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Jul 23, 2016
We would like to congratulate Jopajoe for being selected Stunod Racing's Member of the Year for 2019. Joe has been a very valuable member of our staff for several years, and handles 99% of the "Paint Scheme" requests here for us. Joe is an accomplished painter and paints on several different formats and mods, always doing great work and anyone who requests a paint and receives one from Joe will attest to it's quality. Congratulations again Joe for a job well done. Adam & Tom, Highbank, Ceafus88, Tigg,


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Aug 9, 2016
Wow guys you totally caught me off guard with this. I honestly don't really know what to say besides Thank You. As I came over to Stunod's It was completely for other reason then taken up the paint request as I was original looking for a fellow painter from Racin Grafix (DawsonvilleBill9) who was also painting here at Stunods as well but had fell under some bad heath so I was looking to see if he posted anymore more here on his health. That's when I found the paint request section here where Request were made and just setting idle. So I asked if I was able to paint some of those idle request and well here I am still at nearly 3 years later.
Thanks you, Adam,Tom,Highbank,tigg,rouge,ceafus88,psugorilla,Anitgordo and to All my Requesters

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