W.I.P. #78T Ford Thunderbird Aero88 Request

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Jul 8, 2017
How and where are planning to use this paint?
Sim: NR2003
Mod: Aero88
Car Model: Ford Thunderbird
Requesting just the BASE? N
Driver Name: Tom Daven
Number: 78T (178 in game)
Number Font or Link: Bill Elliott's #9 font
Number Color(s): White
Contig Set Pref: Standard 1988 Winston Cup
Base Info
Bill Elliott's design from 1988
Primary: Black
Secondary: White
Wheel Color: Whatever fits best
Other: Red/Orange (the small stripe separating the primary and secondary)
Primary: Furniture Row/Denver Mattress
Secondary: Bass Pro Shops (behind rear wheel at least)
Associates: Daven Racing Engines (written at the back)
Other details and Notes:
Try to see if the Furniture Row/Denver Mattress work in the Coors font if not then whatever works best.
Put a T next to the main number (this is so there shouldn't be a clash with real AI numbers).
If at all possible make two versions (one with rookie stripes and one without rookie stripes).
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