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  1. The Tigg @ The Tigg:
    Congrat @garrett1127 and @M_Nesevitch well done boys!
  2. Highbank @ Highbank:
    Congrats to @M_Nesevitch on the Riverside sweep! Congrats to @garrett1127 on winning the AC B-Sedan Series!!!
  3. garrett1127 @ garrett1127:
    Mick wins the second race, another woppin on us.
  4. garrett1127 @ garrett1127:
    Mick wins the first race, good job.
  5. Rollo75 @ Rollo75:
    Soap and Water destroys the virus; which is the sort treatment that that little **** deserves.
  6. Rollo75 @ Rollo75:
    COVID is a lipid 1 dependent attachment ball of hate. Soap clogs the lipid attachments; then rips the inside of the virus apart.
  7. Lurn2Burn @ Lurn2Burn:
    I sneezed at work and they sent me home for two weeks.
  8. The Tigg @ The Tigg:
    Soap and hot water.
  9. Cola83 @ Cola83:
    Can't find that either... :frown:
  10. Jeremy Murray @ Jeremy Murray:
    Still no hand sanitizer
  11. Jeremy Murray @ Jeremy Murray:
    We didn’t have TP but we had paper towels
  12. Cola83 @ Cola83:
    Actually found TP in Wal-mart this morning... LOL :thumbsup:
  13. VincentGiac426 @ VincentGiac426:
  14. VincentGiac426 @ VincentGiac426:
    Thanks Highbank! Had a good day yesterdat
  15. Highbank @ Highbank:
    1988 Trans-Am Rocks!
  16. Highbank @ Highbank:
    ZOOM Discord Paint Booth
  17. Highbank @ Highbank:
  18. Rollo75 @ Rollo75:
    Oh noes, I think I am being radicalised online... I want to join a union
  19. SourpatchKidsCS @ SourpatchKidsCS:
    honestly, when I heard that he (Suarez) got parked, I lost it x'D
  20. NascarGuy42 @ NascarGuy42:
    @Highbank been SUPER busy with senior year stuff for high school. Glad to see this place still thriving.
  21. bungi43 @ bungi43:
    Hope all is well gang. Hope everyone is staying safe!
  22. Highbank @ Highbank:
    I missed that, which means I missed a huge belly laugh in real time...
  23. Highbank @ Highbank:
    WAIT! Daniel Suarez was ordered to park his car after intentionally wrecking Ty Dillon? In a sim race? SUAREZ!
  24. Highbank @ Highbank:
    @NascarGuy42, and Thanks. I love that you like it
  25. Highbank @ Highbank:
    @NascarGuy42, where you been my brotha?
  26. NascarGuy42 @ NascarGuy42:
    Excellent work on the 1988 set again there @Highbank :closedeyesmile:
  27. A @ apw:
    helo everybody
  28. N @ NHLKook:
    Hey all!! thanks for the add.. haven't raced in a while but looking forward to getting back into it!!
  29. SourpatchKidsCS @ SourpatchKidsCS:
    I need a nap.
  30. Cola83 @ Cola83:
    Doing Great Mark P... Glad you joined STUNODRACING:)
  31. garrett1127 @ garrett1127:
    We're glad to have you as a member Mark P
  32. M @ Mark P:
    Hello everybody! I am a newcomer here. How is everybody doing today?
  33. zak103tv @ zak103tv:
    so guys there are a couple of discord servers that only have 2 painters for there nr2003 sim series and if you want to help us out dm me and ill send you the link
  34. Highbank @ Highbank:
  35. Highbank @ Highbank:
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY @VincentGiac426
  36. Highbank @ Highbank:
  37. garrett1127 @ garrett1127:
    We're glad to have you as a member 5Grubbs
  38. Highbank @ Highbank:
    @The Tigg, Google is MY friend!
  39. 5 @ 5Grubbs:
    Hi all! Newbie here, but excited to get started in the community. Just learned of this game last week and have since downloaded and gotten myself a wheel. Looking forward to joining in on the fun!
  40. The Tigg @ The Tigg:
    Google is your friend.
  41. Justin Calvin @ Justin Calvin:
    i thought i was going to see my scheme win until 5 to go
  42. SourpatchKidsCS @ SourpatchKidsCS:
    I thought that the racing was great, the qualifier was nice too
  43. Highbank @ Highbank:
    Zoom Server is up with: AC B-Sedans @ Riverside Short
  44. Jokerchase @ Jokerchase:
    Absolutely fantastic, that's what I thought.
  45. SourpatchKidsCS @ SourpatchKidsCS:
    Thoughts on the iRacing race?
  46. Ongias25 @ Ongias25:
    Welcome @chuck43
  47. C @ chuck43:
    Thank you Garrett
  48. garrett1127 @ garrett1127:
    We're glad to have you as a member Chuck43
  49. C @ chuck43:
    Hello all. My name is Chuck. Just joined today. Would like to thank the admins for allowing me to join this group. I’m looking forward to being a part of this community and enjoying NR2003 and our great sport with you all. Thanks
  50. Jeremy Murray @ Jeremy Murray:
    I'm watching it right now
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