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  1. ThatColorTeal

    Ty Gibbs #54 Monster Energy Daytona Road Course Win 2021-10-24

    Mod - SRD NXS 2020 Template - SRD NXS 2020 Render Scene - Zak103tv's SRDNXS2020 4 Car Render Scene Logos - Google Number - Big Evil Racing Base - Me
  2. BLyonsDesign

    Fictional Bubba Wallace Beats concept 1.0

    Fictional car I made last December or January. Now available for NR2003 CREDITS Template: Splash N Go Render model: Splash N Go Pit crew template: Phantom17 Pit crew: me Number: Big Evil Racing Logos: various sources through Google Images B-Post: Fosterik
  3. BLyonsDesign

    Fictional Denny Hamlin FedEx concept 1.0

    Denny Hamlin concept scheme based on a drawing I did a little under a year ago CREDITS: Template: Splash N Go Render model: Splash N Go Pit Crew: StarClonesProd Logos: Google images
  4. ItsAJG

    Fictional 2007 #00 Domino's Pizza Toyota (Never Ran) 2021 2021-07-27

    Was on Jayski and saw this scheme that never ran and wanted to remake it for the NXS20 mod for fun. Mod: NXS20 Template: SRD Base: Me Logos: Google Number: BER Render: Me
  5. DanielLumit

    Toyota Camry Newgrounds Base v1

    Credits Template: Lefty Logos: Google Render: Me Render Scene: Zak103tv
  6. DanielLumit

    Blue and White Toyota Base v1

    Credits Template: Lefty Render Scene: Zak103tv
  7. A

    #19 Carl Edwards 2017 Subway Camry (Recreated on the 2021 template) 2021-05-20

    Credits: Template(s): Stunod Racing, Big Evil Racing Nick Baker Italo Rapacci Cosmin Ioanesiu Douglas Allen Chad Mikosz Lefty and anyone else who worked with him/her on these amazing templates
  8. NokiaCupSeries

    NASCAR NextGen 4-pack 2.0

    Here is a finished version of the NextGen templates on the NPS17 mod. This mod closely resembles the NASCAR NextGen bodies, and will be the closest thing before the real mod is released. This is not a mod: these are templates. They will go onto the “Generic” model when asking for renders...
  9. Mopar

    2021 Johnny Sauter #13 Daytona Base 1.2

    Here is my shot at the base on Johnny Sauter's 2021 Daytona Truck. Thank you @dallaire18 for the camo on the bed of the truck. Use it on a CWS15 Toyota. Render by me.
  10. DiecastCharv

    2021 BMR ARCA Series #99 [Multiple versions] (PNG & PSD) 2021-04-02

    Drawn from photo reference
  11. sbillman18

    2021 Ben Rhodes Bombardier Toyota Tundra V2

    Mod: CWS15 Template: Omega, Bill1947 Base: Me Number: BER Logo: Google, Me, Thorsport, Twitter Contigs: Thorsport, BER Render: @Mystical PitCrew: @SammyInABox1
  12. marvelousemu

    *Fictional* #32 Brad Keselowski Dr. Pepper 23XI Paint Scheme 2021-03-04

    Credits: Base: Zak103tv (edited) Template: Lefty Logos: Google Number: MG06Design Images from CarViewer
  13. wammath

    Christopher Bell #20 Stanley Toyota 2021-02-27

    Credits: Template: Lefty Number: DiecastCharv Sponsor Logos: Google
  14. Vlado

    Timmy Hill 2021 #66 CrashClaimsR.US (DRC) 2021-02-24

    Guess who's back from posting backmarker and some cases top/medium team paint schemes? Well here you have Timmy Hill's Daytona RC paint scheme. Hope you enjoy it! The back might be innacurate not sure. If is some logo in the back tell me in the comments below to update it. Template: Lefty...
  15. sc4rf3d

    Ty Dillon #96 Toyota Certified Vehicles Toyota Camry V1

    The Paint Scheme that Ty Dillon ran on the Daytona Road Course Race last Sunday. Credits: Base - MSD Templates - Lefty Number - BER Logos - Google
  16. James Qualls

    MENCS19 *FICTIONAL* #20 Harrison Burton DEX Imaging Toyota 2021-02-23

    MENCS19 Fictional of Harrison Burton's #20 DEX Imaging Toyota. Credits: Templates; Lefty, Numbers: Big Evil Racing, B-Pillars: fosterick, Base: myself, render: jopajoe
  17. thatoneelliottfan9

    Ty Dillon 2021 Bass Pro Scheme 1.0

    I tried Credits: Template: Lefty Logos: Google Number: Diecast Charv Render: TMS
  18. James Qualls

    MENCS19 *FICTIONAL* 2 car Panhandle Toyota Team 2020-12-31

    The 2 car Panhandle Motorsports Toyota Team, these were the paint schemes Johanna Robbins (Johanna Long back then) ran when she was in the Truck Series. Credits: Templates; Lefty, Numbers: Big Evil Racing, B-Pillars: fosterick, Bases: Paint by RAH on the 20 car, and Garrett1127 for the Render
  19. stEvN

    2020 Brandon Jones #19 Toyota Throwback v1

    Brandon Jones's Darlington throwback! *regular & raced win variants Template - SRD Bases - Me Number - Google (modified by me) Logos - Google Renders - Me
  20. stEvN

    Kyle Busch #54 Fictional Paints v1

    15 fictional Kyle Busch Xfinity Cars! Pretty happy with how these turned out as well, although they could be better. Includes 2 Twix cars, 1 Doublemint car, 2 Milky Way cars, 7 Rowdy Energy cars, and 3 Z-Line Designs cars. All Schemes: final renders for every car is in the .zip file...