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  1. TheTrueMarcster

    Logo Identifaction

    I need help identifying this logo off of the Ferrari SF16H. It is the one circled in green. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. TheTrueMarcster

    Complete BR13 Render

    Can I get a few renders for this car? ~Credits~ Template: BER Base: Me Numbers: Me Logos: Me Contigs: Alan H Banner: Skyline Customs
  3. TheTrueMarcster

    Marcster's Workshop v2

    Aight guys, so I've been very inactive on my old showroom, so I'm making a new one have a fresh start.
  4. TheTrueMarcster

    .3do Files

    Does anyone have these .3do files? bb_big_l.3do signx.3do
  5. TheTrueMarcster

    ISS Mod Carviewer

    Are there any Carviewer files for the ISS mod? If so, can you send them to me?
  6. TheTrueMarcster

    GTP Redline Templates

    I'm looking for GTP Redline templates that aren't the main 4 (Jaguar, Mazda, Suaber, Toyota) and that are .psd files. Can anyone send them to me?
  7. TheTrueMarcster

    PWF CTS Carviewer files

    Does anyone have the PWF CTS carviewer files or can link me to them?
  8. TheTrueMarcster

    2 Tracks

    I need 2 tracks for my F1 series, I tried to find them, but the links were dead. The tracks are Ostereichring and Circuit Park Zandvoort.
  9. TheTrueMarcster

    NNC07/NNS08 Carviewer

    Does anyone know where I can find the carviewer files for NNC07/NNS08?
  10. TheTrueMarcster

    Whelen Modified Carviewer Files

    Does anyone know where I can find the Carviewer files for the Whelen Modified Series?
  11. TheTrueMarcster

    Complete BR15 Toyota Render

    Can I get some ontracks and a burnout render of this car?
  12. TheTrueMarcster

    Complete PWF PTA Mustang Request

    Can I have a 2 car render of this car?
  13. TheTrueMarcster

    Complete MENCS Ford Render

    Can I have a render of this car/base? Credits: Template: SNG Contigs: SRD
  14. TheTrueMarcster

    Complete MENCS Beta Ford Render

    Could someone do a simple 1 car render of this car?
  15. TheTrueMarcster CoT .x files

    I'm looking for some CoT carviewer .x files for painting cars that will appear in some of my future YouTube videos.
  16. TheTrueMarcster

    Complete #51 Xfinity CWS15 Tundra

    Can I have a few on-track renders for this truck? ~~Credits~~ Template: @Bill1947 Base: Me Logos: Google/Logopedia Numbers: BER Contigs: Alan H B-Pillar: Me *UPDATE* Changed file from .tga to .jpg
  17. TheTrueMarcster

    Marcster's Work In Progresses

    So... I've made 2 threads for WIP cars, but I decided, all I need is one thread for showing my "Work In Progress" cars.
  18. TheTrueMarcster

    NWS13 Render Scene

    I'm looking for a standard 2-car scene for (the now defunct) Sim Racing USA NWS13. I tried to go to the Internet Archive to find it but nobody saved the page.
  19. TheTrueMarcster

    Complete Talladega Render

    Can you render this car at 'Dega? Credits: Template: BER with parts by @Bill1947 Number: BER Base: Me Logos: Premium Motorsports website, Google Contigs: Alan of SRD B-Pillar: Me Replace Harvick with rendered car.
  20. TheTrueMarcster

    Complete #00 Code3 Associates Ford (NXS17)

    Can someone render this car with a certain background?