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  1. ti2blegrr ti2blegrr:
    Flip or Flop was just in Riverside, CA.
  2. OneToughCustomer OneToughCustomer:
    I'd flip that center where the old riverside racetrack was back to a race track
  3. ti2blegrr ti2blegrr:
    Highbanks Doctors office in in that area, I do believe, of course he will correct me if i'm wrong, LOL!
  4. Rollo75 Rollo75:
    Top right. Under Alerts. It's green.
  5. Rollo75 Rollo75:
    Be Alert – Your Country Needs More Lerts!
  6. Cutch_22 Cutch_22:
    With profound sadness, the Wood Brothers have announced that Glen Wood passed away
  7. garrett1127 garrett1127:
    Sad news indeed.
  8. Eric Hostetler Eric Hostetler:
    OH no! RIP with God Mr. Wood!
  9. Highbank Highbank:
    RIP Glenn! Godspeed!
  10. Pantallica Pantallica:
  11. Highbank Highbank:
    Delta Sim Racing's GN55 continues Wednesday @ Riverside, a special version by Ziggy.."Riverside_'57" :cool:
  12. Jebrown Jebrown:
    I've been practicing, I recognize most of the turns, but some are new to me.
  13. ti2blegrr ti2blegrr:
    I'm finding it funny and interesting that there seems to be a lot of new things being done with NASCAR Racing 2003 Season to make it just like rFactor.
  14. Highbank Highbank:
    I'm gonna get out on it today...I hope! ;)
  15. Highbank Highbank:
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Member "JayNJ71" you made the cut with 5 posts!
  16. Eric Hostetler Eric Hostetler:
    Wood Brothers Racing - My deepest condolences - Glen was truly a pioneer in the sport and I know your hearts are grieving...
  17. purerushracingleague purerushracingleague:
    Having to do contigs myself since the MENCS19 Temps don't come with them. Time consuming but really rewarding in the end.
  18. Tre Cool Tre Cool:
    Hello everyone
  19. Tre Cool Tre Cool:
    I just want to say I've been away for a few months but I'm back and I'll be posting more decals for you all to use.
  20. Highbank Highbank:
    Just installed new GCU driver, hope all my sims still run YIKES!
  21. Cutch_22 Cutch_22:
    'bout to be snowed in this weekend, I believe. Time to cozy up with some Chili Bowl Nationals tomorrow!
  22. purerushracingleague purerushracingleague:
    Spire Motorsports has confirmed Jamie McMurray as their driver for the Daytona 500.
  23. Highbank Highbank:
    Chili Bowl Nationals? I think you misspelled Rolex24 :coldsweat:
  24. Ceafus 88 Ceafus 88:
    I am headed to the Chili Bowl Nationals
  25. purerushracingleague purerushracingleague:
    Lucky Dog! It's one of my bucket list races. I might be crossing one of those off with the Bristol Night Race this year though.
  26. Pantallica Pantallica:
    I find the lack of a black outline on the McDonald's logo on Jamie Mac's new car disturbing.
  27. Eric Hostetler Eric Hostetler:
    To all who are going to be snowed in this weekend, paint paint paint!!!
  28. ti2blegrr ti2blegrr:
    RACE! RACE! RACE! What's the point of having a racing sim if you're not RACING!
  29. Pantallica Pantallica:
    I think auto carrot has failed you.
  30. ti2blegrr ti2blegrr:
  31. Pantallica Pantallica:
    is a fantastic sim.
  32. jopajoe jopajoe:
  33. purerushracingleague purerushracingleague:
    This has been TED Talks with jopajoe.
  34. Rollo75 Rollo75:
    If it was a TED talk... it would have... overly... dramatic... pauses... before posing a question? (like WIlliam Shatner)
  35. Mopar mad man Mopar mad man:
    My desk drive quit working and I did not install the no CD add on. Shame on me.
  36. Mopar mad man Mopar mad man:
    That would be DISC drive
  37. Eric Hostetler Eric Hostetler:
    What a wonderful site this is where we can have racers like Tigg and painters like me all working together to advance the greatest sim on earth...
  38. jopajoe jopajoe:
    Hello Antigordo
  39. garrett1127 garrett1127:
    Happy Birthday to Lee S.....
  40. Antigordo Antigordo:
    Hey Joe , i see your still putting out quality work , great job keep it up
  41. jopajoe jopajoe:
    Thanks bud miss your quality work here specially your base work.
  42. jopajoe jopajoe:
    and the snow has started here
  43. ti2blegrr ti2blegrr:
    Going live in 25 minutes where ever you Watch The Tigg, here a Stunod, You Tube, Twitch or FaceBook with SimBin Saturday!
  44. Mopar mad man Mopar mad man:
    No snow here yet. Just rain. Located on I70 at the Indiana Ohio line.
  45. I_Noah_Guy I_Noah_Guy:
    Senior year winterfest dance could be cancelled due to a good foot of snow and its still coming down. Oh well. More Heat 3 for me.
  46. I_Noah_Guy I_Noah_Guy:
    And as the last foot of snow falls they have postponed the dance. Who wants to race on xbox.
  47. purerushracingleague purerushracingleague:
    Just got back from the PPB Motorsport show. Was really fun. Got Ray Evernham's autograph on my 1995 Gordon Dupont car. And thankfully, survived the drive in the snow.
  48. CorvetteRacing48 CorvetteRacing48:
    did someone make a Toyota Supra template for the MENCS 19 mod?
  49. DaleTona DaleTona:
    Put that in a thread and I might have your answer ;)
  50. Hierjel Hierjel:
    Hi guys!
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