Assetto Corsa "essentials"

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Mar 23, 2018
If you're going to play Assetto Corsa, there are a couple mods that are "must haves" imo.. First and foremost, you need Content Manager.. Throw the creator a couple bucks and get a key for the full version! It just makes life a lot easier.. You can install mods, tracks, cars, etc. by just drop/dragging the .zip, .7z, .rar file onto the CM shortcut on your desktop.. 2nd is the latest SOL mod. This is a weather mod that trumps any before it. There are many options to choose from with this mod and the advancements in SOL and Custom Shader Patch (which work together) have brought Assetto Corsa into the 2019's as a top notch sim! It enhances the experience 10x as far as scenery and weather conditions, etc.. Change the time/season, Night time racing, track lighting, rain, sparks, smoke, etc. and with many more features to come!!! So, if you want to run Assetto Corsa to it's fullest, check the links below and have some fun!!

Content Manager: (Any size donation gets you a key for the full version)

Custom Shader Patch: (free) Install this before SOL, by dragging the zip onto the CM shortcut.

SOL: (free)

SOL Install manual: 1_3 installation and new features.pdf?dl=0 (follow the install directions carefully) Lots of good info on that page about SOL!

If you need any help, RaceDepartment is a good start. They also have Discord for both SOL and Custom Shader Patch (Sol - WeatherFX and AC Custom Shaders "channels") Also, you can ask here and I'll try my best to answer, but those other spots are where the real knowledge resides. Enjoy and Have fun!!
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Mar 23, 2018
Something I found on Steam that'll come in handy!! Keyboard shortcuts!!

Assetto Corsa Keyboard Commands

View modes/functions

F1 - cycle driving views
F2 - random camera, "director" mode?
F3 - cycle track cameras
F5 - *pivot camera (good for staging screenshots. see photo-mode below)
* mouse wheel - zoom in/out
* left-click + drag - pivot to direction
* right-click - rotate camera around car
F6 - cycle on-board cameras (external and internal)
F7- free camera (see video at bottom of page)
F8 - screenshot (saved to: Libraries\Documents\Assetto Corsa\screens)
F9 - cycle leaderboard bar mode at bottom of screen (during races)
F11 - virtual rearview mirror

Various commands/shortcuts
Ctrl+Q - damage displayer (enabled/disabled)
Ctrl+L - labels, driver names
Ctrl+I - toggle ideal racing line (on/off)
Ctrl+J - show damage status for a few seconds
Ctrl+G - auto shifter (on/off)
Ctrl+H - toggle HUD / hide/show apps
Ctrl+O - session restart / return to session menu
Ctrl+R - replay, exit replay
Ctrl+C - AI driver (on/off)
Alt+Enter - switch fullscreen/windowed fullscreen

Misc keys
Home - toggle console
PageUp/PageDown - increase/decrease camera exposure (with HDR rendering)
Numpad +/- - increase/decrease FFB (moved from setup, disabled in replays)
Ctrl +/- - change onboard FOV
Ctrl Shift +/- - change saturation

Replay mode
Ctrl+S - toggle slow-motion on/off
Ctrl+D - rewind, cycle speed 2..5x
Ctrl+F - fast forward, cycle speed 2..5x
Ctrl+N - next lap (green marker at timeline)
Ctrl+P - previous lap (green marker at timeline)
Ctrl+R - exit replay
Ctrl+space - pause replay
Ctrl+1 (numpad) - previous car (towards end)
Ctrl+3 (numpad) - next car (towards front)
Ctrl+2 (numpad) - player car

Photo mode
F8 - screenshot (saved to: Libraries\Documents\Assetto Corsa\screens)
cursor key (arrow) up - zoom in
cursor key (arrow) down - zoom out
cursor key (arrow) left - pan left
cursor key (arrow) right - pan right
mouse wheel - zoom in/out
right-click + drag - pivot camera

mouse wheel - zoom in/out
right-click + drag - pivot camera
space - open/close doors
enter - enter/exit vehicle
W - wipers
I - gear shifter animation (where available)
Numpad 7 - headlights on/off
Numpad 8 - brake lights on/off
PageUp/PageDown - next/previous skin
Numpad +/- - increase/decrease exposure
F/G - roll camera
cursor key (arrow) up - pivot up
cursor key (arrow) down - pivot down
cursor key (arrow) left - pivot left
cursor key (arrow) right - pivot right
Numpad 0..3 - animate wings 1..4 (if available)
F7 - toggle free move/centered view
F8 - screenshot (saved to: Libraries\Documents\Assetto Corsa\screens)
Esc - exit showroom

Freecam tutorial:

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