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Dec 26, 2019
Today we have Daytona and Adelaide, the first races of 2022. Tomorrow I'll show you my 2022 liveries, and the calendar. As for Daytona, Anton took pole from van Gisbergen, Fullwood and Percat.

Lap 1: Anton keeps the lead but SVG had fallen to sixth. Mostert second.
Lap 19: Macaulay Jones the first to strike trouble this year. He scrapes the wall and damages his suspension. Loses three laps.
Lap 26: The top 12 are within six tenths. Shout out to Everingham who is running second in his first race with Kelly Racing.
Lap 63: And the first retirement. Percat suffers a gearbox issue and is out.
Lap 83: YELLOW for the first time! Boys spins.
Lap 85: Courtney out with clutch issues under yellow.
Lap 89: Green. The top 15 are right on them.
Lap 110: Reynolds out with a piston failure. Randle and Everingham are running with the leaders while Brodie Kostecki is 20th.
Lap 157: Will Brown is out with an engine failure on his debut for DJR.
Lap 180: YELLOW and it's an unfortunate accident. Everingham is out, being collected by a backmarker accident involving Boys, Jones and Lawson.
Lap 200: SVG wins the first race!

Top 10:
1. 97 (van Gisbergen)
2. 55 (le Brocq) -0.1
3. 7 (Heimgartner) -0.8
4. 6 (Waters) -0.9
5. 5 (Randle) -5.0
6. 99 (de Pasquale) -5.6
7. 35 (Jacobson) -1L
8. 23 (Davison) -1L
9. 22 (Mostert) -1L
10. 8 (Coulthard) -1L

Adelaide is theoretically up next, but for this year it has been moved to Portland due to track renovation. le Brocq took pole from SVG and Heimgartner.

Lap 1: SVG takes the lead.
Lap 24: Jake Kostecki spins and loses the lap. SVG leads from Anton and Percat.
Lap 58: YELLOW! Boys has ended up in the gravel trap.
Lap 67: YELLOW! Winterbottom has stopped with a blown header.
Lap 88: Percat has suffered a valve failure and is out. SVG leads from Anton and le Brocq now. The long periods of green lag have meant that it's been quite a boring race.
Lap 105: O'Keeffe has found the wall and is out with suspension damage.
Lap 108: Brown has suffered a engine problem. Not a good season start for DJR, they still haven't finished a race.
Lap 121: Waters has a massive crash! He hits the pit divider after being spun. That's his day done. No safety car.
That leaves three on the lead lap; SVG, le Brocq and Anton.
Lap 128: Fullwood doesn't finish with a cut tyre leaving him in the gravel but the top 3 finish in that order.

Top 10:
1. 97 (van Gisbergen)
2. 55 (le Brocq) -21.9
3. 99 (de Pasquale) -41.9
4. 7 (Heimgartner) -1L
5. 23 (Davison) -1L
6. 9 (Reynolds) -1L
7. 15 (Everingham) -1L
8. 2 (Fullwood) Retired (-1L)
9. 88 (Brodie Kostecki) -2L
10. 5 (Randle) -2L
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Dec 26, 2019
So today I have some liveries and also calendar news. We'll begin with the liveries.

#5: Thomas Randle; Tickford Racing
#24: Jake Hughes; Chip Ganassi Racing Australia
#25: Broc Feeney; Team Sydney

They are the only three full season liveries that are new, but there will be several Endure Cup invitational entries this year, including:
#68: Scott McLaughlin/Josef Newgarden; DJR Team Penske
#888: Jamie Whincup/Craig Lowndes; Triple Eight Race Engineering
There is also at least one other confirmed entry, for MARC Cars Australia who are mulling a permanent entry, likely as a Ford developmental team. No livery yet though.

As for the calendar... there's a few ovals gone, as the focus this year is on race tracks like in Supercars. The other changes are a change to the start of the season and the Enduro Cup.
Watkins Glen
Hidden Valley
Symmons Plains
Road America
Ruapuna Park
Bathurst (EC)
Indy (EC)
Gold Coast (EC)
Calder Park

Calder Park and Ruapuna Park join the calendar, while Darlington and Coke Speedway drop off.

See you tomorrow for the next races!


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Dec 26, 2019
Today, we only have one race: Watkins Glen. Waters took pole from le Brocq and Hazlewood.

Lap 1: Le Brocq squeezes into the lead through the final corner! Waters in second now. Mozouris pits at the end of the first lap with a delaminated tyre.
Lap 6: Oh no! Le Brocq and Hazlewood make contact and both end up in the gravel!
Lap 9: Both of them are back circulating but are off the lead lap.
Lap 17: YELLOW! Mostert suffers a blown engine and is stopped on the back straight. Percat leads Brown and SVG.
Lap 22: Macaulay Jones and Lawson have crashed hard into each other entering pitlane. Both are out.
Lap 44: YELLOW! Feeney in the gravel.
Lap 54: YELLOW! Best in the gravel. Davison leads Waters and Anton. Seems to be that people are struggling to stay on the tarmac...
Lap 67: Boys out with a gearbox problem.
Lap 77: YELLOW! Kostecki in the gravel. Winterbottom and Hazlewood were burned by that, they had just pitted and will be last in the queue and won't get a chance at getting the lap back. le Brocq will though.
Lap 85: Percat out late from a podium position with a clutch issue.
Lap 90: SVG wins from Anton and Brodie Kostecki takes his first podium!

Top 10:
1. 97 (Van Gisbergen)
2. 99 (de Pasquale) -0.6
3. 88 (Kostecki) -2.6
4. 6 (Waters) -3.2
5. 2 (Fullwood) -3.9
6. 35 (Jacobson) -4.5
7. 8 (Coulthard) -5.2
8. 15 (Everingham) -5.8
9. 9 (Reynolds) -7.1
10. 17 (Brown) -11.1

Champ Top 10:
1. 97 (van Gisbergen) 150
2. 99 (de Pasquale) 103
3. 55 (le Brocq) 96
4. 7 (Heimgartner) 84
=5. 23 (Davison) 73
=5. 88 (Kostecki) 73
7. 35 (Jacobson) 69
8. 5 (Randle) 68
=9. 8 (Coulthard) 64
=9. 6 (Waters) 64


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Dec 26, 2019

First off the bat, this post doesn't replace today's races. They will still be coming, probably in about two hours.
Second, this isn't a early driver announcement like last year. I'm holding on until just before Bathurst to play dominoes this time, cause there won't be a McLaughlin-to-Indy moment.
With that said, let's get into it.

1. I'm pleased to announce that I'll be running a parallel series within this universe this year! I took a leaf from @purerushracingleague (although I had the idea before MU20 was announced) and I will run the Super2 championship at all Australian rounds this year! The descriptions won't be as long or play by play like the VASC but it will provide a look at the driver development behind the scenes.

2. I'm also pleased to announce a concurrent mock season! I'll be running something I call 'WGEC' which is the World GT Endurance Championship. FAQs:
* What is it? It's a series involving GT cars in four classes: GT1-GT4.
* What are the classes? GT3 and GT4 are the same as real life. GT1 is the proposed LM Hypercar rules. GT2 is similar to GTE but not the same as, for example, the Ferrari 812 is in it instead of the 488.
* What will the schedule be? 10 races, including the likes of Le Mans, the Nordschleife and Bathurst.
* Will it impact on the ASCC/VASC? No. This will only be run once every week to two weeks, on a Saturday afternoon AU time. So it won't be a big hindrance cause it isn't on the same week as VASC. It'll probably be run twice a week during holidays.
* What mod will I use? Not sure yet. Probably just going to be a stock standard one though.
* Will I be painting the liveries? No. If you want a livery painted, I can, but I'm not painting the r.90 liveries I'd need to paint all of them.
* Class numbers breakdown? 16 GT1, 26 GT2, 36 GT3 and somewhere around 36 GT4.
* Brands rundown? GT3 is the same as in real life, ditto GT4 with the addition of one Alfa Romeo and two Jaguars. GT1 features Aston Martin, Lexus, Toyota, Rebellion-Peugeot, NIO, SCG, Brabham, Bentley and ByKolles-Nissan. GT2 features Ginetta, Aston Martin, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, McLaren, Ford, Corvette, Honda, Pininfarina and Audi.
* Drivers? Will be announced at the time of the first race. However, I can confirm that Toyota will be having a dream team car with B... actually I won't leak it any further.

So the first race for that will likely be next Saturday so that I have time to create all 90 cars and get everything set up. As for the first Super2 race, you can expect that (with the next VASC races) soon. See you then!


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Dec 26, 2019
Today's tracks are Barbagallo and Bristol, so we begin today with the Super2 race from Barbagallo. Here's a summary of what happened.
* Hamish Ribarits (#62 Matt White Altima) picked up pole.
* Joel Henirich (#47 Matt Stone Racing Ford) spun early but recovered to 10th.
* Tom Sargent (#39 Sargent Family Motorsports Holden) crashed at Turn 7 on lap , bringing out the safety car.
* Declan Fraser (#777 Paul Morris Motorsports Ford) and Stephen Devlin (#7 Anderson Motorsports Commodore) suffered suspension and engine issues respectively and retired.
* Ribarits crashed out on the final lap.
* Jayden Ojeda (#15 MWM Altima) won from Dale Wood (#96 Kelly Racing Altima) and Luis Leeds (#23 23Red Ford)

Top 10:
1. 15 (Ojeda)
2. 96 (Wood)
3. 23 (Leeds)
4. 78 (Mcadam)
5. 28 (Hall)
6. 8 (Fife)
7. 10 (Morse)
8. 38 (Carroll)
9. 13 (Robotham)
10. 47 (Heinrich)

Now to the main event, where Waters took pole from Kostecki and Everingham.
Lap 1: Kostecki takes the lead at the first corner! Waters then loses second as well at T4.
Lap 10: Anton has ten seconds over Brodie.
Lap 20: Jacobson hard into the fence. He's out.
Lap 35: YELLOW! Mozouris is deep in the gravel. 99 leads from Brown and Reynolds.
Lap 40: Boys spins and goes to the back of the pack.
Lap 48: O'Keeffe is suffering a engine problem. He's losing a few places.
Lap 56: YELLOW! Brodie Kostecki spins. He gets going without losing the lap. Anton leads Brown and le Brocq.
Lap 65: YELLOW! OW! Brown and Reynolds have crunched into each other and are both very out.
Lap 81: Percat in the fence. He is out.
Lap 87: YELLOW! Best in the T1 gravel now.
Lap 112: SVG takes the win from Anton and Fullwood.

Top 10:
1. 97 (van Gisbergen)
2. 99 (de Pasquale) -4.1
3. 2 (Fullwood) -4.3
4. 55 (le Brocq) -9.6
5. 14 (Hazlewood) -14.0
6. 22 (Mostert) -25.5
7. 19 (Courtney) -29.6
8. 7 (Heimgartner) -29.7
9. 23 (Davison) -35.9
10. 81 (Pye) -44.3

Let's see if SVG's win streak is snapped at Bristol. There's a good chance that that will be the streak snapped and not Percat's 4 DNFs in a row, as Bristol is known for carnage. Reynolds is on pole from Fullwood and le Brocq. Kurt Kostecki ended up 31st after crashing.
Lap 5: Reynolds is still leading. Heimgartner and Jones have been shunted back out of the top 25.
Lap 8: Mozouris and Jake Kostecki have spun and found the wall. Lost two laps each.
Lap 19: Boys has suffered an engine failure.
Lap 52: Mozouris has suffered a clutch failure Reynolds, Heimgartner and Randle have all suffered spins similar to Angelo's earlier spin. This leaves le Brocq leading from Fullwood and Anton.
Lap 76: SVG has suffered an engine failure. He can't win this time.
Lap 95: Pye has spun.
Lap 130: Percat and Caldwell make contact. Lucky that both won't retire, but they both suffer damage.
Lap 160: Anton spins! That's his victory bid done unless something similar happens to most of the other top 10.
Lap 188: Davison hard into the wall. He is out.
Lap 198: Finally the first YELLOW! Brown has spun and there is debris on track.
Lap 206: Accident! Just after the restart O'Keeffe has found the wall. He's out with bad suspension damage.
Lap 231: YELLOW! Percat suffers damage after sliding up into the wall.
Lap 259: Randle is out with an engine problem.
Lap 269: Similar problem to Randle, same result. Feeney is out. Le Brocq leads from Mostert by 4.3 seconds, who has a lap over third, which, impressively, is Courtney. Heimgartner has come back as well to be 5th. Anton still stuck in 13th.
Lap 289: YELLOW! Hazlewood spins and leaves a bumper on the track.
Lap 350: Hazlewood is own out. He's been spun into the fence. Lucky to get away without a safety car.
Lap 371: Winterbottom out from within the top 10. Seems to be a clutch issue.
Lap 415: Multi car incident. Everingham, Coulthard, Fullwood all involved. Reynolds is out as a result, everyone else with damage.
Lap 469: Macaulay Jones out too now. 21 cars still running which is a decent enough rate for Bristol. Le Brocq just needs to survive now; Mostert is one lap behind in 2nd.
Lap 478: One person who didn't survive is Caldwell who has found the fence.
Lap 488: BIG ONE! Jake Kostecki, Hughes and Best are out from low positions anyway, but more significantly Jacobson and Mostert are out from within the 10. Only 14 still going. Commentators curse.
Lap 500: A big race for Le Brocq who becomes just the second winner this season!

Top 10:
1. 55 (le Brocq)
2. 19 (Courtney) -3L
3. 6 (Waters) -5L
4. 17 (Brown) -5L
5. 81 (Pye) -5L
6. 88 (B. Kostecki) -7L
7. 7 (Heimgartner) -7L
8. 56 (K. Kostecki) -8L
9. 2 (Fullwood) -8L
10. 15 (Everingham) -8L

We'll see you next time for Talladega and Hidden Valley.


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Dec 26, 2019
Welcome to Talladega. Bryce Fullwood took his first ever pole from Anton and le Brocq.
Lap 1: Anton does slide by, as does the other top 4 with Bryce sliding down to fifth.
Lap 5: Spin for Best! He keeps it off the wall.
Lap 15: After the first pitstops Brodie leads a T8 1-2, with Anton having had a long stop and being ninth.
Lap 27: Jake Kostecki has spun.
Lap 38: Best is out with a valve problem. T8 still going strong.
Lap 42: Another out with an engine issue and it's Hazlewood.
Lap 57: Macaulay Jones has spun and brushed the wall.
Lap 86: Pye has spun.
Lap 103: Percat is out with a driveshaft problem.
Lap 115: Mostert, Kostecki, Coultherd and Mostert are within 0.3 seconds. The next six cars are eight seconds back and covered by 0.7 seconds.
Lap 150: Van Gisbergen has suffered a similar driveshaft issue and is out.
Lap 161: Boys's clutch has stopped. Anton is leading from Coulthard, le Brocq and Brodie Kostecki.
Lap 176: Pye is officially out with an engine issue, which has plagued him ever since the spin.
Lap 182: Brodie and Randle are out with issues after contact.
Lap 188: Anton wins!

Top 10:
1. 99 (de Pasquale)
2. 8 (Coulthard) +11.4
3. 55 (le Brocq) +40.5
4. 17 (brown) -1L
5. 22 (Mostert) -1L
6. 6 (Waters) -1L
7. 18 (Winterbottom) -1L
8. 19 (Courtney) -1L
9. 23 (Davison) -1L
10. 7 (Heimgartner) -1L

Anyway, next up is Darwin. Percat, who has still only finished one race, took pole from Waters.
Lap 1: Percat and Waters have two seconds on third-placed Davison.
Lap 30: A boring opening stanza leaves the top 3 static but now from Reynolds.
Lap 42: YELLOW! Big accident for le Brocq who is very out of the race. He spun and was t-boned by Hughes. Percat leads from Waters still and now SVG.
Lap 60: Caldwell has clipped the wall and tore the suspension out. Crabs back to pit lane but is out.
Lap 71: YELLOW! Percat stuck in the gravel. Shame for him, he's been suffering a lot this year.
Lap 89: Winterbottom has suffered a suspension issue and is out.
Lap 98: YELLOW! This will finish under yellow. Mostert and Heimgartner make contact, and Courtney tangles with Heimgartner. 19 and 7 out. Anton will win from Bryce.

Top 10: (race finished under safety car, gaps negligible)
1. 99 (de Pasquale)
2. 2 (Fullwood)
3. 9 (Reynolds)
4. 14 (Hazlewood)
5. 17 (Brown)
6. 22 (Mostert) -1L
7. 6 (Waters) -1L
8. 81 (Pye) -1L
9. 8 (Coulthard) -1L
10. 97 (Van Gisbergen) -1L

Champ Top 10:
1. 99 (de Pasquale) 261
2. 97 (van Gisbergen) 220
3. 55 (le Brocq) 213
4. 6 (Waters) 169
5. 8 (Coulthard) 160
6. 2 (Fullwood) 156
7. 7 (Heimgartner) 154
8. 23 (Davison) 136
9. 88 (B. Kostecki) 131
10. 81 (Pye) 123

That's a massive change from a major lead for SVG to Anton taking it after SVG's DNF. That's all for Supercars but we still have Super2 to do!

Ribarits took pole from Josh Fife in the BJR Commodore. Josh Fife pulled a big lead until lap 15 when the safety car came out for Swain (#5 Tickford) and Jake Parsons (#111 Commodore) in the gravel trap after contact. Those two didn't return. Ribarits was burned as he punctured on the restart lap, while Fife and Wood pulled clear. Aaron Borg (#3 Sieders Racing Team) ended up in the gravel trap on lap 42 to bring the safety car back out, but was fine to get back out. Devlin in the Anderson Commodore had a spin on lap 92 but didn't bring the safety car out. Morris and Sands, who were running second and third last, crashed into each other on the final lap but that didn't stop Fife who was dominant the whole race, but would only have held on for one more lap as Hall, Leeds and Ojeda were coming at him hard. Ojeda kept the lead of the championship from Fife.

Top 10:
1. 8 (Fife)
2. 28 (Hall)
3. 23 (Leeds)
4. 15 (Ojeda)
5. 62 (Ribarits)
6. 777 (Fraser)
7. 96 (Wood)
8. 47 (Heinrich)
9. 38 (Carroll)
10. 10 (Morse)


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Dec 26, 2019
We have some racing today and then MASSIVE SERIES NEWS!

So, we'll begin with the racing, which will only be at Martinsville today due to the announcement, which means that there will be no Super2s today. On pole, we have Shane van Gisbergen from Hazlewood and Fullwood. Dylan O'Keeffe crashed in qualifying and did not start.

Lap 1: YELLOW! Hazlewood is in the fence hard! What a shame. He had taken the lead, but then lost it through T2 and smashed the fence. Out. Mostert hit him and he'll lose a lap, while Macaulay Jones has punctured.
Lap 15: YELLOW! Heimgartner and Everingham, the two Kelly cars, have spun.
Lap 31: YELLOW! Pye is out with engine damage. He's stopped on the back straight.
Lap 53: YELLOW! Jones has spun.
Lap 102: YELLOW! Caldwell has spun. Bryce is leading from Winterbottom and SVG.
Lap 122: YELLOW! Anton de Pasquale has run high and smacked the wall with the side of his car, he is out.
Lap 137: YELLOW! Big crash between the backmarkers. Feeney, Lawson and Mozouris have been taken out when Feeney spun.
Lap 180: Winterbottom is out with an engine issue. Same as Pye. He's got back to the lane though.
Lap 231: YELLOW! It's been a long time coming. Jones has spun again.
Lap 255: SVG HAS SPUN! That's good for Fullwood, Brown and Reynolds who are the only three who are left on the lead lap.
Lap 257: Heimgartner out with a suspension failure.
Lap 304: YELLOW! Spin for Percat. He's continuing.
Lap 320: Brown out from second with a gear selector problem! Fullwood and Reynolds lead.
Lap 393: Kurt Kostecki has suffered a mechanical issue. He returns three further laps down.
Lap 418: YELLOW AND REYNOLDS IS OUT! He's stopped high at the first turn. Not a free pass for Bryce, though, cause Jacobson gets a lap back and is right on him.
Lap 446: YELLOW! Hughes spins. Everything is fine.
Lap 477: YELLOW! And le Brocq is back on the lead lap! Best is the spinner this time.
Lap 491: YELLOW! Late drama! Alexander spins.
Lap 498: YELLOW! It'll finish under yellow. Le Brocq will be your winner from Fullwood and Jacobson.

Top 10: (Finished under safety car so lead lap gaps are not useful):
1. 55 (le Brocq)
2. 2 (Fullwood)
3. 35 (Jacobson)
4. 22 (Mostert) -1L
5. 88 (Kostecki) -1L
6. 12 (Percat) -1L
7. 6 (Waters) -1L
8. 8 (Coulthard) -3L
9. 5 (Randle) -3L
10. 15 (Everingham) -3L

Jake Hughes had some problems. Also, seven cars had rear damage. Seven.

Champ Top 10:
1. 55 (le Brocq) 263
2. 99 (de Pasquale) 261
3. 97 (van Gisbergen) 220
4. 2 (Fullwood) 196
5. 6 (Waters) 195
6. 8 (Coulthard) 182
7. 88 (B. Kostecki) 161
=8. 23 (Davison) 154
=8. 7 (heimgartner) 154
=8. 22 (Mostert) 154

Now, onto the news. I'm glad to announce that 2023 will be a full simulation involving several different support categories to the Supercars! For various reasons, I won't be simulating TCM, T86RS or ARC but I will be simulating:

* Supercars Championship (Mod: Unclear but likely to be a variant of MCLM)
* Super2 Championship (Mod: same as Supercars)
You know these two, they don't need an introduction.

* V8 Touring Cars (Mod: Gen5 NASCAR mod): These guys are even older than the Supercars and Super2 cars, and the drivers are evn younger! Expect close racing like no other.
* Porsche Carrera Cup (Mod: uncertain but it won't be Porsches) This is one of, if not the best Porsche Cup competition in the world other than the Supercup, having produced current GT megastar Matt Campbell and Porsche juniors Jordan Love and Jaxon Evans, as well as current Supercup driver Stephen Grove (P/A).
* V8 Utes (Mod: Trucks) The Utes aren't as big in Australia as they are in the US but they are still fondly thought of. (also a team in this category are one minute away from where I live :) )
* Australian GT Championship (Mod: Street Meet) The GTs were dying but they are now known as a good driver breeding ground as well as a home of gentleman drivers such as Tony Bates and Max Twigg.
* TCR (Mod: uncertain) This championship won't be run entirely at Supercars races, just selected ones. THis one you all should know.
* S5000 (Mod: indycars) This championship is Australia's V8 answer to formula racing. It's drivers are a mix of young guns, veterans and international drivers.
* Stadium Super Trucks (Mod: Trucks) These should also be known for our US readers.
* Modified Production (Mod: unknown) These are just regular cars with mods. This one might not be run.

Rounds will be finalised with the 2023 calendar.
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Dec 26, 2019
Today we have Mosport and Symmons Plains. First off the bat though, we now have a website! contains all the latest news and all race reports! Now for Mosport, where SVG took pole from le Brocq and Reynolds, who surprisingly still hasn't got a win in this series like fourth qualified Pye.

Lap 1: Le Brocq takes the lead on the outside of Turn 1. The top 3 seem already to have more pace than all behind.
Lap 14: YELLOW! Fullwood goes in hard at Turn 1. Will Brown leads from le Brocq and Percat, Kostecki the highest Holden in fifth.
Lap 17: Green. Davison pits at an unfortunate time and is down a lap.
Lap 30: Macaulay Jones's gearbox fails.
Lap 36: TROUBLE! Inter-Kostecki contact! Jake and Kurt come together in a big way. Kurt returns to the pit lane, while Jake ends up down an escape road. Both are very out. Meanwhile, Everingham is suffering from a problem and is losing a few seconds a lap.
Lap 43: Jacobson suffers an engine issue.
Lap 48: YELLOW! Heimgartner in the gravel. He gets back out and loses one lap.
Lap 51: Green and IMMEDIATE YELLOW! Hazlewood gets spun at the first corner by the lapped Best and is fired into the wall sideways. Best meanwhile has snapped some suspension and finds the T4 wall.
Lap 55: Green and IMMEDIATE TROUBLE! Everingham and Waters spin. Not a yellow but Waters is out.
Lap 72: Race situation with 30 laps to go- SVG leads by 0.3 from le Brocq. Brown is three seconds back. The podium should be set due to a large gap to Mostert, barring misfortune or a safety car.
Lap 85: Mostert out with a camshaft issue. Meanwhile, Reynolds has run through the gravel, suffering a broken splitter. He loses a lap while it is repaired.
Lap 92: SERIOUS TROUBLE! Percat spins and is hit by Pye and Feeney. Double local yellow out but they are good considering all debris is off the racetrack.
Lap 99: Kostecki in the wall!
Lap 102: SVG wins from Brown and Randle!

Top 10:
1. 97 (van Gisbergen)
2. 55 (le Brocq) +18.9
3. 17 (Brown) +1:14.1
4. 5 (Randle) +1:48.8
5. 99 (de Pasquale) +1:52.4
6. 777 (Boys) +1:59.8
7. 19 (Courtney) -1L
8. 18 (Winterbottom) -1L
9. 8 (Coulthard) -1L
10. 48 (Caldwell) -1L

Let's hope Symmons Plains is more exciting this year. The pole went to Heimgartner from Brodie Kostecki. Brodie, Everingham, Jacobson and Fullwood ended up 2nd, and 4th-6th, while Pye (25th), Randle (23rd), Brown (22nd), and Percat (18th) struggled.

Lap 1: Top 6 is stagnant. Olli Caldwell is out, having suffered a gearbox failure at the back straight.
Lap 8: de Pasquale takes the lead!
Lap 12: O'Keeffe has suffered an engine failure.
Lap 23: Coulthard's engine has also failed.
Lap 34: Le Brocq goes down the inside at the hairpin!
Lap 36: Le Brocq pits, and Jacobson takes the lead!
Lap 42: Jacobson takes the win, only his second ever!

Top 10:
1. 35 (Jacobson)
2. 99 (de Pasquale) +0.7
3. 55 (le Brocq) +3.1
4. 7 (Heimgartner) +9.8
5. 22 (Mostert) +10.0
6. 6 (Waters) +28.4
7. 88 (B. Kostecki) +31.4
8. 5 (Randle) +38.4
9. 23 (Davison) +40.8
10. 18 (Winterbottom) +45.0

Champ Top 10:
1. 55 (le Brocq) 336
2. 99 (de Pasquale) 331
3. 97 (van Gisbergen) 286
4. 6 (Waters) 223
5. 2 (Fullwood) 213
6. 7 (Heimgartner) 205
7. 8 (Coulthard) 204
=8. 88 (B. Kostecki) 187
=8. 35 (Jacobson) 187
10. 22 (Mostert) 184

Finally Super2. Here's a summary of what happened.
* Bayley Hall took pole from Wood and Ojeda.
* However, Hall suffered a engine issue on the first lap and retired.
* For the first half of the race, Wood, Leeds, McAdam, Ribarits and Ojeda fought hard for the lead.
* During the second half, Ojeda begun to pull away while Fraser and Fife reeled in the others.
* McAdam spun on the last lap, dropping to seventh.
* Ojeda won from Leeds.

Top 10:
1. 15 (Ojeda)
2. 23 (leeds) +1.2
3. 96 (Wood) +1.6
4. 62 (Ribarits) +2.4
5. 8 (Fife) +11.7
6. 777 (Fraser) +36.7
7. 78 (McAdam) +39.6
8. 13 (Robotham) +43.9
9. 67 (Morris) +1:00.1
10. 38 (Carroll) +1:00.3

Champ Top 10:
1. 15 (Ojeda) 102
2. 23 (leeds) 80
3. 8 (Fife) 78
4. 96 (Wood) 71
5. 28 (Hall) 50
6. 78 (McAdam) 44
7. 62 (Ribarits) 42
=8. 777 (Fraser) 36
=8. 38 (Carroll) 36
=10. 10 (Morse) 34
=10. 13 (Robotham) 34


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Dec 26, 2019
Charlotte and Lakeside today. Anton de Pasquale took pole from Fullwood and le Brocq.

Lap 1: Anton continues to lead but le Brocq has got through on Fullwood. Courtney got run out wide and is down in 26th, down eight spots.
Lap 15: Boys spins! He then stalls getting going. Down a lap.
Lap 16: Brodie Kostecki comes in with a puncture.
Lap 22: YELLOW! Jacobson spins after nosing the wall.
Lap 26: Green! Anton, Heimgartner, Brown and Fullwood are right at the back of the lane, due to pitting under the yellow. This leaves le Brocq leading from SVG.
Lap 64: Heimgartner's strategy has backfired. He's only just still on the lead lap.
Lap 69: Caldwell has suffered an engine problem. He's come in and is being repaired.
Lap 78: Caldwell has been retired.
Lap 90: Courtney spins!
Lap 114: Jacobson has suffered an ignition issue.
Lap 143: Mostert has suffered an engine issue and is out. le Brocq leads from SVG and Reynolds, but everyone still on the lead lap will be praying for a safety car as they are 20 seconds back from le Brocq.
Lap 183: Boys is out with a similar issue to Caldwell.
Lap 300: Suprisingly it's not been a big drama race so far. le Brocq is leading by 22 seconds from SVG, with Reynolds third off the lead lap.
Lap 310: Jones out after crashing due to a flat tire. No caution called. Randle was also involved and is out.
Lap 324: Coulthard out with a engine issue.
Lap 375: SVG SPINS! This could be the win for le Brocq.
Lap 378: That was mid pit stop sequence. SVG just keeps the lap and second.
Lap 388: YELLOW! Late drama! Courtney spins.
Lap 400: le Brocq wins!

Top 10:
1. 55 (le Brocq)
2. 97 (van Gisbergen) +5.4
3. 12 (Percat) -1L
4. 9 (Reynolds) -1L
5. 99 (de Pasquale) -1L
6. 17 (brown) -1L
7. 23 (Davison) -1L
8. 6 (Waters) -1L
9. 18 (Winterbottom) -2L
10. 2 (Fullwood) -2L

Lakeside was next and le Brocq took another pole from de Pasquale and Mostert, while Brown suffered a crash and ended up last. Percat was to line up next to him due to a major run wide at Karussel.
Lap 1: Everyone holds station on lap 1. Percat up five spots, Brown up four.
Lap 4: Brown is being held up now by Lawson.
Lap 5: Best has suffered a brake issue. He makes it back to the pits and it's changed. Two laps down.
Lap 18: Everingham has suffered a puncture. Down a lap.
Lap 48: Everingham in the wall! Not puncture related but is out. Hazlewood has suffered a similar suspension issue to Everingham and is off the lead lap, while Brown has been fighting to stay on the lead lap. le Brocq still leads.
Lap 60: Le Brocq goes lights to flag!

Top 10:
1. 55 (le Brocq)
2. 99 (de Pasquale) +12.8
3. 9 (Reynolds) +13.1
4. 22 (Mostert) +13.3
5. 8 (Coulthard) +14.4
6. 23 (Davison) +15.4
7. 97 (van Gisbergen) +15.9
8. 6 (Waters) +23.4
9. 81 (Pye) +24.4
10. 7 (Heimgartner) +25.9

Champ Top 10:
1. 55 (le Brocq) 436
2. 99 (de Pasquale) 401
3. 97 (van Gisbergen) 352
4. 6 (Waters) 271
5. 2 (Fullwood) 252
6. 7 (Heimgartner) 240
7. 8 (Coulthard) 234
8. 23 (Davison) 230
9. 88 (Brodie Kostecki) 223
10. 22 (Mostert) 216

Finally, Super 2's talking points.
* Fraser took his first ever pole from Hall and Robotham, while Wood ended up in the gravel.
* Maddie Stewart ended up in the gravel and lost a lap early.
* Nash Morris suffered a puncture.
* Liam McAdam brought out the safety car on lap 24 after crashing hard into the wall at Turn 1.
* Tom Sargent brought it back again on lap 44 when he ended up in the gravel.
* Noah Sands retired right at the end with a clutch issue.
* Joel Heinrich's engine overheated late and was out as well.
* Josh Fife took his first win of the season.

Top 10:
1. 8 (Fife)
2. 777 (Fraser) +8.3
3. 15 (Ojeda) +10.5
4. 23 (leeds) +18.8
5. 96 (wood) +19.9
6. 62 (Ribarits) +21.5
7. 28 (hall) +25.8
8. 10 (Morse) +26.4
9. 35 (Prince) +35.4
10. 13 (Robotham) +36.7


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Dec 26, 2019
Just Road America today, tomorrow we will have two races but I have a lot of time today and I want to do a race at least. Shane van Gisbergen took an astonishing pole from le Brocq by 2.4 seconds, while Boys slid off the track and ended up 24th. Seems to be a wet race too.

Lap 1: SVG keeps the lead but le Brocq makes a poor start and Davison takes second!
Lap 9: Dylan O'Keeffe has pitted with smoke coming out of the back of the engine. He's out.
Lap 17: Boys is struggling hard. He's got no pace and he's down in 30th.
Lap 28: YELLOW! Pileup at the exit of Turn 5. Randle, Pye, Jones and Hughes are involved. Caldwell, le Brocq, Davison and Percat were all involved in it as well but are able to continue.
Lap 47: Fabian is suffering issues with his tyres in this stint. He has no pace. Anton leads by 30 seconds from SVG having got by on pit strategy at the safety car.
Lap 51: YELLOW! Pileup again. Heimgartner spun across the field and everyone immediately behind him got caught up in it. Fullwood, Percat, Boys, Lawson, Alexander and Best are all out. Seems to be a very crashy track today.
Lap 65: YELLOW! Coulthard, Mozouris, Courtney and Winterbottom the latest victims. This might just be the Forza Road America, because everyone crashes at the hairpin there.
Lap 73: YELLOW! Mostert and Everingham now in the wall.
Lap 88: Anton wins!

Top 10:
1. 99 (de Pasquale)
2. 97 (van Gisbergen) +59.6
3. 6 (Waters) +1:21.4
4. 9 (Reynolds) +1:23.6
5. 55 (le Brocq) -1L
6. 17 (Brown) -1L
7. 23 (Davison) -1L
8. 35 (Jacobson) -1L
9. 88 (B. Kostecki) -1L
10. 56 (K. Kostecki) -3L

Interestingly, SVG has doubled his podiums (not wins) since 2020 in the last three races.
See you tomorrow for some hopefully less broken tracks!

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