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  1. Rollo75 @ Rollo75:
    RB26 is now on sale in Oz - YES YES YES YES
  2. bungi43 @ bungi43:
    Happy Birthday @Stunod !!
  3. Highbank @ Highbank:
    Zoom B-Sedan Series practice is on at Lime Rock...
  4. Jebrown @ Jebrown:
    Happy Birthday Adam!
  5. mtblillie @ mtblillie:
    Happy Birthday @Stunod! Make it a good one!
  6. Cutch_22 @ Cutch_22:
    Happy Birthday, Adam! @Stunod
  7. Rogue @ Rogue:
    Happy Birthday Adam
  8. therealfox63 @ therealfox63:
    Happy birthday @Stunod!
  9. RedRagGT @ RedRagGT:
    Happy Birthday Adam..
  10. Niallo.Designs @ Niallo.Designs:
    I might be late to the party but happy birthday @Stunod!
  11. matheus357 @ matheus357:
    Happy birthday, @Stunod!
  12. Jokerchase @ Jokerchase:
    Happy Birthday @Stunod!!
  13. Airbreathingracer @ Airbreathingracer:
    Happy birthday @Stunod!
  14. D @ ddrap14:
    @Stunod happy birthday!
  15. Highbank @ Highbank:
    Darn we'd love to have you my man!
  16. purerushracingleague @ purerushracingleague:
    I would, but unfortunately my poor old PC would blow up at the thought of running Assetto Corsa.
  17. Highbank @ Highbank:
    C'mon, some of you Assetto Corsa owners need to come join us in B-Sedan Series...who doesn't love the underclass?
  18. Highbank @ Highbank:
    Forums are going the way of the Dinosaurs it would seem...and wrting by hand
  19. The Tigg @ The Tigg:
    It's a shame people don't know how to use a forum anymore.
  20. Highbank @ Highbank:
    Highbank's on Zoom TeamSpeak3
  21. Highbank @ Highbank:
    Just spoke with garrett1127, he's doing well, may be home in the next couple of days...gave him everyone's regards
  22. Eric Hostetler @ Eric Hostetler:
    Happy birthday el grande jefe of Stunod....Have a great day Adam!
  23. Eric Hostetler @ Eric Hostetler:
    Let's all keep Garrett1127 in mind as he deals with a family situation loaded with finality....Family comes first so let's all keep supporting him as best we can
  24. Highbank @ Highbank:
    Must get Tigg's Maz done this morning...MUST DO IT!
  25. Bill1947 @ Bill1947:
    Happy Birthday Adam
  26. The Tigg @ The Tigg:
  27. Highbank @ Highbank:
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY @Stunod Hope it's a great one Adam
  28. Highbank @ Highbank:
  29. D @ ddrap14:
    That sounds a lot like the CrossKarts from Dirt 4 which I hate with every fiber of my being.
  30. Rollo75 @ Rollo75:
    How well does Roger Penske and Fox get on?
  31. Rollo75 @ Rollo75:
    Ray Columbus and The Invaders sang ""She's a Mod". That may change what you have just said, significantly.
  32. CaffeinatedPixels @ CaffeinatedPixels:
    I'll make sure to get that mod on your desk by tomorrow morning
  33. Highbank @ Highbank:
    @Bruh, The Shout Box is not the place for something like that, Please start a Forum thread if you are serious...
  34. B @ Bruh:
    Hey guys so I do not know how to mod. But I have had a great mod idea on my mind. So the idea is those dirt racing karts. Like for example MAXXIS. So if someone could do that I would be very greatful.
  35. Highbank @ Highbank:
    @DaleTona, NO...No you're not! LOL
  36. DaleTona @ DaleTona:
    Hey @Highbank I'm on TS
  37. Highbank @ Highbank:
    State Regulations about fumes...ya
  38. DKgorace @ DKgorace:
    Busy Busy! Don't forget to donate guys, paint supplies aren't cheap in Cali.
  39. Highbank @ Highbank:
    Pushed one BMW out the doors...updated another...back to spray booth!
  40. Highbank @ Highbank:
    As I look around the Highbank Paintshop I see two more Beemers still in primer...YIKES! A few updates to make on a couple other cars as well...
  41. Highbank @ Highbank:
  42. Highbank @ Highbank:
  43. The Tigg @ The Tigg:
    @sycoracing you need to start a forum thread for questions like that, the shout box is not the place.
  44. S @ sycoracing:
    Hi all
  45. jopajoe @ jopajoe:
    @James Moore, Not likely speed week i still 20 days away and this will be an after thought by then.
  46. James Moore @ James Moore:
    does anyone know if the racing community will do a sticker for KB?
  47. R @ Ratbu:
    RIP Kobe #24Ever
  48. Highbank @ Highbank:
    Musicians and athletes should never travel by small plane or helicopter...
  49. JJ2478 @ JJ2478:
  50. Earnhardtcountry @ Earnhardtcountry:
    RIP Kobe Bryant
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