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  1. TheFlynnZone

    SNG '03-05 Scheme - Steve Grissom 2000 Hot Wheels (Homestead DNQ) 2.0

    2000 was a turbulent year for the #44 Pontiac as a whole. With Hot Wheels leaving full time sponsorship, Kyle Petty taking over Adam's Busch #45 and the many DNQs it suffered, Steve Grissom was tasked to split the #44 with the elder Petty. This was the scheme that Grissom attempted the Pennzoil...
  2. NASCARGoodies99

    Goody's Dash 2000 Pontiac Base

    2000 Pontiac Sunfire Base by Me You can upload this anywhere as long as you keep the spoiler the same and you give me credit for the base. Ex: (Base by: NASCARGoodies99) Thanks for reading and happy painting
  3. DaleJrFan95

    2000 #27 Ryan Newman Taurus ( ARCA ) 2020-01-31

    Ryan Newman made his debut driving for Roger Penske in 2000 at the ARCA Michigan race. Starting second, he would eventually finish the race in 7th. CREDITS: Number: Photo of diecast box Render: TMS Logos: Google Template: Splash N Go Comes with ratings, no crew. For Cup98_CTS.
  4. DaleJrFan95

    2000 #27 Ryan Newman Alltel Ford ( ARCA ) 2020-01-30

    Ryan Newman piloted this Ford Taurus in five ARCA races throughout the 2000 season, taking home the victory in three of them. CREDITS: Render: TMS Template: Splash N Go Number: Photo of diecast box Logos: Google Comes with ratings, no crew. For Cup98_CTS.
  5. VincentGiac426

    Cup2000 Opponent Manager New Car .mips 2020-01-21

    When Cup2000 first came out I was a little disheartened to see that the .mips it used for blank cars in Opponent Manager were the same ones from default Cup, which meant it looked like a mess any time you made a new car/driver. I fixed that quickly by making custom replacement .mips, and I don't...
  6. Slipster17

    2000 #75 Cartoon Network set v1.0

    Set includes: #75 Cartoon Network 'Powerpuff Girls'/ Red Cell Batteries Taurus driven by Wally Dallenbach. For original game cup mod. Has ratings and crew. #75 Cartoon Network 'Scooby Doo'/ Red Cell Batteries Taurus driven by Wally Dallenbach. For original game cup mod. Has ratings and crew...
  7. ARDesign

    Dale Earnhardt 2000 base 2019-04-26

    My first true base I have ever created, enjoy! Template: Om3ga Racing Base: Me Render: TMS Cup2000 mod
  8. OneToughCustomer

    Complete MENCS18 Dale Earnhardt 2000 The Winston "Rainbow Maximum" Camaro Base.

    Sim:NR2K3 (Offline/Online League) Mod: MENCS18 Car Model:Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 Requesting just the BASE: YES Driver Name:N/A Number:N/A Number Font or Link:N/A Number Color(s):N/A Contig Set Pref:N/A Base Info This is base request of Dale Earnhardt's 2000 The Winston Peter Max "Rainbow Maximum"...
  9. DaleTona

    Complete NASCAR Heat 10 Race Showdown 2000!

    This is something I have wanted to do for a while,but never was happy with the AI settings and paints in NR2003, and I decide, well, I got NASCAR Heat installed, why not run a season on that. Do something other than nr2003 for once :) I will be doing race by race recaps for every event of this...
  10. 3

    3fan's Showroom

    Just got back into NR2003 painting after a long absence. Big Thank You to the WinstonCup98 mod for pulling me back in. Shortly before I stopped painting I started working on the four drivers suits below, and when I saw the WinstonCup1998 mod, I knew that I had to finish them. I made the...
  11. Xerex

    Complete The Millenium Shift

    This is a new mock season I am working on. It starts in the year 2000 and moves onward, hence the name. It covers the what-ifs of several drivers (Earnhardt, Irwin etc), tracks, and teams. The Winston Cup starts in 2000, but the Busch/Truck series starts in 2001. I will post the winners of each...
  12. Xerex

    2000 Busch Series?

    Hi everyone. Does anyone know where I can find 2000 BGN cars? I can't find them anywhere! The mod should be PWF GNS.
  13. hokiegrad

    2000 Bobby Labonte CWS15 retro 2017-04-02

    Here's one based on Bobby Labonte's championship season scheme. Temp-om3ga base-me number-mrd logos-mas Comes with crew.
  14. hokiegrad

    2000 Adam Petty Sprint PCS BRGen6 retro 2017-03-14

    In 2000, Adam had one official cup start and it was in this scheme. Temp: Italo Base: me Number: mas Logos&Contigs: google, me, and harkleroad Render by Iceman
  15. VincentGiac426

    Blue & Green Drops Base 2016-08-24

    Made for the Dodge mesh, but should fit others if adjusted. Thanks to Cosmin and Team Om3ga for the great template.
  16. VincentGiac426

    NASCAR Thunder "Shock" Create-A-Car Base (Cup2000) 2016-08-24

    Another EA Sports scheme for Cup2000. Made for the Chevy mesh, but should fit others if adjusted. Thanks to Cosmin Ioaneșiu and Team Om3ga for the template work.
  17. VincentGiac426

    NASCAR Thunder "Angles" Create-A-Car Base 2016-08-24

    One of the schemes you can put on your Create-A-Car in the NASCAR Thunder games is now a base for Cup2000. Made for the Chevy mesh, but should fit others if adjusted. Thanks to Team Om3ga and Cosmin Ioaneșiu for the gorgeous template.
  18. VincentGiac426

    1993 Rockingham Promo Base 2016-08-24

    Based on the program car for the 1993 AC Delco 500 at Rockingham. For the Cup2000 Chevrolet mesh, but should work on the other bodies for that mod with some adjustments. Thanks to Team Om3ga and Cosmin for the great template.
  19. VincentGiac426

    1996 Lincoln Mark VIII Template 2016-08-23

    A template of the Lincoln Mark VIII that Jeremy Mayfield and the #37 Kranefuss team tested back in '96 (NASCAR okayed it, but Ford did not, so it never made a real Cup race). This goes on the Grand Prix mesh. Thanks to Cosmin and Team Om3ga for this template's basis, and to Brands of the World...