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AD: OMRA Cup/Lites Series

Discussion in 'On-Line Leagues' started by DSchwal, May 28, 2018.

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    Jan 28, 2017
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    Looking for a stock car league that races on Thursdays? Look no further than OMRA, OMRA is a NR2003 online league that runs the MENCS18 Mod and the DMRNXS16 mod for the Lites series. We just finished a very successful first season. The seasons last 15 races long and have a mix of the modern and the older playoff system at the end of the year. The rules are laid back and the real objective for the league is to be competitive and have fun. The 2nd season will start either June 17th or 24th depending on when everything is set up.

    The Cup series it the premiere series of OMRA and features some of the best drivers in NR2003. If you can perform in the Lites series and prove your worth, you can run the Cup series. It's a 15 race schedule with tracks from the actual NASCAR schedule, just more diverse. Come on out!

    The Lites series is entering its first year of competition for entry level drivers. It's meant to develop drivers that may not be ready for cup quite yet, or just for new people in the league to prove their worth. The schedule is diverse with tracks from all over so that the Lites drivers can prove they can drive on any kind of track. Cup drivers will race with you on superspeedways only, so be careful around them on the big tracks.

    Hopefully we see you out there! Here are the links to join;

    FACEBOOK GROUP: https://www.facebook.com/groups/110299523058120/
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