martin truex jr

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  1. StarClonesProd

    2020 Martin Truex Jr. SiriusXM Camry 2020-02-20

    Credits: SNG/Big Evil - Mod & Template Updated by Bill1947 Numbers- Big Evil Racing Logos- Google B-Pillars- fosterick Base - MSD Render Template- SNG
  2. N

    19 - Auto Owners Insurance Martin Truex's Jr 500th Start - Michigan 2 1.1

    This is my first paint in a while, Martin Truex's Jr. Auto Owners Insurance 500th Start paint scheme from Michigan 2. Credits: Template: SNG Base: Me Render: garrett1127 (Modified SNG scene,Rogue fin mod) Number: BER Logos:Google, Me, NT4 designs Pit Crew: NT4 designs
  3. M

    Chance 2 Motorsports/DEI Wave 4 2019-06-21

    Wave 4 2003 Martin Truex Jr. Ralph Earnhardt tribute 2005 Dale Jr. Menards 2004 Martin Truex Jr. Long John Silvers 2003 Martin Truex Jr. Tear away Mod: 2003BGN_sng Template: Splash n' Go Graphics Logos/numbers: google images, me car references: google images, diecast
  4. M

    Chance 2 Motorsports Wave 3 2019-06-19

    6 Pack wave 3!! Dale Jr Taco Bell Talladega 2004 Dale Jr KFC: Daytona 2004 MTJ Wrangler: Darlington 2004 Steve Park Maxwell House: Las Vegas 2003 Tony Stewart Bass Pro: Kansas 2004 MTJ Wrangler Blue: Pikes Peak 2004 Steve Park's Maxwell House car run at Vegas in 2003, technically not a Chance...
  5. M

    Chance 2 Motorsports wave 2 2019-06-18

    Chance 2 Motorsports wave 2. All Bass Pro this time around, MTJ's 2004 #8 standard, 2004 #81 (Daytona), 2004 #8 USO, 2005 #8 Standard Complete with pit crews and ratings. Mod: 2003BGN_sng Template: Splash n' Go Graphics Logos/numbers: google images, me car references: google images, diecast
  6. M

    Chance 2 Motorsports Wave 1 2019-06-18

    Throwing it back to my favorite era in the Busch Series with Chance 2 Motorsports, wave 1 release. Mod: 2003BGN_sng Template: Splash n' Go Graphics Logos/numbers: google images, me car references: google images, diecast
  7. Elly Productions

    19 Martin Truex Jr. Auto Owners Toyota MENCS2019 2019-02-19

    Template: Splash N' Go; Logos: Google Images; Numbers: Big Evil Racing; Pit Crew: Pantallica
  8. DJF_62

    2019 Fictional Martin Truex, Jr. Bass Pro Shops- Both CUP and CTS 1.0

    This scheme is one I've wanted to try my hand at for a while. It was the first I took great care into making for the sole purpose of uploading it here. It's a rendition of what I think would be a good BPS scheme for new JGR hire Martin Truex, Jr. Credits: Template from SNG Painted in GIMP Bass...
  9. Pantallica

    MENCup2018 - 19 Car Carset (KAN2-HOM) 1.0

    19 Cars from Kansas to Homestead. All come with pitcrews, none are rated though. Credits, Templates - Splash N' Go Graphics Numbers - Big Evil Racing Logos - @CFD_Racing, @fosterick, MasGrafx, MRD/SDG,,,,, Wikipedia,
  10. Pantallica

    MENCup2018 - Martin Truex Jr. - Auto Owners/Sherry Strong (CLT2) 1.0

    Martin Truex Jr's. car that he'll be running at the Roval. Enjoy! Credits, Template - Splash N' Go Graphics Numbers - BigEvilRacing Logos - @Gravite,, Checker_MC, MasGrafx, FRR Twitter, Myself, Google Images Contigs - Splash N' Go Graphics, Myself Render - The Mod Squad
  11. Pantallica

    MENCup2018 - Martin Truex Jr - Bass Pro Shops/5 Hour Energy (TEX1) 1.0

    Martin Truex Jr's car that he ran earlier this year at Texas. Comes fully rated and with a pit crew. Enjoy! Credits,Credits, Template - Spash N' Go Graphics Numbers - Big Evil Racing Logos - @Gravite, MasGrafx,MRD/SDG Checker_MC,,, Alan Harkleroad, Google Images...
  12. Pantallica

    MENCup2017 - Martin Truex Jr. Furniture Row - Denver Mattress (WGL) V.1

    Martin Truex Jr's. winning car that he ran at Watkins Glen last year, enjoy! Credits, Template - Splash 'n Go Graphics Logos/Signature - @Gravite, Alan Harkleroad, MasGrafx, Google Images. Numbers - BigEvilRacing Contigs - Splash 'n Go Graphics Render - TheModSquad
  13. joeyk

    MENCS18 Martin Truex Jr. Colorado Toyota 1.0

    The car is rated but doesn't have a pit crew. Credits: Google for the flag and skyline, BER for the #, SNG for the template, Furniture Row Racing's website for the logos, TMS for the render.
  14. Pantallica

    MENCup2017_Beta - Martin Truex Jr. Chicagoland car V.1

    A special thank you to Matheus Henrique for helping me find the signature. Credits, Render - TheModSquad Template - Splash N' Go Graphics Contigs - Splash N' Go Graphics Logos - Google Images, Masgrafx Contigs - Google Images Numbers - Big Evil Racing
  15. Pantallica

    MENCS Mainbacks V.1

    Just a couple of mainbacks, enjoy!