown while a DNF for Fullwood brought the championship back into question.
November: Boys and Mostert took the wins at Newcastle but it was Bryce Fullwood who had the biggest smile of them all, taking the championship after Saturday.
December: Josh Fife and Nick Catsburg won the Bathurst International after Catsburg had a hard fight with Norbi Michelisz at the end.

Two again today. Since I showed you the first two Tickford cars yesterday, today I thought you guys would like to see the other two.
Tomorrow, the Driver Changes summary.


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Dec 26, 2019
Driver Profile: Stephen Devlin
While there's been a lot of hype surrounding Sam Swain, with the Tickford youth driver winning in seemingly every series he drives, there's been one thing he hasn't got: he didn't finish the highest of the second-year drivers in Super2 this year. That went to Stephen Devlin. Devlin, the 21-year-old from Queensland, currently drives for his hometown team Matt Stone Racing, and with the younger Bailey Williams as his teammate may have a direct pathway to a Supercars seat in the future. Devlin's junior career was a stock standard one: Karting -> 86s -> Super3 -> Super2. He comes from a blue collar family, though, and after his talent was discovered at a more public-oriented go-kart track (where he broke the lap record aged 7), his family made big sacrifices to get him to the racetrack. Devlin says, "I'm so grateful for my parents. They always put my racing before their ambitions, they aren't rich or anything. They sacrificed a lot for me and my career and it's paying off for me right now."

Devlin has had several teammates in his time. In Super3 he partnered with now-Ute Racer Dale Wharton, then 2022 title winner Michael Banocci in 2021. In Super2, he's had two teammates; first, a certified Supercars Bust in Courtney Prince, and then this year Banocci's rival Bailey Wiliams. He also made his Supercars debut last year, co-driving with Luis Leeds in the MSR #35. Devlin said about his teammates, "I certainly learnt a lot from my experiences, particularily being a co-driver with Luis and making my Bathurst 1000 debut. I've also really enjoyed being the senior teammate to both Michael and Bailey and teaching them some of what I know. " For 2024, Banoci will move up to codrive with Macaulau Jones in the #34, while Williams makes his debut in the #35. Meanwhile, speaking about his closest rival, Sam Swain, he said, "Sam's a brilliant driver and I applaud him for being able to race so many series, and do well in them. I think he'll make it to Supercars in due course as well."

In addition to racing cars, Devlin enjoys racing other things in his free time. "I'm pretty good on a motocross bike as well," he said. "I'm not at a super high level, my focus is on car racing, but I'm able to go down to the speedway on a weeknight and just relax. I also do a bit of simracing in my spare time, most of the time it's practicing for the real world but I do some other series as well." Devlin also has a few friends from out of the team off track: "From sharing both of our offtrack interests I'm good friends with Scotty Barcelo, we tend to race a Dev Series team with Jordan Powell when some of the bigger sim events come around."

Where does his future lie? Devlin's made no secret he wants to run in the Supercars Championship at some point, and with a good 2024 he may well get that opportunity, as part of winning the new Development Trophy is a guaranteed Supercars drive. However, he also has other ambitions: "One day I'd love to race in Indy, sort of follow Scotty McLaughlin's career path if you will." He has a foot to stand on there, with both a very calm and balanced driving style and oval experience (albeit, in bikes). However, his focus is firmly on this year's racing, and I wouldn't be too shocked to see Devlin in a Supercar in 2025.

First race car: Hyundai Excel. That car was my introduction to car racing.. and crashing.
Favourite race car: The 86 was just so balanced, and entertaining to drive for me.
Dream Car: A current Indycar.
Current Road Car: I own a first gen MX5, and it's so much like the 86 to drive- a bit of a lark in the corners.
Favourite Team Mate: Bangers (Michael Banocci) had plenty of character and was also suprisingly good for a first year rookie, not suprised he won the title the next year. I also really enjoyed working lastyear with both Luis and Bailey.

Boost Mobile return with James Golding this year. The question is, will they move across to JC Racing at some point?


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Dec 26, 2019

1. I'm opening a new showroom thread tomorrow to show off the 2024 grid. When I have ratings done they will become available as a car set.
2. The cars will likely switch to @Mystical 's mod in 2025, for the top 2 tiers at least. This is because of the amount of templates that are significantly better than mine.

3. ROADMAP!!!!!
It's time for the Road Map Update. I'm going to do these every half a season. Here's the key points going into 2024.

Ratings updates:
For the supports, I've made some serious changes to the ratings. Firstly, the Team and Car(barring reliability) ratings will be stock. Secondly, there will be less variance between drivers. Finally, there will be more aggression and less reliability, to spice up some of the bland races.

I'm wanting to change up some more of the supports. I think the next to be overhauled will be the V8 Utes as the grid is shrinking for them. I'm wanting to still have several pathways to the top, but also have a good framework. As a result, I may integrate the V8Utes with the Super3-Dev Trophy-Supercars framework but leave all other supports open. I also think I might introduce one of the 86's or the Aussie Racing Cars. This will all be for 2025, I want to get Dev Trophy right before changing anything else.

The Calendar:
You'll find more out about this at the B12HR which will hopefully be within a few days.

(Potentially)Another Enduro:
Because I'm a glutton for punishment (and doing tonnes of rating work for just one race, I think that I'm going to start a GT Enduro race at The Bend. This might not be GT3 though- it will more likely be a blend of GT3/GT4 cars.

New manufacturer:
And it's time for a clue. Think European, think passion, think flair.

And now, the updates from last time:
Supercars Ratings:
Chuffed. They've worked brilliantly.

Driver Personalisation:
Another thing that's worked brilliantly. A couple of feuds (Bryce vs Broc), a lot of better relationships and some funny quotes. The use of the Driver Profiles will aid this for 'regen' drivers.

Super2 Rework:
I can't make a statement on this yet, it's not rated as of writing this. This will be a topic for the next update.

The next post will be the Bathurst 12 Hour. Racing is finally back!
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Dec 26, 2019
While I download ICR (YEEEEEW!), the Bathurst 12 Hour!

* Sadly, we lost three cars before the race: The #9 Erebus AMG, #30 Honda and #999 GruppeM AMG.
* In a big shock, Will Brown put the RAM Racing Pro-Am car on pole. Ben Barnicoat put a second Pro-Am car (#188) on the front row, while Maxi Goetz in last year's winning car was third.
* Onslow Cole, starting the 74, ran through the gravel as the sun rose on lap 11, allowing the PRO cars to the lead.
* Tom Blomqvist, in the 76, suffered early brake slip and fade and had to have his pads changed in his second pit stop, dropping him off the lead lap.
* The #12 NED Porsche was the first retirement, with driver David Calvert Jones suffering a camshaft failure on lap 75.
* Rob Bell's McLaren joined them on lap 117 after spinning at the Skyline.
* The second safety car was 140 laps in when Dean Fiore in the #29 went in backwards from the Grate.
* Just afterwards, Ben Barnicoat in the lead #188 Aston Martin ground to a halt going down Conrod Straight. No Safety Car was needed, but the leader was out, with Laurens Vanthoor in the #992 taking the lead.
* Alvaro Parente dropped two laps on lap 160, after having to have front aero damage repaired in his pitstop.
* On lap 171, the fourth car in 31 laps retired after Dennis Lind suffered a gearbox failure.
* Lap 187 saw Christoph Bauer, in the RAM Racing Ferrari, suffered a big crash at the Chase.
* Audi's Bathurst heartbreak continued with the #2 of local favourite Gio Raffaele whacking the wall and sustaining steering damage on lap 211.
* Three laps later, the safety car came out for Arne Schuhe in the #5 in the gravel.
* Earl Bamber, Laurens Vanthoor and Liam Lawson went to take a absolutely dominant win, only losing the lead through pit strategy after the retirement of the 188.

Top 3:
1. 992 (Bamber/Vanthoor/Lawson)
2. 51 (Venturini/Calado/Aleshin)
3. 22 (Vanthoor/Mies/Bortolotti)
4. 888 (B. Kostecki/van Gisbergen/Uriarte)
5. 62 (Dennis/Juncadella/Kirchhofer)
6. 7 (Gounon/Pepper/Morris)
7. 88 (Gotz/Alexander/Foster)
8. 36 (Pittard/Eng/Walkenhorst/de Jong)
9. 8 (Soulet/Jean/Marchand)
10. 777 (Gunn/Shanin/Tierney/Schiller)

Class winners:
PRO: 992
PAM: 36
SIL: 222 (How/Jacobson/Leeds)
INV: 20 (Jilesen/Hargraves/Courtney/Percat)

Just gonna say I think that I need to lower the reliability or up the aggression a bit.


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Dec 26, 2019
Lots of supports for Adelaide, so I'm going to make it four days long. Also, this means I'll have six races on Wednesday :eek:hno:

* Ollie Goode took pole over McKay and Holdsworth.
* Lee Holdsworth absolutely dominated, though.
Top 3: 33 (Holdsworth), 99 (Roberts), 8 (Powell)

* Two of the old Super3 guard, Williams and Higgins, went 1-2 with Scot Clifton third.
* That top 3 did change through the race but it finished the same way.
Top 3: 55 (Williams), 72 (Higgins), 23 (Clifton)

Yes there will be more categories tomorrow lol


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Dec 26, 2019
Four races today including- finally- TCR's first Adelaide race

* Powell has taken the pole in a dominant performance, being nearly a second ahead of Pritchard and Pither
* Rentsch and Sturgess tripped over each other at the first turn, with Rentsch being forced to pit.
* Pither went on to win.
Top 3: 58 (Pither), 8 (Powell), 99 (Roberts)

* McDonald took a pole over Aaron Page and Liam Wilson.
* Callum Tierney ran down the escape road on lap 6 and dropped to last.
* Stephen Howarth retired with clutch issues on lap 13.
* Meanwhile on the same lap, Liam Wilson suffered a puncture and dropped to 19th.
* Luke Cherry took the win over Steve Bowering and McDonald.
Top 3: 28 (Cherry), 64 (Bowering), 78 (McDonald)

Carrera Cup:
* Will Davison took pole over rookie Michael Clemente, and Max Vidau.
* The safety car came out on lap 4 following a big stack at Turn 8 for Josh Hill. He slid through Turn 8, and slammed the wall.
* Tony Bates pitted on lap 21 and dropped three laps with suspension damage.
* Ashley Fenton took his first ever win.
Top 3: 96 (Fenton), 25 (A. Love), 777 (Vidau)

* Nathan Morcom took pole over McAdam and Swain.
* Zac Herbert and Owen Harvey brought out the safety car on lap 17 after they made contact at Turn 1, sending Harvey into the gravel and Herbert to the pits for repairs.
* Tony Sugiyanto retired on lap 28 after he suffered engine damage.
* McAdam dominated the race, winning by nearly ten seconds over Fenton and Cox.
* Miles, Sherrin and Wilkinson got Top 10s with clever strategy.
Top 3: 97 (McAdam), 35 (Fenton), 7 (Cox)

I may need to fix the Pro-Ams in TCR
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Dec 26, 2019
Hey guys! Today Supercars begins for 2024 `9`

* Jordan Powell took pole over Jakes and Pritchard.
* Matt Jolley dominated the race, however.
Top 3: 67 (Jolley), 99 (Roberts), 64 (Pritchard)

* Stephen Howarth took pole over Mullan and McCorkindale.
* Mullan whacked the wall hard at Turn 5 on lap 15, breaking his suspension and ending his race.
* Luke Cherry went on to take his second win of the weekend over McCorkindale and Askey.
Top 3: 28 (Cherry), 69 (McCorkindale), 22 (Askey)

Carrera Cup:
* Aaron Love took pole over Shullam and Vidau, while Dave Stevens crashed at Turn 8 and missed the start.
* Christian Pancione suffered an engine problem on lap 7, retiring two laps later.
* Tomo Mrvelje joined him on lap 14 with suspension damage.
* Jamie Barnard got the win on strategy.
Top 3: 6 (Barnard), 36 (Kindsvater), 34 (Suhle)

* James Golding took pole over Fenton and Cox.
* Grant Sherrin crashed out on lap 12.
* Christian Vincent also retired with an engine issue.
* Jordan Cox took his first 2020 win over Martin and Fenton.
Top 3: 7 (Cox), 50 (Martin), 35 (Fenton)

Dev Trophy:
* The first ever full length Dev Trophy race was started with a pole for Sam McElnay. The qualifying specialist took it out ahead of Williams and McAdam. Meanwhile, Asher Johnston crashed at Turn 4 and started last.
* On lap 3, Connor Caton crashed at Turn 10. He was forced to retire with suspension damage.
* Joel Burke was forced to pit with a puncture on lap 5.
* Declan Fraser became the second retirement after his gearbox broke on lap 11.
* Sean Wilkinson also retired on lap 23 with an engine problem.
* McAdam crashed on lap 29 at Turn 8.
* McElnay and Stewart made big contact on lap 42. Sam dropped two laps for repairs while Stewart retired.
* The safety car came out on lap 51 after Sargent and Swain tripped over each other, also collecting James Parsons.
* McElnay's battered car finally expired on lap 68.
* Nash Morris came through and won the race.
Top 3: 67 (Morris), 35 (Devlin), 34 (Williams)

* Todd Hazlewood took the first Supercars pole for 2024, with Everingham and Fullwood second and third. Broc Feeney was a suprise in 10th.
* Luke Vanna lasted one lap in Supercars before getting a puncture.
* Bryce Fullwood crashed heavily on lap 27 at Turn 8, drawing a Safety Car. By this point, Feeney was running 4th.
* Kostecki and the lapped car of Vanna clashed on the restart, both losing two laps with damage being repaired.
* Another trip over happened on lap 52, and it drew the safety car again. Anton went to lap Macaulay Jones, with Jones firing out into the wall after crashing into Anton, while Anton suffered enough damage to force him out too.
* Everingham and Hazlewood retired on the restart after making contact. However, a safety car wasn't required.
* All three Kelly cars ended up retiring, as did Jack le Brocq.
* Mostert won the race while Lawson impressed.
Top 10:
1. 22 (Mostert)
2. 23 (Jacobson) +15.4
3. 3 (Lawson) +18.8
4. 44 (Alexander) +21.7
5. 14 (O'Keeffe) +22.1
6. 16 (Ojeda) +24.8
7. 88 (B. Kostecki) +28.7
8. 17 (Brown) +34.4
9. 8 (Waters) +35.9
10. 27 (Carroll) +37.7

Mostert: "Bit wild out there, glad we could open our season in the best way."
Lawson: "Glad to continue my early season form! We've won the 12 Hour and then third today."
Carroll: " Top 10 on debut! Pretty happy."
Anton: "Not happy with that. Lapped cars should get out of the way."
Rick Kelly: "I dunno what happened there. Why everyone crashed"


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Dec 26, 2019
Carrera Cup:
* Christian Pancione took pole, with Barnard and Tony Bates the top 3. Bates suprised with his pace, but he is among the more accomplished Pro-Am contenders.
* Mrvelje's cursed start to life in the Carrera Cup continued with an engine failure on lap 4.
* Jamie Barnard got the jump and led the whole way, with McBride and Mathias Kindsvater taking the podium.
Top 3: 6 (Barnard), 8 (McBride), 36 (Kindsvater)

* Tierney took pole over Cox and Brook.
* The safety car came out on lap 13 when Morcom and Sugiyanto made contact at Turn 1. Morcom required to pit for a new set of tyres, while Sugiyanto dropped a lap in the gravel.
* It returned on lap 22 though, after Swain spun on the exit of Turn 9.
* Muscat retired on the final lap after his engine gave out.
* Cox took a second win of the weekend over Fenton and Martin.
Top 3: 7 (Cox), 35 (Fenton), 50 (Martin)

Dev Trophy:
* Declan Fraser took pole over Burke and Rooney.
* Devlin whacked the wall at Turn 6 on lap 46 and returned to the pits, to retire.
* He was joined two laps later from Maddie Stewart after she spun into the wall at Turn 4.
* James Parsons was the third and last retirement 20 laps later after a big stack at Turn 1.
* Marc Rooney in the DJR Pennzoil car took his first ever Super2 win.
Top 3: 17 (Rooney), 78 (McAdam), 34 (Williams)

* Everingham took pole over Kurt Kostecki and Mostert.
* Bryce Fullwood didn't make the start. He suffered engine problems in the warm up.
* The safety car came out on lap 35, after another car tripped over a lapped driver. This time, Mostert tried to put a lap on Fife, but made contact, firing himself into the wall and breaking Fife's suspension, removing both from the race.
* Zak Best also retired late on with a driveshaft issue.
* Andre Heimgartner bounced back from Kelly's failure to get any cars to the finish on Saturday, taking the flag over Jacobson and Boys.
1. 7 (Heimgartner)
2. 23 (jacobson) +18.4
3. 999 (Boys) +18.7
4. 19 (Feeney) +19.4
5. 9 (Reynolds) +33.2
6. 17 (Brown) +35.6
7. 27 (Carroll) +37.8
8. 15 (Everingham) +38.3
9. 97 (van Gisbergen) +39.4
10. 25 (Golding) +39.5

Andre Heimgartner: "Good to bounce back from yesterday."
Garry Jacobson: "A good solid weekend to begin, I'd have loved to get a win, but a big championship lead is good as well."
Broc Feeney: "Nice to finish high today."
Zak Best: "We just can't buy a break can we?"
Chaz Mostert: "The lower guys need to learn a bit I think, I'd be more forgiving if it was his first weekend but the first weekend guys have been better than some of the more experienced drivers."
Bryce Fullwood stormed off after being requested for an interview.


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Dec 26, 2019
Aus GP begins today! A note is that the Dev Trophy doesn't run at this event, it's the only one on the calendar. We have several other supports though!

* Fraser Ross took the pole over Tander and Wood.
* On lap 13, Sam Swain suffered an engine failure. Bates, trying to avoid, fired into the wall.
* Tander retired on the restart, with a driveshaft failure.
* The safety car came out on lap 24 after Love spun into the gravel.
* Yasser Shahin and Dan Tierney took the win.
Top 3: 777 (Shahin/Tierney), 59 (Ross/Storey), 100 (Capo/Richards)

Carrera Cup:
* Maxwell took pole over Love and Fenton.
* On lap 13, Bates and Miles made contact with each other. Miles required repairs, but Bates fired into the wall and retired.
* Two laps later, Fenton crashed at Turn 8, bringing out the safety car.
* On the restart, there was a big cosentina and Barnard tripped over Kindsvater, sending them both into the gravel. This brought the safety car back out after one corner.
* On lap 23, the third SC in ten laps occurred when Davies spun backwards into the wall at Turn 5.
* Lago, Bishop and Cook all retired on the restart, after contact. This brought the safety car out for the final time.
* Unwin won, but Mrvelje benefited from smart strategy and all the carnage to take a suprise second.
Top 3: 7 (Unwin), 35 (Mrvelje), 777 (Vidau)

* Morcom took pole over Harvey and Zak Best.
* The safety car was called after a big pileup at Turn 15. Best and Cox spun across the track and collected Sugiyanto, Barker, Sherrin and Sugarman.
* Wilson spun into the gravel on the final lap.
* Cam Crick took his first TCR win over Harvey and McAdam.
Top 3: 30 (Crick), 8 (Harvey), 97 (McAdam)

* Richard Muscat took pole over Macrow and Goddard, while Haryanto suffered a spin on his hot lap.
* Haunstrup and Nash tripped over on lap 24, bringing out the safety car. They were able to continue after repairs.
* Zane Goddard took the win.
Top 3: 63 (Goddard), 3 (Hodge), 24 (Martin)

Supercars Race 1:
* Boys took pole over Reynolds and Heimagrtner.
* O'Keeffe crashed on lap 20, bringing out the safety car.
* On the restart, the pack just behind the leader got together, sending Brodie Kostecki into the pit wall and Anton, Leeds, Pye and Fife into the pits for repair.
* However, leader Will Brown avoided the chaos and took a comfortable win over Mostert and van Gisbergen.

Top 10:
1. 17 (Brown)
2. 22 (Mostert) +0.5
3. 97 (van Gisbergen) +12.1
4. 11 (Best) +12.5
5. 2 (Hazlewood) +15.0
6. 5 (Randle) +15.9
7. 34 (Jones) +16.6
8. 44 (Alexander) +17.6
9. 29 (Mozouris) +24.1
10. 12 (Fullwood) +25.9

Will Brown: "Yeah I'm pretty happy, we didn't get taken out and we won."
Zak Best: "We finally finished a race!"
Brodie Kostecki: "Not so happy about that but what can you do?"
Josh Fife: "Just got caught out."


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Dec 26, 2019
Today, I'm back! And it's the second painful six racer of the season. I might need to shift Carrera Cup or GT away from the F1s next year.

Supercars R2:
* Garry Jacobson took pole over Waters and van Gisbergen
* Jones spun at the first turn.
* Ojeda spun on the exit of Turn 9 and clouted the wall, bringing out the safety car.
* Kurt Kostecki ended up in the Turn 1 sand trap on the final lap.
* Waters took the win ahead of Jacobson and Randle.
Top 3: 8 (Waters), 23 (Jacobson), 5 (Randle)
Cam Waters: "Nice to take our first win of the year. We're wanting to build more on that."
Garry Jacobson: "Not too disappointed with second, we had the pace to win but we've extended our championship lead."
Jayden Ojeda: "My mistake, sorry to the boys. Just lost the rear end."

* Nick Foster took the pole in the #22, with Walsh and Capo in the top 3.
* Jake Camilleri spun into the gravel on lap 22, bringing out the safety car.
* Millier joined him on the retirement list, after his engine failed.
* Andrew McPherson took his first ever Aus GT win.
Top 3: 51 (MCPherson/Porter), 30 (Sugiyanto/Haryanto), 59 (Ross/Storey)

* Suhle took pole over Vidau and Maxwell.
* Lago and Shahin crashed on lap 6, bringing out the safety car.
* Kindsvater crashed at Turn 13 on lap 19, signalling the return of the SC.
* Suhle crashed on the restart.
* Barnard took the win.
NOTE: I changed tracks after this race, because there's just too much crashing.

* Goddard took pole over Cindric and Akehurst-Bradbrook.
* In a fairly uneventful race, Cindric passed Goddard early on and kept in the lead the whole race.
Top 3: 52 (Cindric), 63 (Goddard), 62 (Akehurst-Bradbrook)

* Zak Best took pole over Clemente and Swain.
* Jack Milligan suffered a gearbox failure on lap 17.
* Anderson stopped on track on lap 19.
* Zak Best won lights to flag.
Top 3: 77 (Best), 24 (Clemente), 5 (Swain)

Supercars R3:
* While Ange Mozouris crashed in qualifying and did not start, Everingham took pole over Jacobson and Alexander.
* Jacobson ended up in the Turn 1 gravel on lap 8, retiring and bringing out the safety car.
* Boys took the win.
Top 3: 999 (Boys), 7 (Heimgartner), 9 (Reynolds)
Jordan Boys: "I'm very happy about this."
Garry Jacobson: "I just spun."

Fullwood is still 32nd loooool


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Dec 26, 2019
I'm making a temporary change to race reports, due to having a lot of classwork at the moment I'm only going to provide an in depth summary for Supercars and the Dev Trophy. Other categories will still be run but will only have a screenshot of the results tab and any critical information posted.



Note: First ever win for a female driver in this mock series.


* Brodie Kostecki took pole from Fullwood, Mostert and Boys, while Fife crashed his car in quali and did not start.
* Alexander dropped a wheel off the exit kerb at Turn 8 on lap 20, spinning him into the wall and bringing the Safety Car out.
* Brodie Kostecki won lights to flag.

The Order:

Champ Top 10:
1. 23 (Jacobson) 113
=2. 17 (Brown) 96
=2. 22 (Mostert) 96
4. 999 (Boys) 90
5. 97 (van Gisbergen) 88
6. 8 (Waters) 83
=7. 7 (Heimgartner) 82
=7. 19 (Feeney) 82
9. 44 (Alexander) 75
10. 9 (Reynolds) 74

Brodie Kostecki: "I've been lagging a bit behind my teammates so far this season, so it was nice to get a win on the board and hopefully get this year going."
Tom Alexander: "Disappointed, it was my mistake today and we've had a solid run so far until today."
Will Brown: "Got caught out a bit by that safety car, unfortunately."


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Dec 26, 2019
Alright, Shannons Nationals will probably calm everything down, so I'll do race reports for these.

S5000 Race 1:
* Randle took pole over Cindric and Akehurst-Bradbrook.
* In a quiet race, the top 3 stayed unchanged all the way.
Top 3: 49 (Randle), 52 (Cindric), 62 (Akehurst-Bradbrook)

TCR Race 1:
* Fenton took pole over Morcom and Milligan. Meanwhile, Wilson and Brook crashed into each other during qualifying.
* Clemente climbed to the top and controlled the race from then on.
Top 3: 24 (Clemente), 7 (Cox), 77 (Best)

S5000 Race 2:
* Caruso took pole over Goddard and Akehurst-Bradbrook.
* The safety car came out on lap 8 after McBride ended up in the gravel at Southern Loop.
* Calan Williams went on to win after a strong start.
Top 3; 86 (Williams), 32 (Davison), 5 (Nash)

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