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  1. DeetahTheGame

    #18 JGR Number

    Hi All. I've been on the hunt for a good #18 Number (No offense to the great folks at BER, but that number is pretty old and outdated) along the lines of this one posted along with the new 18 Interstate scheme. Does anyone know if this has been made by anyone? Thanks!
  2. DeetahTheGame

    25 GMS

    Hi All. I was wondering if anyone had/knew where I could find the font/number for the #25 GMS truck that Tyler Dippel ran at Miami last year? Picture attached - thank you!
  3. DeetahTheGame

    Website/Team The Wave Around logo request

    Hey guys, me and some friends are starting up a small racing blog, and we would really appreciate a logo for the site. The name is "The Wave Around", so we were thinking maybe a car or 2 going around a pace car and another car or something along those lines? If that's not too tough? Thanks to...
  4. DeetahTheGame

    Complete Open Wheel Racing numbers?

    I've noticed there are very little IndyCar and F1 numbers available for download on sites in this community. There's about 10 good ones on BigEvilRacing and 1-2 here, yet there are hundreds of NASCAR numbers. I'm talking PSD numbers, and numbers like Kevin Magnussen, Daniel Ricciardo, Alexander...
  5. DeetahTheGame

    Complete Deetah Racing team logo request

    Hey Stunod, I was wondering if I could get a Deetah Racing team logo. Be creative, the only request I have is that the main colors are Blue and Black. If you need an idea of what I'm looking for, my IG team page is @DeetahRacing. Thanks! -Deetah
  6. DeetahTheGame

    NASCAR looking at possibly limiting Cup drivers in lower series?

    Hey guys, most of you probably know me from SRD. Banned there, and me/Stunod have talked in the past, so figured I would give his forum a shot! Back on topic: According to this article, NASCAR is looking at possibly limiting Cup drivers. What are your guys' opinions on this...