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  1. Eric Hostetler

    Angle declension on MENCS templates

    Hi All! Been doing this a while now and thought I would share it because it's the same on both Mencs 18 and 19.....When you are placing your numbers on the driver's side and have them sized the way you want, and the transform box is enabled, you click on it so the little turn arrow is...
  2. Eric Hostetler

    Question about Gander Truck Series

    Hi Everyone! I am getting ready to start on my MLB and NFL trucksets for CWS 15 before going into MENCS 19...I know that NASCAR has reduced the contingencies on Monster to just the racecar decal, series decal and Sunoco decal....Does anyone know if they have done the same thing for Gander??? I...
  3. Eric Hostetler

    #33 Mack Brown Mack Is Back Chevy Camaro for MENCS 19 University of North Carolina 2019-01-14

    Hi Everyone! This is my between carsets break project. I decided to honor Mack Brown's Mack Is Back return to UNC with a car bearing his college player number. Credits: Garrett1127 awesome render. SNG temp and mod, Base by me, Number from BER, logos from google and creamer. Enjoy and enjoy...
  4. Eric Hostetler

    Complete WEDS #33 Mack is Back! Mack Brown UNC Mencs19 Request

    BTW, #33 is Mack's college player number....
  5. Eric Hostetler

    Complete WEDS #33 Mack is Back! Mack Brown UNC Mencs19 Request

    Hi Tom! This here's my in between carsets break project. Did it to honor Mack Brown coming back to UNC...MENCS 19 templates, render you, BER numbers, Google, Creamer logos, base me. What I would like is a basic 1 car 2 view scene...Since 19 is so new I don't know what you have available so...
  6. Eric Hostetler

    WEDS MENCS 18 NFL Carset 2019-01-11

    Hi All! I was 2/3 of the way done with this set when 2019 was released, so I decided to finish it...It is forward looking with Bill 1947 Mustang used. See the readme included for more information. Many thanks to Garrett1127 for his awesome render work! Enjoy! White Eagle
  7. Eric Hostetler

    Complete WEDS MENCS18 NFL Set Render request

    Thanks Tom! Sorry for uploading more images than I needed to....I like what you did...Is it possible to rotate it so a bit more of the hoods are showing? Thanks, Eric
  8. Eric Hostetler

    Complete WEDS MENCS18 NFL Set Render request

    Hi Tom! At long last, here it is. Here are my Skins and Boys cars for the render I would like to have. I am also enclosing my logo. I had asked for your opinion on what would look nice in a previous message but did not hear back. So, please take these three images plus the Monster logo and...
  9. Eric Hostetler

    Fire Engine Red

    Something like this.......
  10. Eric Hostetler

    Fire Engine Red

    Hey Adam! How about a fire engine red theme? Thanks! Eric
  11. Eric Hostetler

    Post Reaction

    Fries Burgers
  12. Eric Hostetler

    Question about Templates that's bugging me...

    Hi! I have painted about a thousand cars so far in my painting hobby....a lot of which I wish I could do over since I wasn't that good a painter starting out...I have a template question that's been bugging me...On the rear bumper area it's hard to do certain work because things won't line...
  13. Eric Hostetler

    Working with templates

    This is for all the rookies out there....Us old beards already know this....When you are working with templates, you need to realize that the driver side wall is always a bit bigger than the passenger side wall and the stuff you put on the passenger side needs to be adjusted accordingly...For...
  14. Eric Hostetler

    Unpopular Opinions

    Hail to the Redskins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAIL TO THE REDSKINS!!!!!!!!!!!!! PRAY FOR THE REDSKINS, HEADING FOR 6 AND 10...How's that???
  15. Eric Hostetler

    What is WEDS next project????

    Hi Everyone :) Now that I am halfway done with my MENCS18 NFL carset, I am getting curious about the CWS15 mod and I am thinking of doing a truckset next. So, my question for you all is which do I do first, NFL or MLB??? Please vote in the poll and thanks!!! Eric
  16. Eric Hostetler

    New PC/ what pcs does everyone else have?

    Nice, where did you get the keyboard???? Wish I had one with 18 on it...
  17. Eric Hostetler

    New PC/ what pcs does everyone else have?

    Wow, some setup....My wife gets on me for just having two monitors....Nice rig Tigg!!!
  18. Eric Hostetler

    November Member of the Month

  19. Eric Hostetler

    Photoshop cs6 question

    Hope this is the right thread to be using for this question :) I have Photoshop cs6 that I use and I am having a problem. First of all I have an Intel i5 quad core 3ghz system mated with a later generation Geforce 9xxx series card. I have a backup hard drive which I have set as the primary...
  20. Eric Hostetler

    Complete 2018 MENCS Camaro Request Please

    Maestro Tom as usual great work!