Complete 2019 MENCS #3 Austin Dillon Dow Camaro concept

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Jun 4, 2019
Template: Splash N Go
Contigs: Zachary Grigg
Number: Me
Design: Me
Logos: Google

When I heard that RCR was going to bring the #3 back to Cup, I had mixed feelings. As a lifelong Big E fan, I didn't want to see anyone else run that number. I understand that Austin is RC's grandson, and I understand that RC ran that number before Big E, so I can understand the notion of keeping the number "in the family". If you want to run the number, fine. Change the font to it's original version and keep Big E's 3 as his own, as it will ALWAYS be remembered. Rant over....

This is a very simple concept with a change that I would love to see, as seeing Big E's 3 run mid pack is heart breaking. Anyway, a single shot, side by side would be great. As always, thank you @garrett1127 for the time and effort you put into these renders.


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