Complete #98 Rick Mast Crash Bandicoot

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Sep 28, 2020
This car appeared at the 1999 Napa 500 at Atlanta Motor Speedway. I'd love to see it in NR2003, and I would use it as my player car.

How and where are planning to use this paint? As my player car in NR2003.
Sim: Nascar Racing 2003 Season
Mod: Vanilla Cup
Car Model: Ford Taurus
Requesting just the BASE? No
Driver Name: Rick Mast
Number: 98
Number Font or Link: Unknown
Number Color(s): White/Dark Red
Contig Set Pref: From photos/ 1999 Nascar Winston Cup Series

Base Info

Primary: Blue
Secondary: Yellow/White/Black
Wheel Color: Black
Other: N/A

Primary: CTR: Crash Team Racing
Secondary: Crash (Crash Bandicoot)
Associates: Universal, Playstation, Overland

Other details and Notes:
You don't have to include anything you can't make out, however I studied the pictures closely and here's what I can see in the sponsor brick:
Right side: Nascar Winston Cup, Bud Pole Award, Gatorade, Auto Meter, Spicer, Mechanix Wear, Aeroquip, Nomex
Middle: True Value, Holley, 3M, Competition Cams, Bowman, Jesel
Left side: Raybestos, Goody's Headache Powders, JE Pistons, Mac Tools
Front: Moog, Nascar Exide Select, Clevite, Prestone, Simpson, Edelbrock, Plasti-kote, STP
It may be Hurst between Nascar Winston Cup and Raybestos but I can't quite tell, and below that may be MCIWORLDCOM. It might be Goodyear Belts and Hoses below JE Pistons.

I watched some of the race to try and see if I could find out what's on the back of the car, I could barely make it out, but it looks like the Naughty Dog logo, the same one in the bottom right of the first reference image.

Images Below
RIck Mast Crash 1.pngRIck Mast Crash 2.pngRick Mast Crash 3.png
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