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  1. James Qualls

    CUP90 Mod *FICTIONA:L* #16 AJ Allmendinger Ramco Chevrolet 2021-06-07

    AJ Allmendinger's #16 Ramco scheme from 2021 on a Cup90 Chevrolet. Credits: Racingrafx for the templates, BigEvilRacing for the numbers, and mystical for the render
  2. S.crappy

    2021 Erik Jones #43 Petty's Garage Patriotic v1.0

    Credits: Template - Lefty Logos - Google/Me B-Pillar - fosterick Render - The Mod Squad
  3. A

    Austin Dillon Workrise paint scheme (Circuit Of The Americas 2021) 1.0

    Credits: Template(s): Stunod Racing, Big Evil Racing Nick Baker Italo Rapacci Cosmin Ioanesiu Douglas Allen Chad Mikosz Lefty and anyone else who worked with him/her on these amazing templates
  4. NachoNASCAR

    3 Fictional 24 Cars Done Well 1

    Credits: Template: Big Evil Racing Bases: 1. Rainbow Warrior base: Stunod 2. ChromaPremier base: Stunod and me 3. Pepsi base: me Logos: Google and Stunod Nacho logo: me Number: Big Evil Racing Includes: Axalta (1992-2000; 2004; 2015; 2020) Pepsi (Xfinity, 1999-2000) DuPont Cromax ChromaPremier...
  5. Jetman999

    NAPARL Division 1 Stock Car Championship - 2022 Fictional ICR Mod Carset 1

    The North American Professional Auto Racing Leagues, NAPARL, is finally here for the NR2003 ICR Mod! This carset is based in 2022 in a fictionalized timeline for the automotive and auto racing world, where The NAPARL dominates the North American motorsports scene with their Stock Car series...
  6. Bryan 010810

    2006 Ford Fusion and Chevy Monte Carlo SS Templated Help!

    Does Anyone have the 2006 Ford Fusion and 2006 Chevy Monte Carlo Basic Templates for the SNG 03-05 Mod?
  7. James Qualls

    Cup90 Mod *FICTIONAL* 2021 Jennifer Jo Cobb #10 Fastener Supply Chevrolet 2021-05-05

    Cup90 Fictional of Jennifer Jo Cobb's #10 Fastener Supply Chevrolet. Credits: Templates and Contigs; racingrafx, Numbers: Big Evil Racing. Base: me, and garrett1127 for the Render.
  8. natefromgsc

    *FICTIONAL* 2021 Timmy Hill #40 Target Chevrolet 1

    Mod - MENCS19 Temp - Lefty Numbers - BER Logos - Google Render - Smaguris
  9. James Qualls

    Cup90 Mod *FICTIONAL* #51 Kyle Busch Motorsports Chevrolet 2021-04-21

    Cup90 Fictional of the #51 Kyle Busch motorsports scheme from 2021, on a Chevrolet. Credits: Templates and Contigs; racingrafx, Numbers: Big Evil Racing, Base: mopar, render: mystical
  10. James Qualls

    Cup90 Mod *FICTIONAL* John Hunter Nemechek Fire Alarm Services Inc. Chevrolet 2021-04-20

    Cup90 fictional of John Hunter Nemechek's 2021 Truck Series scheme on a Chevrolet. Credits; racingrafx for the Templates and Contigs, Numbers: Big Evil Racing for the numbers, mopar for the base, and mystical for the render
  11. James Qualls

    Cup90 *FICTIONAL* Justin Allgaier #7 Axalta Echo Park Chevrolet 2021-04-14

    Cup 90 Fictional of Justin Allgaier's #7 Axalta Echo Park Automotive Chevrolet for the Cup90 Mod, this is the paint scheme he ran at the 2021 Xfinity race at Atlanta with. Credits: racingrafx for the Templates and Contigs, Big Evil Racing for the Numbers, base: myself, and Mystical for the Render.
  12. VincentGiac426

    #62 Tyco R/C Chevrolet 2021-04-03

    My version of a fictional that was first done for N2 in 2000. Credit for that goes to Savatoon, and I've included a picture of the original. Thanks to Team Om3ga for the mod. The actual car has a dark visor instead of the default driver face, and the alignment of its roof stripes has also been...
  13. James Qualls

    Cup90 FICTIONAL #9 William Byron Liberty University Chevrolet 2021-03-19

    Fictional of William Byron's #9 Liberty University Chevrolet for the Cup90 mod, based on his 2017 Xfinity series car. Credit: Templates; racingrafx, Numbers: Big Evil Racing, Base: paint by RAH, Render: garrett1127.
  14. natefromgsc

    *FICTIONAL* 2021 Brett Moffitt #57 Arrow Mclaren Chevrolet 1

    Mod - MENCS19 Temp - Lefty Numbers - Me Logos - Google Render - Smaguris
  15. natefromgsc

    *FICTIONAL* 2021 Kaz Grala #07 Jack Daniel's Coca-Cola Chevrolet 2021-02-26

    Mod - MENCS19 Temp - Lefty Numbers - BER Logos - Google Render - Smaguris B-Pillar- Rick's B-Pillar 2021
  16. James Qualls

    SRD NXS20 *FICTIONAL* #23 Natalie Decker N29 Technologies Chevrolet 2021-02-11

    SRD NXS20 Custom of the N29 Technologies Scheme that Natalie Decker drove in the Truck Series, but on a Chevrolet and #23. Credits: Templates; SRD, Numbers: DavidLivez, B-Pillars: fosterick, Base: Paint by RAH, render: Paul Sutton
  17. James Qualls

    MENCS19 mod *FICTIONAL* #42 Mello Yello Chevrolet REVAMPED 2021-02-01

    Custom Revamped version of the #42 Mello Yello Chevrolet for MENCS19 mod. Credits: Template; Lefty, Number: Big Evil Racing, B-Pillars: earhrdtfan, Base: Paint by RAH, and Render: garrett1127
  18. James Qualls

    MENCS19 Mod *FICTIONAL* #33 Skoal Bandit Revamped Chevrolet 2021-02-01

    Custom #33 Skoal Bandit Revamped Chevrolet for the MENCS19 Mod. Credits: Templates; Lefty, Numbers: Big Evil Racing, B-Pillars: ernhrdtfan, Base: Paint by RAH, and garrett1127 for the Render
  19. VincentGiac426

    #61 NASCAR Illustrated Monte Carlo 1.1

    Based on a car originally done for NASCAR Racing 2 by Dan Clarke. Logos from a few sources, including the former NDG/SDG.
  20. James Qualls

    MENCup19 FICTIONAL 2021 Joe Gibbs Revamp; Bobby Labonte and Tony Stewart Chevrolets 2021-01-27

    2021 Fictional Revamp versions of the Joe Gibbs Racing Bobby Labonte Interstate Batteries and Tony Stewart Home Depot cars. CREDITS: Template; Lefty, Numbers: Big Evil Racing, B-Pillars: earhrdtfan, (some of the ones on the 18 car I did), Contigencies: SimRacingDesign, Bases: Paint by RAH...